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  • Updated: Oct, 17 2008
  • Version: 1.4
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Seller: Tom Xu

-note edits allowed after entry

*updating will not delete your old log entries, however, it is always recommended that you backup your data via iTunes or send a copy of your log entries to yourself before updating.

**Deleting BP Buddy then redownloading will DELETE your log entries so please conduct the update via the proper update process

***We are working on allowing value updates after entry

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Over 20,000 worldwide installs, BP Buddy is the most popular blood tracking app on the app store. Recently FEATURED by APPLE in News and Noteworthy! And better yet, it is now 60% off!

We're here to make you healthier and happier!

HBP (high blood pressure) is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and other health issues. This is why keeping your blood pressure in check is vital to staying healthy and happy, and BP Buddy is designed to help you achieve just that.

-Easy to input with dial BP and HR values
-Multiple entries allowed per day with backdating capability
-Note section for each log entry with stress level
-Log statistics displayed for all entries

-Up to 60 days of log entries
-Scrolling graph to view all entries
-Graph snapshot saved in photo album

-All entries may be emailed to either you or your doctor at any time of day.

At oneAppOneCause.com we are committed to helping you live healthier and happier, which is why 10% of the profits of each purchase will be donated to the American Heart Association in an effort to help the battle against cardiovascular related diseases.

Please check back soon as more apps from OneAppOneCause will be made available, each with its own cause and commitment to your health.

To the reviewer by the name of Jazz Fiddler: please contact support@oneapponecause.com, we would love to help you resolve your crash issue. Although we have sold 100s of copies and have yet to hear of such an error, there could have been something we overlooked. Please contact us so we may help you isolate the cause. Thanks. -Tom

Customer Reviews

  • keeps it simple

    by agrfc10

    I looked at all the BP monitor apps and decided to go with this one based on the user reviews and advertised capabilities. My criteria for rating this was for a fast, simple process for entering the data as well as an easy way to view and download the data. On all counts this app is simple and very intuitive to use. The data screen (Chart) is easy to understand and I have the option of emailing the raw data to myself and/or my doctor; Or saving a screenshot in my pictures folder. I might suggest a feature (with an on/off toggle) where you could set up a reminder email to check your BP based on a time frame or on a lapse of time from your last entry.

  • Best free app

    by Spasian

    Don't listen to the previous disgruntled person, that's probably why they have bp issues! It's easy to use keeps tracks of your readings nicely with graphs and averages

  • Excellent app - just a couple o issues

    by rogerjth

    I have used and compared all 4 main BP charting/reporting apps Including BP Buddy Lite). This one is the best, and not just only because it does allow for multiple entries per day as well as notes. The overall functionality and layout of the app are just what's needed for it to be useful. Couple of small issues/suggestions: I am having trouble emailing my entire log (over 170 readings over 3 dozen days) - I only get about 2 dozen actual readings (last ones) in the email report. I have reported the issue to the app creators, and they answered my query promptly and are looking into the problem. I do need full email capability to get the log out of the iPhone and print it (Q: does iPhone backup function actually backs up BPBuddy data?). As for the suggestions: perhaps allow for viewing/emailing a range of log entries (by dates); also, allow for log graph display flexibility as well, aside from basically 10 days graphed at a time (makes for rather cluttered graph if each day includes several entries). Great average functions as per latest update. Overall, great app. - Roger T

  • Useful, but nothing spectacular

    by scoile

    Would be nice if the dials were pre-set to the previous entry when making a new entry.

  • Great

    by Arcoms

    This is a great program. The best part is it emails results to you or your doctor

  • Why only 60 readings?

    by C_Schenck

    Seriously, this is a fine app except for the weird and arbitrary cap of only keeping the previous 60 entries. If I take my BP twice a day, it only records one month of data. There's no reason for this artificial limitation. It certainly has nothing to do with iPhone memory/storage capacity.

  • Very Useful

    by TAFletcher

    This app is very user friendly and entering data is a snap. A great app. Cudos for making it free.

  • RpMiller

    by RpMiller

    This is actually a pretty darn nice app, especially for free. The only downside I have found is that I have A-Fib and it is not unusual for my heart rate to go well over the max allowable 130 so once I pass that it becomes rather usless to me but for an average person it would be great.

  • Just started and I am a bit nervous

    by Jazz Fiddler

    A couple of times it has crashed. It seems a bit unstable right now. I really need the service but so far I am a bit sketchy as to whether I can use this one.

