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- iOS7 compatibility
- bug fixes and performance enhancements

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- As seen and recommended by EPSN magazine!
- As seen on late night with Jay Leno!!
- Selected by Gizmodo as one of the best iPhone apps ever.
- Highly rated by Lifehacker: a comprehensive exercise planner
- 7X7 SF blog: the app that may replace personal trainers. [but we'd rather think of it as a tool for personal trainers to aid their clients]
- and raved by many many others...

This is the FREE version of our widely popular iOS and Android app Fitness Buddy and contains over 300+ exercises with detailed descriptions, animations and an assortment of workouts. Our FREE version already contains more content and features than all the other paid apps out there. Download for FREE and take a look! If you love it, download our paid version which contains 1700+ exercises, HD videos, body metrics tracking and much more.

Find out why gym goers are switching over to Fitness Buddy! With 1700+ unique exercises at your disposal, Fitness Buddy will revolutionize your training regimen. With this app, you will find the workout tracking process simple and easy in order to sustain your motivation and enforce your commitment to your fitness goals.

- 1700+ unique exercises!
- 1000+ HD videos
- Comprehensive exercises for all major equipments including barbell, ez curl bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine ball, machines, and stability balls

- Exercise categorization (core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio)
- 4000+ exercise photos and animations (retina display resolution)
- Detailed exercise instructions and muscle categorizations
- Capabilities to add your own custom exercises and favorite exercises

User-friendly interface
- Quick and simple workout tracking
- Search bar to quickly find your favorite exercises

75+ workout routines
- Diverse repertoire of exercise routines including workouts for women
- Routines specific to your goals (build big chest, tone butt, lose weight, and more!)
- Routines specific to your equipment (resistance bands, kettlebells, bodyweight only, etc)
- Build your own workout routines

Body metrics tracking
- Track your body weight and metrics (chest, arms, thighs, etc)
- Graph your body progress
Excellent Support
- Quick email responses
- Frequent updates

And many other features for you to enhance your workout experience. You won’t be disappointed when you train hard with Fitness Buddy.

Customer Reviews

  • The best

    by Packin12

    This app is dope

  • Training

    by MemyselfandIdggsshgffccfhb

    I use it for my weigh training Gives me good workout plans instead of going at random.

  • Great app

    by Monty taheer

    One of the best apps for fitness Simple, but very efficient

  • Love the filter options

    by PanikaJ

    Great app! I love muscle target filter very much

  • Awesome

    by Beastlylove

    Pretty cool app.

  • It have it all

    by BraggiB

    This app is amazing, the workouts rock, get ready for the best shape of your life.

  • Like this

    by Ddtom13

    Good app

  • Nice app!!

    by David2190

    Really nice app!

  • CRT

    by Con madre!!!

    Good app! (I recommend)

  • F

    by Pgddswer

    This app is perfect

  • Great!

    by X addict

    Nice to have a reminder of exercises that you forgot about and be able to mix up your routine.

  • Awesome

    by Alleienmeandmine

    You can't ask for more.

  • fitness buddy

    by Cswaltonsjrd

    it's the best yet. getting into great shape!!

  • Good job

    by  margni

    Lots of exercises to help change things up

  • Great

    by JDP527

    Your body will never get bored

  • Great simple app

    by Jamie_Seed

    Best I've found for what I need. Great diagrams and instructions. Keeps records for me. Thank you to the developers. Great app!

  • Quick reference

    by Itslynz12

    Great for a quick reference of different work outs

  • Great

    by Aton yoder

    Love it buy the full so worth it!

  • Awesome

    by Melissa learning Spanish

    Very helpful

  • Loved it

    by Seemsq8

    Helpful app,

  • Okay

    by Ronin555777

    It's okay

  • Good but simplistic

    by Livestrongcad

    In weight-lifting, form is "everything!" This app Needs more detailed instructions; for instance the Overhead Cable Pulldown says nothing about "setting" the posterior deltoids and traps so that the exercise works the muscles it is intended to work--without proper form (1) one risks injury and (2) one doesn't work the muscles as intended or properly. This app is good if you know the correct form And just want a reminder of how to create some new "mixes" of exercises, but if you are a newbie to weights, get a few private sessions with a good trainer and learn technique. I am not a trainer, so not looking for clients, just a long term (35 yrs) female lifter, and have been fortunate to have had some great trainers who have instilled in my practice the need to focus on form, not on the amt of weight.

  • A very solid workout tool.

    by Humble Sacrifice

    This app has helped me create a well rounded routine. The examples are sound and I have been happy with the results. No gimmicks, solid sample workouts everyone can incorporate into their time at the gym.

  • Great

    by Tim_KK

    Great App

  • 5 stars

    by Dianyyyb

    Amazing app!!! I only worked out for 8 minutes and I was very sore the next days , that only means it worked!!! :) (is working)

  • Awesome app

    by Tdawg1980

    I need some ideas on some new ways to lift and this app has alotta different lifts. Great app

  • Great!

    by Yu gi oh!!

    It's a great app, just wish it had a bit more exercises! But really simple and great for beginners, give great exercise ideas.

  • Fitness

    by Madtiger777

    It's a good app but could show more detail on the muscles that are being worked on.

  • thank you

    by Early pearl

    this app is amazing!!!

  • Pretty great!!

    by ErnieV21

    Only issue I had was figuring out whether you can add an exercise that's not already listed in the app. I figured it's something you can probably do with the paid version.

