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Fixes for iOS7 compatibility.

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The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) mobile application provides family physicians with useful information to assist with preparation for the ABFM Maintenance of Certification Exam. This module turns your iPhone into an invaluable tool for keeping you in touch with what you need to know as you enter your certification or recertification year.

Features include:

Exam Prep documents and videos – including the detailed ABFM Guide for Exam Preparation document

Upcoming Exam Dates – a quick view of future dates

Links to the ABFM website and the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine website

Practice Quiz – Over 200 questions addressing problems commonly encountered by family physicians. Each practice quiz presents 10 questions followed by a clear rationale for the correct answer including the associated reference.

While not a substitute for a well-designed and executed study plan, the ABFM App is an additional tool to help prepare for the Maintenance of Certification Exam. This module is designed for family physicians, but the questions may be useful for medical students and other health care providers as well.

There is no advertising in this app.

Certain areas of the app (videos and exam dates) require an Internet connection.

About the American Board of Family Medicine

The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) is the second largest medical specialty board in the United States. Founded in 1969, it is a voluntary, not-for-profit, private organization whose purposes include:
- Improving the quality of medical care available to the public
- Establishing and maintaining standards of excellence in the specialty of Family
- Improving the standards of medical education for training in Family Medicine
- Determining by evaluation the fitness of specialists in Family Medicine who apply for and hold certificates

Customer Reviews

  • Handy App

    by Pat Sweet, MD

    This app is handy for exam prep during down time. Highly recommend it.

  • Excellent question bank, poor UI

    by ob1canob

    This app has wonderful questions with good explanations. They recently updated it to be "compatible" with iPhone 5. It's way ugly. See for yourself. This review is for the programmer not the user.

  • Great material!

    by MattLibby

    Well-worded questions with thorough explanations and citations! Excellent quality material. I only wish there were a way to make use of the historical quizzes to track trends by topic, and look for statistical improvement.

  • Md

    by Luis anez

    Is excellent review , a honest good effort for better md preparation for test takers. , Dr Anez

  • ABFM Responds

    by ABFM Communications

    Sorry it took so long for our external contractor to make the updates to the app after IOS 6. The updated version has just been approved by Apple and is now available.


    by Neal 75

    There are big opportunities the ABFM is not yet taking advantage of. #1. Docs using this ap want to know where their weaknesses are to study up for board exam. May I suggest the ap keep track of the missed answers, then give a diagnostic report? the diagnostic report could then be updated every time a new quiz is completed. #2. Several of the links aren't compatible with IOS6. Please reward docs that embrace new technology with aps that run smoothly. #3. Why not offer CME for taking the quizzes? #4. Why not offer literature links to read up on missed answers? #5. Why aren't 2013 test dates posted on the ap? Finally, the creation of the ap is appreciated. It is time for a robust application that helps doctors understand what is needed to fully prepare successfully for the board exam. Neal Mills

  • MD Board Review

    by Panisri

    Prior to downloading the new iOS 6, this app was FANTASTIC! Have been using it for board review in addition to other material. Definitely would have given this 5 stars. