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*** New section added: Gene Teasers
*** 3 Conditions updated.

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*** Featured in The Lancet (Sept 2011)
*** Genetics & Syndromes made easy for medical students, nurses and doctors!
*** Compiled by doctors from Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics and Cardiology backgrounds


1. Over 200 Genetic Conditions
including syndromes.
2. Search using a symptom or sign
eg: conditions with cafe au lait spots or conditions with macrocephaly
3. Pictures of chromosomal location of a condition.
4. Basic concepts of Medical Genetics simplified.
5. NEW in Version 2.0: Links to external online resources.
6. NEW in Version 2.1: New section added- GENE TEASERS.


Genetic conditions are seen in almost all Medical specialities.
Medical Genetics is one of the fastest developing branches in Medicine.


Genetics 4 Medics application has been designed by a group of doctors, to be used as an educational tool by medics and other healthcare professionals interested in Medical Genetics.


We hope that this app will make learning Medical Genetics, easy and exciting for both students and practising clinicians alike.


This app has four sections.


- Over 200 Genetic conditions described
- Each condition described under two headings:
a) Background & Genetics (gene mutation, chromosomal location etc)
b) Salient Features (common clinical features)
- Links to external online resources provided for majority of conditions described.


- Conditions mapped to its chromosomal locus
- We have mainly included conditions caused by single gene defect. However, a few conditions with genetic heterogeneity have also been included.
- Pictorial representation of chromosomes to facilitate visual learning and memory. Note: these pictures do not represent the exact banding pattern of a chromosome and are not drawn to scale.
- Tapping on the titles will open up the description page of the condition.


- About 150 clinical clues included
- Selecting a clue provides links to the conditions commonly associated with it.


- Basic genetic concepts explained using simple terminology
- Genetic investigations simplified.


Food for your genes! Try out these questions in your spare time.
This section will be updated regularly with new questions. These questions are case based scenarios and based on common Genetic conditions seen in clinical practice. A notification will appear on the app icon whenever this section is updated with a new question. The title of the case scenario will automatically be updated in this section. The user will be able to download the case by selecting the download icon next to the title. NOTE: An active internet connection will be needed for the regular updates as well as to download the cases.


Genetics 4 Medics application should only be used for educational purposes and NOT as a diagnostic tool. For help with diagnosing a genetic condition, please take advice from an experienced Clinical Geneticist.
Full Terms & Conditions available on downloading the app. Users must agree to these Terms & Conditions prior to use.


Please contact us for support or feedback -

Customer Reviews

  • Good basic review

    by Kris5775

    Great for a quick reference and studying for boards when you've just got a few minutes. I wish it was more comprehensive, both in the number of conditions and in the depth of information. Also would be nice if it linked out to OMIM or Gene Reviews. Overall nicely done.

  • Pedigree?

    by Zigzagm

    The photo is extremely misleading. I thought I would be able to create a pedigree and add the mapping, conditions etc TO IT. Please add a functional pedigree, and I would be happy to change my rating.

  • Great basic reference

    by SLByers

    As a genetic counseling masters student, I think this is a very handy reference! I'd like to see links under the references to genereviews, but other than that, no complaints. Seems to be accurate and scientifically sound.

  • Great for students

    by Rob-R

    Love the app. The addition of some pedigree practice would make it a 5 star app.

  • Great app!

    by DocHaji

    Well designed, clinically accurate, and even lists references. Well made and professional app. Must have for clinical rotations.

  • Helpful study tool, good user interface

    by Aen2012

    It's nice to have so much information at a glance

  • Good

    by Kpatrick99997

    Works good for me!

  • Great study tool

    by Crystalraindrop

    Great short review of more common syndromes. Chromosome maps are extremely useful for studying purposes. This is a good tool for on the go review for the medical genetics or genetic counseling boards exam. Hopefully it will continue to be updated with more syndromes and testing methodology information.

  • Really Cool App

    by Allyson1355

    I'm not a medical professional, just a medical nerd. Easy to use and beautiful to look at. My only suggestion to be able to double under the mapping because, initially, I didn't realize the disease listings were clickable links.

  • Issue

    by Noongsao

    I've downloaded the app, uninstalled it, and downloaded it again. Both times, I tap the icon, the main screen shows up, and the app immediately crashes out. This looks like an awesome app, and exactly what I was looking for. I just wish it worked.

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