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Get work done from almost anywhere and on your schedule! AT&T Tech Support 360 Backup and Go is an online data backup service for PCs and MACs. This mobile "companion" application enables Backup and Go users to easily access their backed up data files when away from their computer and requires an active Backup and Go account. This service delivers mobile rendering of documents with the ability to view, share, comment or print any stored document.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!!!

    by ThisBellaVita

    Thanks AT&T!

  • IPad

    by Butch2214

    Great app. Great service - yes you have to pay for it. Could really use an official iPad app though. Whaddya say, development?

  • Fantastic Appm

    by Tanaz M

    Fantastic App! It's like having your PC on your iPhone

  • This service is awesome!

    by happy2bchief

    Easy to use! Protects my important files and pictures. And I can access them from my iPhone.

  • Meh, blank screen & didn't work

    by yep, I'm there.

    Ok so when I got this app, I don't remember there being anything said about paying for this service (which considering what we already pay for our lovely iphone service when all added up) is bulls**t! I know I wouldn't have dl'd this app under that understanding so somehow when I went to use it, all I ever got was a blank screen & the app was totally down. No tutorial, no "please call this lovely 1-800 # to set up service that costs a truckload," nothing! Just a blank white useless screen... although could be marketed as another one of those useless "flashlight" apps that basically give you a plain blank screen & somehow it's supposed to be at all usefull. How can you even know what to do once you have this app if it doesn't even give a # to call to say how to even go about setting up servie? Deleted it, cuz it was a waste of space, seeing as how there are other data backup methods available for FREE in the apps store! And takes LESS SPACE, No Monthly service fee, and at least some basic guidelines for how to use it. Maybe it was an update that rendered it useless & blank, & this is when the info about paying for this service was added to the description, cuz I had to look up this app all over again & go back to see the description to figure out what it was supposed to have been so useful for. Ugh. If I missed something, then my bad, but idk how as I don't dl apps that cost any subscription fee, so this must not have been made clear. But some of the other AT&T apps are great. Just this one that blows.

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