Cardio Buddy - Touchless Camera Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Azumio Inc.

- world heart map in real time visualized on FB
and Twitter postings
- performance improvement

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Warning: Cardio Buddy currently does not work on iPhone 5S. Cardio Buddy determines your heart rate from a distance by using the camera sensor within your phone.

Our complex algorithm, developed by researchers from Berkeley and Stanford, analyzes tiny color variations from different parts of your face to give you an accurate measurement.


Instant Heart Rate
-Heart rate measurement with either the front-facing or rear-facing camera (check your own heart rate or check your friends’ heart rates!)
-Learn interesting facts about your heart
-Continuous or auto-stop mode

Personal Graphs
-Beautiful user interface displaying your data with clarity
-Plot your data over different periods of time
-See your heart rate averages, lows, and highs
-Export your data in csv or text format

Comparison Charts
-Compare your heart rate with other people’s heart rates around the globe (using the most extensive heart rate database in the world from Instant Heart Rate)
-Observe the differences between your heart rate and other animals

-Share your heart rate with your friends and followers through facebook or twitter

Excellent Support
-Quick email responses
-Frequent updates

Join the health revolution now and let Azumio provide you all the mobile tools you need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

  • None

    by Coulent

    It works fine for me. Quite accurate

  • A+++

    by Nickel&fitness

    A+ app.. In a hurry .. On a set schedule .. This is for you to keep track over your overall health ..

  • Awesome

    by BogSpores


  • Decent

    by Supple


  • A life saver

    by Big Matty T

    As a First Responder I have used this to measure a patients pulse for a Quick gauge. It is very accurate compared to any other measuring source I've used to date. Including traditional pulse taking. I recommend this app. Big Sarge

  • So cool

    by Ninjaboyhya

    This is awesome.

  • Great App

    by Donny51

    Easy to use and consistent readings. A fun application!

  • Cardio buddy

    by N4sirmsp

    Works flawlessly. As accurate at all other devices I've tested.

  • Retired

    by "Sadeck"

    I checked this out was a medical friend, and it seems to be very accurate and very intriguing --I will continue to use it

  • Fun and accurate

    by thierrytunes

    Missing an iPhone 5 version

  • Kick@$$ !!

    by Stentman6611


  • Debra

    by Grandmama6

    The Best!

  • Forget the Stanford and Berkeley research they claim....

    by TNbarbara

    Clearly magic

  • Great use of app technology

    by FlameTamer33

    I was skeptical, but this thing works & is accurate. Try it!

  • Simply amazing!

    by RAB Ipod

    This app is amazing! I found the heart rate monitor to be very easy to use and extremely accurate. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps!

  • Unreliable

    by talltree1008

    Cool idea, but I find this app to be unreliable. When measuring, I see the little heart flashing in time to what I can feel my heart doing, but the final heart rate shown jumps to another number. For example, today I tried this right after finishing my workout. It showed my heart rate over 100 while measuring, but jumped to 54 for the final reading, which was clearly incorrect. Disappointing.

  • very good!

    by dongfangyifan

    Easy to use.

  • tank you

    by behnam shahri

    tank you

  • Heart health

    by Slopgy

    Great app to keep track of heart rate.

  • Amazing app

    by TheRegge

    And beautifully designed!

  • Does not work on iPhone 5s

    by mschwart

    This app will not even start taking a reading on an iPhone 5s.

  • Total waste!!

    by Edsterzes

    I've used this about 6 times and it never works.

  • Beware!

    by Struggla

    Did NOT work for me! It recoded fine when at resting heart rate(around 60) and was the same as other apps I compared with, but when exercising, it said I was still at the SAME heart rate as resting heart rate?! When all the other apps said 130+?! Fake app?! Does NOT work for monitoring heart rate while exercising!

  • Excellent

    by knotsradamus

    Work well, make sure you have enough light when using it.

  • Amazing

    by Camtycai


  • Works as advertised

    by Dylan Loomis

    Works as advertised though can take a little too long to get a reading for a squirrely child. Keeps a log of your entries with a note which is handy. Uses both front and back facing cameras.

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Shhamazing1233

    Wish it was able to use camera flash as light source but I love this app!!! Being able to comment really helps me accurately document my heart rate. I love it!!! Would recommend to anyone wanting to record their heart rate!

  • Amazing

    by yitian

    But ,support iPhone 5! Pls!

  • Decent App

    by 2dum2no

    I have to question the accuracy

  • Awesome!

    by SwimShady

    I live this app. It's a huge help for me in getting back into shape.

  • No way!!

    by Sliptease

    But then I tried it compared with the finger-tip versions and it has spot-on accuracy even in lower light situations. Incredible!

  • Freakin awesome

    by Hatethisupgade


  • Hold it to a poster to see how fake it is.

    by Evaluate

    Title says it all. Position the "scanner" to a poster with a face on it and watch how this "magic" works. It said my poster had a heart rate if 52 bpm. At first, I thought it might be because I was holding it, so I set it up on a table positioned at the same poster and it still read 52 bpm. Considering that an inanimate object doesn't have a pulse, I guess the only thing you can count on in this app is

  • Great

    by MannyTheKid

    Incredible but really works. My wife has fast rate while I have slow. This app hit it right on the nose for both.

  • Totally scam

    by Hiwww

    Dont let your face be recording. Just don use it

  • Incredible!

    by Anon Y Mus

    Accurate, quick, and amazing--it even tells you how to position your face for the best reading!

  • Wonderful!

    by Life signs

    I think others should know about this application!

  • Too Many annoying Ads within app

    by nothngbutserg

    No customizable option to enter your own personal profile data !!, they have icon buttons within app pushing you to buy more of their apps and constantly over advertising their other apps. Extremely annoying. Wish I wouldn't have bought it.

  • Very good!

    by Jfrr


  • Garbage

    by Arcoms

    My wife is a registered nurse and check my blood pressure and pulse right before using this app it read 87, and this app said it was 219. Don't waste your time and or money downloading this garbage.

  • Good

    by Amandavida

    Very good

  • Feels derivative

    by andrew.conkling

    I love Azumio's first heart rate app using your finger and the camera flash—quick and super accurate. This one, however, feels derivative of Cardiio: it doesn't use Azumio's normal style, isn't very accurate, and has an entire tab devoted to their "Premium" original app. They also copied some of the weird quirks about Cardiio like the odd comparison of your heart rate with other countries. I don't understand why they even made this one…

  • Amazing

    by Pavlov16

    Just double checked with a pulse ox machine in the hospital and it was 1 beat off. ...amazing.

  • HEART PATIENT REVIEWHeart rate vs DR OFFICE recent heart rate test

    by Curtis L Walker

    POST HEART ATTACK, QUAD BYPASS, and GRAPH FAILURE....Still Kickin'. Almost exactly reading with this app as at DR Office. FIVE STARS, BIG TIME!!! Look forward to using other health apps made by this group and one day be able to afford them with upgrades.

  • Amazing it works!

    by PIO Guy

    Compared it with Polar and BP monitors - within a couple of beats rate. Tip: works better if you steady it on a surface vs. hand held - great app!


    by Joe Jule


  • Cardio Buddy

    by balimbing

    Excellent App

  • I like it

    by CadillacDave

    Useful and accurate.

  • Useless...

    by Sayanorame

    The other heart rate app of Azumio works fine but i don't believe this app is dependable or really working at all. Open an image on your pc and try to measure the heart rate of the will see what i mean...i tried Madonna's image and it gave 68 bpm

  • Quite amazing app!

    by wiseberg

    And quite comfortable assistant for Healthy monitor. Thanks pal, you are incredible!

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