  • Great app for a workout schedule

    by MBAdawg

    Worth especially for do not have a gym buddy

  • Stop pausing my music!

    by Smiz2989

    This app is great, but every time the rest timer goes off, or I unlock my phone, the app stops my music. Quite annoying, especially mid-lift. Otherwise great!

  • Great workout planning app

    by Atla22

    Awesome to look at and create your own routine love it!

  • Love it!

    by TamBamCA.

    This app is amazing! It has helped me so much! Making your own work out or even using their pre made ones are awesome!

  • Hi

    by Joe7734

    Awesome app

  • Great app !!

    by Earl of Frogs

    Very helpful and easy to use !!

  • Big help

    by Jayforte

    Download it

  • Amazing

    by All3nHu

    Great app that helps you plan workouts better!

  • Great app

    by Brichjoy1144

    I suggest rookies that are looking to workout get this app. There are visual animations for each workout.

  • Awesome

    by Ace brenda

    I really like this app

  • King

    by klarkaston 

    Its a very interesting and helping page thank Uu

  • I like this app

    by Insane07

    Excellent app

  • Great app

    by Noa21

    Really helpful and gathering a huge training method

  • Great

    by Kesh77

    Good stuff

  • Good

    by Baronlewis 

    Very nice

  • Workout

    by Rod1271

    Great!!! This app is just what I was looking for...

  • Its great!

    by  Noen76

    Productive, and its great to see how you are balancing everything, its good to take notes, exercising isnt something you can just wing!

  • Great!!!

    by csrlos1499

    Can't complain ... Great app to work out !!!

  • Dope App

    by True party king

    Has everything you need

  • Great

    by Kaveman-78

    I like how it gives so many exercises

  • Great app

    by Yolanda Roa

    I live how well organized are the workouts and very well explained through the animation.

  • Lacking machines

    by Thm165

    Need more basic machines.

  • Good app


    I use it every day

  • Cool app

    by Wwambition

    Very nice app. Very user friendly so far. Love the animations. I appreciate the variations that are offered when determining a workout to utilize. Nice to track progress too!

  • Great app

    by kiros13

    Must have.

  • Kool

    by Charfran


  • Good app

    by wtrdge

    I like this app. Only wished it had an option to customize the workouts better. Or maybe I haven't fully learned how to use it to the max. Still like the app

  • Cool

    by Fusckle


  • Love it

    by gisellmybell

    Love working by muscle group.

  • Good idea but...

    by God's_chosen1

    This app is awesome in that it can help you on your way to working out by providing you with workout regimes if your having trouble with motivation or knowing where to start. HOWEVER, the thing that initially turned me off is that most of the features such as the weight tracker and whatnot, they require you to upgrade in order to even access them. Kinda seems like somewhat of a ripoff to me. Other than that, it seems like a great app.

  • Nice app

    by Taslim_58

    Very application it helps on workout ..

  • Fitness buddy

    by Salvador_3

    It's a pretty cool app overall , keep more of them coming !

  • Muy buena app

    by Jogui2013

    Es muy completa

  • Rate

    by EMSEETWO 

    Very good

  • Ok ppl

    by Ijoktm

    Ohm fjord

  • Good app

    by Nzane4life

    It's a pretty good app

  • A great find

    by Peacockgal

    Found this app a few months ago, love all of the exercises it shows! Great tips with various tools as well.

  • Fantastic App

    by R3D6RU6m6

    I love the assortment of exercises, and the othe features it offers!

  • Great app

    by Neikdkkanenf

    Amazing app.

  • Great app

    by Whowantstoknow1

    Great application with plenty of work out

  • Great app

    by Maddenman13

    Perfect app for workouts I love it

  • Easy to use!

    by Amberlyfit

    This app is my lifting buddy ;) I love the animated illustrations of the workouts! You can look up by muscle groups and workout name.

  • Great app


    Simple, fast app for gym exercises

  • This app rocks!!!!

    by Foreveryoung41

    Love the app download it and learn from it fat ppl!!!

  • Fitness Buddy Is My Workout Buddy

    by Saul Garcia Jr

    Great App!

  • Purchase required

    by R6Rider

    I have a routine but this has absolutely nothing without a purchase! Deleting this app!

  • very helpful

    by nutter butter lover

    thank u! this is really helpful for people like me who like to work out alone but don't know how. haha. the tutorials are great too!

  • Great app

    by Deuce808

    Awesome App! Love the variety of exercises and love the detailed instructions and animations for them too!

  • Didn't like

    by Sean Dennehy

    App is useless

  • Very good excersize app

    by Therhynobird

    Has a list of routines and how to do the excersizes. Very nice.

  • Bad techniques.

    by Ck20fb

    This app teaches improper techniques on many exercises. They should learn their stuff before they make an app.

  • Fantastic

    by Cake- oh

    They get back to you fast too

  • Good one!

    by kkr27

    Lots of workouts to try, with or without equipment. Youll never get bored

  • Awesome

    by Alphamalekiller

    If u only have one exercise App this is it. Enough said.

  • Great app but one annoying bug

    by Nick Punto

    All of a sudden for some reason, the primary and secondary targeted muscle section at the top when viewing an exercise has bugged out and it no longer says it and gets all jumbled up together. It was working fine before but it just started happening a few days ago. It's not really THAT big of a deal to me because I already made my workouts and know what muscle each exercise targeted but when I want to look for new exercises, it can be a bit frustrating. Fix this minor bug and 5 stars will be all yours!

  • Review

    by Eltigre1000

    Great app

  • Good app

    by Starman1041

    Good app worth it

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