  • review

    by d in phx

    I puchased another program first. it work fine but as i did my entering it was missing a place to log heart rate. and no place for notes. this program allows you to easily add BP hi/lo, heart rate and stress level.. The notes are key to me because there i can enter anything special: IE meal, exrercising, fasting etc. I monitor my blood sugar so I can put the reading in notes. it would be nice if it had blood sugar was in the program rather than thier new BS program then it would appear on graf. This is in no way a complaint, it would just be frosting on the cake. GREAT PROGRAM

  • Not a bad little app.

    by dhayman

    After reviewing the specs on all the blood pressure apps, I decided to try this one in spite of the higher price and lack of reviews because it allows multiple entries on a single day. I admit I also like the looks of it. It does collect your personal data like competitors, then you can record your blood pressure, pulse, and stress level. Each entry allows the addition of a note so if you want to put changes in meds or circumstances, you can. The graphing is really nice and it has the good areas and undesireable areas clearly marked, which is very helpful. Overall it's a very user friendly app that does what it's intended to do pretty well. I have no need personally to email the data to anyone but I have had times in the past when it would have been nice. What I would like to see added in a future update is the ability to track whether you took your meds that day or not, and have that show up at the bottom of the chart by day under the graph point for that day. I am experimenting with lifestyle modifications so I would like to be able to track blood pressure on meds vs off meds. It would also be nice to be able to follow changes in bp with specific meds or by doses of meds. For the price, that would be very nice. It's a good app though, and it doesn't seem to have bugs so far as I can tell. Give it a try!

  • Easy to use and full featured

    by Business1

    Very reliable

  • Good app

    by $ecret @gent Man

    Works as promised. Nice, easy to use interface. I use this program daily and it does a great job of tracking my blood pressure. I would use this program to track my bradycardic pulse, but the minimum pulse is 30 bpm.

  • Wife

    by iRufumleitung App

    Works exactly as promised. No more, no less. Love it!!!

  • Good app pls add feature

    by Jab_the_Slaughterhouse_Buscus

    This does a good job of tracking BP. Much better than iPhone notes. I have been searching for an app that will track BP and cholesterol together in one app. If you add this would be a 5 star improvment. Thanks keep up the good work.

  • Great

    by Daedal22

    I just started tracking my BP after my dictor said my BP was borderline high. This is a great app with easy to use GUI and every feature I need.

  • Excellent & Easy

    by nr79tx

    A very simple approach to tracking your blood pressure . The app itself has a lot of depth, it is just very simple to use.

  • Needs more user editing

    by adhocbob

    As a new user, I quickly learned about what "lungrunner" was suggesting as regards editing saved data. Deleting erroneous BP entries and starting over is not OK. We users (patients) usually need to answer our doctor's questions about ancillary information, so this would be a good place to record some of what "lungrunner" was suggesting.

  • Basic, but easy to use

    by GBO Possum

    While I would like it to have the option to record weight and meds, and I'd like to be able to edit previously entered data, I find it easy to use. I like the graphical display, and the emailing ability. The email function also provides a way of backing up historical data, because no doubt there is a limit to the length or quantity of history maintained in the iPod/iPhone. The new price is better than what I paid too ;-) - my purchase timing was terrible!

  • Outstanding Application

    by Johnny Forensic

    BP Buddy is an outstanding application for its purpose. Everything is controlled by spin-wheel when possible, which makes for very quick and accurate one-handed entry. The graph function is well done and shows your blood pressure points within a colored chart representing low, medium, and high blood pressure levels -- at a glance, you can see how you're doing over time. You can even take a snapshot of the graph (included functionality -- you don't have to use the iPhone screenshot function). The only slight change I would recommend would be to put the "My Info" section either under "Settings" or over to the right, since the "Log" function is accessed most often and should be on the left hand edge, but if that's my biggest complaint, this is a fantastic piece of software. If you have the need to track your blood pressure, having your log ever-present on your iPhone is a fantastic idea.

  • Not enough detail

    by lungrunner

    Cute, but not sufficiently helpful. Aside from the crashes and the inability to alter previously entered BP data (except editing "notes"), more fields are needed to be of value. For example, as a physician, I need to know what drugs the patient is one. Reading through days of "notes" is not sufficient. I want to be able to see what the BP is doing as it relates to varies medications and their dosages. When attempting to evaluate if the BP is adequately controlled I also would like to know their weight that day, if they have exercised and to what level and duration, and other issues. More fields that can be titled and followed daily would be very helpful. Finally, one does not want to have to re-enter the same surrounding information daily if it is not changing. These fields should carry over to the next entry and the ability to edit any changes be made available to the patient. It is a basic application but one that is needed and still grow with intensity.

  • Out of date

    by jeffrosillo

    Needs many updates it's very limited in logs and needs a cloud sync also. Just very lacking

  • Satisfactory for a free app.

    by djandrius

    Got this one when it was free. Bugs that should be fixed before I'd consider paying for such app. 1. Why only 60 days of logs? 2. I still don't know which one I have selected Male or Female for myself. Select box would make more sense. 3. Can not edit none of my notes. 4. Emailing is good feature, howewer why can't I add graph image? I understand that I can save image manually and then attach, however by having such ability to automatically attach graph would be awesome. 4. Backup and restore. This maybe limitation of iPhone OS, not sure about this. However there must be a way to get around this. It's only 1 stars as it's unfinished app with artificial limitations. Will update app later. Update: Have reset phone and reinstalled app, gets stuck during load.

