Glucose Buddy - Diabetes Logbook Manager w/syncing, Blood Pressure, Weight Tracking Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Azumio Inc.
  • Updated: Oct, 28 2008
  • Version: 3.7.0
  • Size: 11.74 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Tom Xu

-bug fixes
-performance improvements

We hope glucose buddy has helped better manage your diabetes! Please leave a 5 star review if you love us! -GB Team

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1274 Ratings
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- Ranked #1 Diabetes iPhone Application by Manny Hernandez, Founder of

- As seen in American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast Magazine, Wired Magazine,,,, Diabetes Health Magazine, JDRF Newsletters and MobiHealthNews

Glucose Buddy is a data storage utility for people with diabetes. Users can manually enter glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages, and activities. Then, you can view all of your data on your free online account.

- 12,000,000+ logs uploaded to linked Online Accounts




A1C ESTIMATOR (Web only)


Integration w/CalorieTrack for faster food and exercise logging (over 100,000+ food items and 200+ exercise activities to choose from)

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Pilotone

    Easy to use. Helps my diabetes a lot!

  • Great tool to keep me on track

    by HWH1934

    Works well

  • Easy and organized

    by CavinB

    Very useful app!

  • Good log book, but....

    by Big berg 58

    Great for tracking numbers, but crash my iPod when I try to email my numbers to my Doctor. Please fix, very frustrating!

  • Convenient & pretty much intuitive

    by AbeF

    I haven't used all the capabilities yet, but it does what I ask without complication

  • Excellent app

    by MattTCI

    Easy to use / excellent

  • Need iPad app

    by Radrock

    I have used this for a considerable time. I also have an iPad and think it would be even better if they had if for the iPad and the ability to keep them both in sync. It sync's great with the internet so I'm sure it could work for an iPad as well.

  • Really helped me!

    by Elizabeth Tucker

    I'm 16 and terrible at managing my diabetes and this really helped! Especially since I'm always on my phone anyways so I always see it and never forget to use it! Definitely would recommend!

  • Glucometer Buddy

    by Louisville,ky

    Absolutely love it, makes keeping track of readings and getting a record for the doctor so easy.

  • Awesome

    by JRC2012

    I love this app. Makes it so easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle!!! Thank you!

  • CG

    by BpCarl

    Pretty good. I wish it could connect directly to glucose meter and scale!

  • Wonderful Ap. For your phone.

    by Sue A W

    I recently downloaded this ap. I find it very easy to use. It is a must have for anyone that has diabetes. People always have their phone with them. Very easy to pull up to show the Dr.

  • Bad for carb counting

    by HappyGirlyGirl

    It's great for keeping track of your meds and glucose levels. It's not as great for carb counting because you have to enter it manually. Sometimes I don't know how many carbs are in a piece of fruit.

  • Glucose monitor

    by Cajungent1792

    Use it all the time

  • Great App

    by Penni Lane

    It's so Easy to use that it's become the perfect companion for the last 3 years.

  • Great app

    by Kychyck

    This app is awesome. When I go to the doctor all I have to do is open the app and she can see all my BG readings.

  • Sugar

    by Manongo

    It feels like you have to go through a maze to get where you want too. Too many hoops and oops. I give it half a star.

  • Iceberg

    by Big berg 58

    Only had it for a couple of weeks, but so far it has been great.

  • Great

    by BigPoppacu812

    This app has really helped me.

  • Nice

    by Who? Who?

    Great app

  • Needs work

    by Jeremy Green

    App hardly ever syncs. Otherwise it's great.

  • Great app!

    by Diva200107

    Simple to use. Would highly recommend.

  • Simple Clear Excellent

    by Madakkadam

    I tried different applications. This is a clearest and fastest. Very well organized.

  • Easy to use, visual and very convenient

    by Aijan

    Graph part shows your progress, and being able to have it online is useful. Great app.

  • Great App!

    by Jeff Barnes

    I use this everyday to monitor my levels and keep track of it all dealing with my diabetes. I love this app it is so simple and helpful!

  • Enjoy using this app

    by Gabebad

    This is a terrific app to help manage my numbers

  • This app helps A LOT

    by David8765

    I love this app

  • Very usefull

    by Bgbrn69

    Works great

  • Works

    by macesesi

    Works the way it's supposed to with pretty graphs besides.

  • Great but retina device support is long overdue

    by aerojb

    Love the app. Stable and responsive but it's in desperate need of an update. Please add retina device support ASAP.

  • Review

    by Azucarlite

    It's been quite helpful in tracking my sugar levels. If your a visual type person the graphing function helps you see your levels for several test cycles.

  • Wonderful

    by JessB32194

    This app is very helpful and I haven't had any problems!

  • A true buddy

    by Mcfallon7316

    Glucose buddy was always there for me when no one else was. A true buddy indeed!

  • Easy!

    by SirChano

    Very easy app! I will be upgrading it ASAP!

  • Very nice app

    by SNAANS

    I really like this app to track my blood sugar. I also like the graphing tool.

  • Susan

    by camperLady

    Great website...does exactly what I want it to do...I will recommend anyone with Diabetes to use it.

