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Discover the Complete Guide to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)!

Here is what you will learn inside...

★ What Is ADHD Disorder? What is the relationship to ADD

★ What are the symptoms of ADHD? Symptoms vary from child to child and adults as well. Learn the differences and the simularities

★ Are There Similar Disorders? Other conditions that may mimic ADHD

★ What Causes ADHD? There are many theories - learn what they are

★ Diagnosing ADHD In Children - A deep discussion on this topic as well as the following one . . .

★ Diagnosing ADHD In Adults - This may seem the same as the previous, but there are huge differences!

★ Education and ADHD Children in Public Schools – An in-depth discussion of special needs in the public sector

★ Education for ADHD Children in the Private Sector – What are there differences between the public and private sector?

★ A Good IDEA – This is not what you think it is.

★ Pharmaceutical Treatments for ADHD – Hmmm the big controversy is explored.

★ Controversy in the Medical Community – This is a real hot topic!

★ Natural Remedies for ADHD – Are there any and if so wht are they?

★ Alternative Treatments for ADHD – This is another controversial subject. Is it really tantamount to “quackery” as some members of the medical community claim?

★ Coping Skills for Patient and Family – What is your game plan and how can the entire family take part.

★ Researching ADHD – Some of the cutting edge studies.

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Customer Reviews

  • Some okay info.

    by PhyllisRocker

    Love the set up of the app. But like the above review some of the material is questionable.

  • Ok, but should not be seen as a reliable reference.

    by Ticked@thisapp

    While the app offers some good information, I have some questions regarding the accuracy of it's content. For example, how does verbal abuse cause ADHD? Also, from where do they get the information that ADHD is partly psychological? According to research and study, ADHD is a result of low dopamine levels in the frontal lobe. It is a neurological condition that has measurable symptoms. Also, the authors include a legal disclaimer that states they do not guarantee the accuracy of their own material. Really? If you are going to write A COMPLETE GUIDE, then I would expect the authors to know what they are talking about. I would expect them to stand behind their material with credible resources to support their premise. If you have to put a disclaimer that you can't guarantee the accuracy of your own material, then I strongly question that accuracy. Again, some of the info was good. However I wouldn't pay $16 for this "guide." The .99 price is sufficient as most people don't mind wasting a dollar. Also, I would strongly encourage the authors to include their credentials and show why they should be seen as knowledgable about ADHD. It would greatly help the credibility of this app.


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