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- world heart map in real time visualized on FB
and Twitter postings
- performance improvement

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February is heart awareness month. Show your heart some true love.

Try Cardio Buddy TODAY FOR FREE!

Cardio Buddy determines your heart rate from a distance by using the camera sensor within your phone.

Our complex algorithm, developed by Berkeley and Stanford researchers, analyzes tiny color variations from different parts of your face to give you an accurate measurement.


Instant Heart Rate
✔Heart rate measurement with the front-facing camera
✔Learn interesting facts about your heart
✔Continuous or auto-stop mode

Personal Graphs
✔Beautiful user interface displaying your data with clarity
✔Plot your data over different periods of time
✔See your heart rate averages, lows, and highs

Comparison Charts
✔Compare your heart rate with other people’s heart rates around the globe (using the most extensive heart rate database in the world from Instant Heart Rate)
✔Observe the differences between your heart rate and other animals

✔Share your heart rate with your friends and followers through facebook or twitter

Excellent Support
✔Quick email responses
✔Frequent updates

Join the health revolution now and let Azumio provide you all the mobile tools you need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

  • Works great!

    by Polra

    Easy pulse reading!

  • Amazing app

    by Steady_pace

    This is an excellent tool, saves counting and feeling pulse while timing myself.

  • Ar

    by Jardocons

    It helps to be heart health conscious

  • Like magic!!!

    by bear2005

    Makes me love my IPAD even more

  • CardioBuddy

    by Bigdyna

    Works as advertised on my 4s. Very close to Doctors manual reading at office. He was impressed.

  • Works

    by RubyBluejacket

    I'm a CNS and I say it works!

  • User

    by Paulgassy

    This app is so convenient and almost spooky..Love showing it to people!!

  • AKS

    by drewshep75

    It's great!

  • Yes!

    by Karpov_a

    Its incredible works! And really easy than similar with finger!

  • I love this app!!!!!

    by Athc765

    This app is awesome! Most heart rate apps don't pick up my heart rate each time, or they take a long time to get a reading. But this one gives me an accurate reading every time and it only takes a few seconds! Love it!

  • Driver

    by Amvet061

    Love this app. I have a strenuous job so now I can check my heart rate whenever I need to.

  • Works well

    by Vegas40m

    Compares well with my $69 heart rate monitor.

  • Best of 5 I tried

    by Birdie1/

    Most user-friendly

  • Very easy to use!

    by Jap0


  • fantastic

    by b000dah

    Accurate- I tested it against another blood pressure device. It's like having a tri-corder!

  • Great app

    by Jeysabith

    Very useful and so far works great..

  • Use it a lot

    by Robophonic

    Neat and faster than counting. Occasionally inaccurate but usually due to low light or holding it wrong. Just double check if you get an unexpected reading.

  • Useful

    by tekperson

    Accurate and fast. When showing it to friends, I have to make it clear that they can't move, which is hard the first time. After that, they're amazed.

  • Well My doctor suggested it....

    by Houston144

    which I cross check this app with other 'devices' just to make sure it is working and I have taught my family to use it for the times they have to call 911 they can give them my pulse rate basically on the fly along with my Bp before the ambulance arrives. Which being a living medical study when the daily request email comes in asking how I feel and if I have checked my Bp I can cross check that device with this app and fill it in. I just want to know how it works!

  • Works as expected

    by Ranrig

    Guess it would be even nicer to measure someone else's pulse, remotely.

  • Cardio buddy

    by Grape2Juice

    This app lacks a lot. Yes, it does give me my pulse rate. Beyond that there is no way I can seem to get a chart of any kind for weekly/monthly readings. The words week, etc appear on the bottom, but I can not seem to get any chart-type readings. Wish I had my previous pulse reading chart back again.

  • Nothing happens

    by egmusic

    I let this thing scan my ugly face for 8 minutes with absolutely no result. Tried it 4 times and nothing. Either I have a broken app or I'm dead with no pulse. Deleted.

  • Does nothing

    by Drummerdip

    I read good reviews so I thought I would give it a chance. I have iPhone 5s Followed the directions and it never did anything.

  • Heart rate

    by Bww55

    Dose not work

  • Technology impressive, app is not

    by Lewis Moten

    With repeated tries I get random numbers between 55 and 99. I'm not doing anything to speed up or slow down heart rate as I keep trying over again. I need consistency and integrity to be able to use this software. No clue offered as to what paid app does. Comparison charts between others and my own heart beat seems silly and not useful. Another option that app offers seams to be advertising other products.

  • 5 $TAR

    by Robin Bangladesh

    Best best and the best ever. Plz download every iOS users. Accurate report. But need iPhone 5 & iPad Mini supported version. Keep it up & Best of Luck :)

  • Very cool!

    by Desert chic


  • Super App.

    by Bionicman43

    Cardio buddy is an extremely useful app. The technology it incorporates is superior.

  • Impressed

    by Morcael

    I've had trouble with the finger type monitors because my fingers seem to always be cold. With this app I get an accurate and easy reading every time!

  • Awesome app

    by Pnaplelovr08

    Thank you !!

  • Great App.

    by Mikey1953

    Great app. Works very well and accurate. Always happy with their apps.

  • Very accurate

    by Big_Boo

    This app is just as accurate as any of the other methods for checking pulse rate. I'm impressed.

  • Amazing!!

    by Sliver lulu

    Very simple and insightful!!

  • Works!

    by DeltaDiTri

    Fun; something simple & interesting

  • Wonderful

    by Rnogueras7

    Excellent app

  • Superman

    by Craigepz

    Great app and easy.

  • Didn't work

    by George Martin

    This doesn't work worth a Dam for me

  • Retired

    by Participant42

    Amazing app. Accurate, easy to use, needs nothing additional to get results.

  • Pleased

    by Oxicontin34

    Very easy to use and very accurate

  • Cardio app

    by Bahnahbah

    Kool app. Works well!

  • amazing

    by haobaoxue

    interesting and incredible!but take a little long to scan and calculate

  • Great app

    by Today01

    This is an amazing app.

  • Excellent App!!!

    by Sachin554

    The concept is so cool!!!

  • Incredible

    by upriser7

    All the apps from these people are awesome, this one included. They serve as an example to the rest of the app manufacturers out there on quality and cost. The apps work as they're supposed to and cost little or nothing. Great job Azumio!!!

  • App Performance

    by Sepumanpr

    Outstanding App, work perfectly from the first time. Thanks for such a great app.

  • Magician

    by Nikol4e

    It's like a magic, see you in the eyes and tell you you hart rate :P

  • Great app

    by mrtoast79

    Works perfect every time.

  • No help at all...

    by Majik1d

    Only works when you are sitting still for testing heart rate. Every time I tried to use it to measure a workout heart rate, it always failed. Every time!

  • Great app!

    by Pixartstudio

    The heart rate is calculated really fast. Tried other apps with the lens sensor and they dont work.

  • Genius

    by Avicennaa

    Great job

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