AT&T MicroCell Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: AT&T Services, Inc.

The app is no longer letter-boxed on iPhone5.
The background images and a few button images have been updated for retina display.

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25 Ratings
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Application allows user to activate and manage the AT&T 3G MicroCell. This application allows you to:
-Activate one or more MicroCells
-Add new users to your Approved User List
-Change your MicroCell’s location
-Update your primary email address
- Disconnect your MicroCell

Customer Reviews

  • Great App no problems Worked Great

    by KJ4395

    Had no problems with adding new numbers and names. Would be nice to see status via the App.

  • Worked fine for me

    by Bonacci1075

    The Microcell has been a blessing. I went from having 0-1 bars to completely full inside and outside the house. My Microcell is on the main/1st floor. I'm in the basement and I've had nothing but success. The cell signal on my phone is stronger than my routers wifi strength. Now, as for the app I just did everything I needed it to do. The whole process from download the app, to saving all my changes didn't take any more than 5 minutes start to finish. Quite basic overall, but I was quickly able to add two more numbers, and edit and label each, and every number already existing in my user list with a corresponding name.

  • Simple and effective

    by CCRGMac

    This app doesn't do a lot but it does it well. I can see which phones are active on my M-Cell and I can add a visitor's phone quite easily. No authentication errors here.

  • So much easier

    by HDWriter

    Using this app is SO much easier than performing the same functions on the website, plus I have the convenience of having at the ready on my iPhone.

  • Not bad

    by benjasmine

    I was able to add a number from my contacts and modify the name of the user. Feature request: 1 - I would like to see which numbers are currently active (or connected to) M-cell. 2 - As another reviewer has already requested, I would like to see the current status of M-cell. Meaning: Is M-cell online/active right now?

  • Works for me.

    by Traylor717

    My microcell isn't at the billing address, so wasn't GPS locking, but worked it out with a microcell tech and seems to be working well now. App has minimal information, but seems to work and do what it's supposed to. The regular site seems to give more service information than the app. I'd like to see more in the app. (On iPhone 4S)

  • Feature Request

    by 5)(5!&77

    The Microcell works well, and generally the app does too. Have had the Mcell for two years. No problems logging in to the app. Would like to see more status info - it shows "activated". Would like to know if Microcell is "online".

  • Developer

    by Mtrevors

    Great but please add auto sign in or remember me!

  • Better in ways

    by nvnvnvnvn

    I find getting to the Microcell administration from our website account very slow and having to navigate many clicks (hard to find too). It is nice in there to be able to have more than 10 users. While the APP seems silly that it does not handle more than 10 uers, at least it is more direct and quicker to manager than through the website. Hopefully they will update the APP to do more soon. But, considering it is a free app I can't really complain about it. While the texting option to add/remove users is extremely fast and simple, it only allows a single person (the number assigned to the device) to make changes, which does not work well for us. But, they didn't have to make this feature at all and it is free so again not bad and hopefully they can make it better. Seems like it shouldn't be too hard to enable a few numbers which can manage the users through texting. Hoping for better days soon!!

  • Needs updating!

    by A_W_O_L

    App seems to function just fine for me, but on login the "submit" hides under the keypad. You can still press submit, but you are actually touching the keypad area in order to do its obviously an oversight. Needs to be updated to support iPhone 5, as well as updated for the full amount of authorized user phone numbers which is now 15.

  • Can't navigate to different fields!

    by Pcha0330

    I can't believe how buggy this is. It used to work just fine but now I can't even navigate to different fields. And if I let it use my contacts to add people, I always get an error saying that its an invalid number. Terrible.

  • Works for me

    by Happy potato

    No problems and much easier to use than the AT&T website.

  • Works fine

    by Sick Of Choosing Nicknames

    I don't understand the low ratings either. For log in issues, make sure you don't try to log in with your own wireless number if another phone number on the account is considered "primary". Log in with that number instead and the password assiciated with it. That may help. Works fine for me.

  • Let us add from contacts

    by MXHoop

    Only complaint is that I can't add contacts from my phone. Seems like an awfully obvious feature that is left out.

  • As Useless As AT&T

    by nalts7

    This app is as useless as AT&T. I'll put it in a drawer with this paperweight they call a 3G Microsell, which has a serial number unrecognized by the app. And might I add that AT&T's requirement of a - or _ in a password is ridiculous.

  • Doesn't work at all..

    by Antonio Graziano

    At sign in menu it tells you that you haven't authenticated it yet. When I clearly have.

  • Buggy and not professional

    by Cyber Lizard

    - design outdated - login cumbersome - user add process from address book results in "invalid number" most of the time with manual correction needed

  • Absolutely useless

    by Ianto39

    Hey at@t techies, it's 2013, pick 1 login across all at&t sites and make it work. Then call it the same thing at every login screen. Which of the plethora of AT&T logins is the "Access Id" this one asks for. It's not the mobile number, not the usual wireless login, doesn't even have the drop down for type of AT&T login that (some) other AT&T sites have. Uninstall.

  • Useless

    by Partytentguy

    Worked fine at first, will not work at all since ios7. " failure to authenticate " When logging in. Login works just fine from a desktop. Get with it and fix this useless app.

  • Junk

    by TerribleappSam

    It will not even let you log in

  • Can't log in

    by AT&Typical

    Unable to authenticate?

  • Can't log in.

    by jasonqueen

    I haven't been able to log in since I "upgraded" to an Access ID for all my accounts. You think they would have tested this when they changed sign ons. DO NOT GET AN ACCESS ID UNTIL THEY FIX THIS PROBLEM. The app will not work. :(

  • Can't log in

    by MzLeeWilliams

    User ID not authenticated. Ugh. The app looks cool but.....can't get on to use it.

  • Doesn't work

    by Occasional meditator

    This app simply does not work. I have two microcells (one at home and one at work) and the app fails to connect to either one. I enter my phone number, as requested (and wonder why it can't figure it out for itself), then it tells me it cannot connect.

  • Doesn't authenticate

    by Zathrak

    "You have not successfully authenticated." credentials work in the web browser. Fail.

  • This app

    by jetheman

    Awful. Never works. I have no idea why AT&T had this app. It does NOTHING.


    by ilovesrice

    It's not even letting my log in. Keeps saying that was not able to authenticate. I'm using the same log in information I use to access my microcell online.

  • Never worked

    by emailjoneshome

    Owned for two months. When trying to log in. "you have not successfully authenticated" is returned. ID and password work perfectly via browser on website. Hve tried weekly for two months.

  • *Crash*crash*crash*

    by Nighthawke75

    App unuseable in Itouch or non-smartphone systems. Crashes continually at splash screen. A waste of bandwidth!

  • Mr.

    by ParisScottie

    Can't open it. No instructions. Waste of time to fool with it. Does AT&T know this thing doesn't work.

  • Terrible

    by SlapHappy #

    Tried several "solutions" but could never login. Would not recommend.

  • Touchy

    by FFranksJr

    Don't tap your address. In the menu It will force a re-activation sequence that takes 90 minutes. Ouch! More than annoying.

  • Can't make it work

    by oscarlg

    My device is working properly but I have not been able to use the App, the arrow continues to spin until after an eternity tells me the system is not available. It has happened several times. I also deleted the App and downloaded again to no avail, Oscar

  • System temporary unavailable???

    by Ak1r41218

    Tried login in and it keeps saying system temporary unavail.....

  • As worthless as the "Business Premier" website!

    by Mike68w

    Completely disappointed in the app, and the fact that I'm forced to even have to resort to using two devices to cover my company of over 70 users. After spending hours setting up the microcell because as the AT&T rep claimed "The device isn't intended for business use"...what?... Just as previous users have noted, it only allows you to add 10 users, while if, and that's a BIG if you can manage to find it using Premier, you can add up to 15. Keep up the crappy work AT&T, you're not the only player in the game!