  • Helpful

    by Jadenwaters

    This program helps bring peace of mind to my daughter's assist with new affliction and good communication between myself and the school. Thank you!!!!

  • Great app with two minor qualms

    by sam goody

    Really reliable, and syncs easily between iPhone and iPad. But I wish it took up the whole screen length of the newer iPhones, and you can rearrange the icons within the app, but they revert to the original settings upon restarting the app.

  • Good app!

    by Phil 666

    Really helps me monitor my changes, and track food at last meal vs. blood glucose.

  • Great first week

    by Renato Soti

    This apps provided me a great experience at first week in use. I'm going to buy the professional edition.

  • need bug fixes

    by Asansone11

    This app works great and seems to be the best out there. However, there are many bugs that need to be fixed. I paid for the weight function however I only can enter that through the iPhone not the website. The graph display on the iPhone allows only one add-on to be displayed even though website indicates multiples can be displayed. The print out all of the graph on the website is in accurate and you cannot change the defaults for what is displayed. Moreover, the developer is never answered any of my questions. I have had this for a few weeks now and the jury is still out as to it's worth of $6.99.

  • Great app!

    by Stitch42

    I've used this app for a little more than a year now, it is an excellent tool for any diabetic. Highly recommend.

  • Helpful

    by Wombat9111

    Very helpful to document what I need

  • Helpful

    by Daddy's Little High Schooler

    It's the extra reminder I need to get all my test in not to mention my blood sugars are more equal and I'm not having crazy ups and downs as much anymore

  • Glucose Buddy

    by Jay1467

    Does everything I want it to do, no problems on my end

  • Great App!!!

    by Frizco,Cali

    Give 5

  • Ms

    by Barl2400

    Best app I have used!! Thank you!

  • good but could be better

    by killing time on the subway

    I’ve been using this app since it was in early testing. Great app, no doubt. But why has development stalled? It needs to be updated for iOS 7 and for iPhone 5. I’d also like to see more add-ons available for purchase so I can track the other things I have to track. (temperature, FEV1, FVC, and FVE25-75; in case anybody at Asumio is listening). Also, I detest the splash screen startup every single time I switch to the app. I wish it could hold a partial value while I switch over to calculator and switch back.

  • Add insulin calc

    by Josh-Hall_1

    This would be a good upgrade to have an insulin calculator. We can all do the math ourselves, but why not make it all inclusive?

  • Love it

    by TeacherLady37

    I love this app. I have it on everything, my iPod, iPad, and phone. I can plug in my numbers on any of them and know I can find everything on my computer when I need it. I import to Excel, print and have all my numbers to show the doctor. I can even graph and print that. It's simple to use and there is no writing things down to be misplaced or to lose. It's great!

  • Good Basic Tracking App

    by Great_Gazoo

    Just enough data to satiate my OCD.

  • Awesome app

    by Taino MP

    I love it

  • I hate to be that guy but the support is awful and they sell your info to marketers

    by NorthClt

    This is new to me. I think GB appears to be a fairly decent app, but I have no experience with others. However, in order to make use of my logs, and to transfer them to the new phone that I expect to have shortly, I need a Glucose Buddy account. To have a useful Glucose Buddy account, they need to verify your email. And for whatever reason, that appears to be impossible to obtain. I tried setting up an account and NEVER got an email verification notice. I have sent three emails to support, and heard nothing. Oddly, I tried filing a "lost password" notice, and got automated emails, but those apparently don't count as email verification. So, before I end up with a lot of info I have to transfer by hand, I'm going to have to switch to another app. I'm just thankful I didn't get the "pro" version. One other item: When you create an account, apparently GB sells your info to marketing companies. They are up front about it - which is great. But if that bothers you, keep looking.

  • Bogus Graph Plots

    by Maxheadspace

    Instead of plotting my readings by time, which is important to gauge impact of daily activities, it groups the plots by high, medium and low. That has little utility for me since I can't look back and relate a score to a daily activity. Also, it often adds a BOGUS entry on the graph for a test I didn't take! It looks like it does an average of my high and low scores and creates a graph entry in between. Totally false!!! Even if I take a third test, the bogus entry remains. Right now the only utility for me is the logging feature. And I could do that with Apple Note. I won't buy this app.

  • Phenomenal

    by ThisGeneration

    It's amazing and so easy to use with multiple pathways of access! I love that its website, app, and email oriented! Has improved the quality of my life many notches!!! So grateful!

  • Good app, but …

    by HeloCaptain

    Was a great app when originally offered. Now, it is way past due for an update. Need to use all the screen space in the new iPhone's. It would be nice to be able to select date range web site when exporting data. I'd pay a dollar or three to get rid of ads and reward developer. I don't need or want other features offered in pro version.

  • Great tool for managing diabetes

    by Feyladyd

    This app is incredibly helpful for managing my diabetes. It helps me by showing me exactly what's going on with my BG and it makes it easy to share with my doctor.

  • Very user friendly!

    by MarcieNeal11

    I looked at several apps and found this to be the most user friendly and inclusive.

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