  • Bp buddy

    by Dick 2

    App just does not work!! It will not e mail data as advertised and worse yet when you seek help they just ignore you.

  • Backup and restore:(((

    by Edcarp

    Great app but all data is lost if you get a new phone!!! So need someway to backup and restore all the data!!!!

  • Nice Application

    by Janie5050

    This application is just what I needed to have proper information for my doctor. I would like something to be added for security such as password so that only I can see the information. A place to add weight would also be nice. Mainly, I would love to have something to address security... thanks.

  • BP Buddy is my most used APP

    by waynenoregon

    After recently visiting the doctor, I was put on medication where I needed to monitor my blood pressure daily and keep a log to give to the doctor every four weeks. I found this application and started using it. It is simple to use, graphs my daily entries, displays my weekly/monthly averages, and I am able to email the graph and log to my doctor before my monthly visit. I now have a history of my daily BP and will be able to review it in the future. One feature I would like to see added, is to select the start/end dates for sending my BP report. Great job.

  • NEW USER 2-2-09


    Just purchased. The first thing to do is enter personal data. Birthdate shown is Dec. 13, 1932. I CANNOT CHANGE THIS DATE TO REFLECT MY ACTUAL BIRTHDATE.  FYI THE FOLLOWING FROM OneAppOneCause BP Buddy developer We are aware of this issue but unfortunately it's not a bug on our side. It's Apple problem, for some reason they don't let you backdate past December 13, 1932. Anything after is fine. I know it's weird, but it just so happen to exist, we are however trying to contact them and see if this can be fixed. The record keeping part of the app is absolutely fine and we haven't had a single complaint about it. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Regards. -Tom

  • BP Buddy

    by lannmcg

    I love it! I sent the log to my daughter's doctor and he was so impressed with he got it on his phone! He can adjust her meds without an office visit. Highly recommend this ap!

  • Great App

    by DanielEllis

    It does what it says and keeps the functions basic. It runs great on my iPod touch.

  • Heart rate

    by Beachside29

    One of reasons I purchaed this app isto track my heart rate, however, it onlyalows you to track upto 130bpm even though the chart goes up to 200. And the editing will not allow me to make changes. Over all this app is a disappointment.

  • Well Crafted

    by aharbert

    For several years, I have been monitoring my blood pressure, pulse rate, and weight on a daily basis, recording the info on a paper log form I created. This app duplicates my log except for recording my weight, and it adds a useful charting function as well as email data backukp. The app is elegantly designed, very easy to use, and works great. Nice work! Now if a weight record were added, it would be everything I need rolled up into one package.

  • Needs PIN

    by papsparks

    Lot of privacy data that is unprotected and could become an identity theft issue.

  • No problems

    by dmi7b5

    I have used this several times a day for about a month, and it's worked flawlessly. Easy, quick interface.

  • Excellent tool!

    by Kingdaddy2000

    Love the handiness of capturing this type of data on my cell phone, particularly in how BP Biddy lays it out.

  • Simple and useful

    by javaed

    If you can add a syncing service similar to gluecose buddy it would be perfect - ideally the sync would consolidate all the data from all of your apps.

  • Having a little trouble now...

    by JackieA62

    I have used this program for several months now...have liked it. My doctor has liked that I can email him my readings every day, or once a week. Since we have been doing some changes in my medicine it has been very helpful. I would like to see where you could also put what your medicine that you take and what time of day you took it...that way the dr. could see how it is affecting my pressure. But I'm having problems with the program not even coming on now...don't know what has happened! Would appreciate some suggestions, as I really do like this program.

  • Good but...

    by Navy.AT

    Actually the main thing that I find missing is the ability to export csv or table format data so that I can input it into numbers or excel (since I can onlysave 60 readings) . Please make this a function and you will have a killer app!

  • I'll buy just about anything these guys write.

    by BellBP

    Glucose Buddy was the best technical thing that ever happened to my diabetic, non-techie husband. Not only does it help him track his blood sugar, it also introduced him to the web and email - something I wasn't able to do by myself over the last 25 years. So it was a no-brainer for me to buy this app for him to track his blood pressure. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • E-Mail Bug

    by Scottdt21

    I've been using this program for several months and have logged in over a dozen readings to give to my doctor tomorrow. Unfortunately when I email such to myself (so as to print out), there are only five entries listed. Can anyone suggest why my iPhone BP Buddy application log shows all these entries but the e-mail gives only five? This limitation / bug has made the program worth less than if I had used paper & pen to begin with. Scott Sent from my iPhone

  • Fits my needs perfectly

    by mschwart

    I had to submit a review when I saw some other comments. I have been using this app to track my bp since last November and it has done everything I need it to do. I have multiple logs per day going back to 11-14-2008. I have had no problems with it at all. I wish all my other apps worked as well.

  • I use mine daily

    by Kevin33040

    to keep track of my blood pressure, and heart rate trends. The information can be emailed or printed for the physician. It's really nice to have, and if you have high blood pressure, then get this to take control!

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