  • Another update but still no fix

    by Shackpapa

    Way to go AT&T, put out an update and don't fix what everyone is asking for. Still limited to 10 on the whitelist when website allows 15. Idiots!!!!!

  • Needs update

    by iPwn More

    AT&T increased the max amount of phone #s that can be on the microcell from 10 to 15 But the app only allows 10 max So to add a contact, I have to delete some off of the phone until I'm down to 9. Or I can change someone else's number to the new one. Either way, it's inconvenient. Also needs retina support and iPhone 5 screen support

  • Mostly Works

    by JamNdude

    The iPhone app will only allow adding 10 numbers to the access list while the website allows 15 numbers. I have to use the web version since iPhone app won't let me do anything until I remove numbers that I don't want or need to remove.. Errrrr...

  • Get the # of approved users synced!

    by thomasrawley

    Why does this seem to be so confusing for AT&T? The store rep says you can add 5 approved numbers. When I log into the website (on a computer) it allows me to enter 15 numbers. When I use the app (FINALLY can log in with Access ID...way to take your time AT&T) I can only add 10 approved numbers. What gives AT&T? Stop updating the worthless EULA and actually fix the app!

  • Lame …

    by javabean161

    You get essential a stupid app that does what the AT&T website does. I was hoping for a lot more in helpful diagnostics.

  • Terrible

    by fredinco

    Poor poor app. Like AT&T, marketing over substance

  • STILL Way out of date

    by ZZGrizz

    Today I downloaded a version that yet again merely updated the license agreement. What AT&T has failed to do for the past 2 YEARS (yup a full year) is provide an app update that actually matches the user limit of the Microcell. As of late 2011, there can be 15 numbers registered to a microcell. I have 3 microcells at that limit. The app only supports 10 - because that was the limit before 2011. How about updating the app to match its purpose? I'm tired of it telling me that I have -5 (negative five) available numbers!!!

  • Difficult to navigate

    by SkybirdsDad

    It is difficult to navigate fields such as editing existing number. No way to "submit". Very poor in comparison to other AT&T apps. The Microcell tower works great.

  • Horrible

    by xIC3xMANx

    Has said service temporarily unavailable for weeks now...what a joke. Of course only AT&T has the finest quality apps and software, it hasn't even been updated to the retina display from 3 years ago. The microcell itself is a POS that works intermittently and doesn't allow picture messages to be sent. Get your act together AT&T. Don't download this waste of an app, not even worth the space it takes up on my screen.

  • Terrible

    by Harrison Li

    Save your $. State away from it. It does not work. It was a horrible and frustrating experience for me.

  • Does not work

    by Stealth63

    AT&T why release an app half heartedly? So many bugs it is useable. The accessory toolbars on the keypad do not work and prevent the entering of text.

  • Att has work to do on this one

    by Cg435

    I only use this to add people when they come over. Every screen has issues with being able to get to the save button. I mean come on its the only thing you need to do on this simple app and you have to struggle to do it on every page. Hint. Hit the little information buttons if you get stuck somewhere. Sometimes that will get your keyboard out of the way.

  • Worthless

    by waveecho

    Well, I've had this app for a while. Had trouble with it the first time I used it, and now it is useless crap. There is no way to save the new name and number in v1.3. you can enter the data, but no access to the save button. Tried on both an iphone and ipad with the same result. Nice waste of time. Far easier to just manage the microcell from a web browser.

  • Microcell supports more than 10

    by nineballer26

    The reason why there are low reviews is because microcells manage 15 numbers but this app only allows you to manage 10. I have 11 numbers an if/when I try to add another number, you can't. This app tells me I need to remove the 11th number. Why doesn't this app line up with the capabilities of the microcell?

  • Retiree

    by Trouble mind

    What is going on with this app I get as far as putting in my I'd and pword and that's as far as it goes in a box it shows that I'm not authenticated

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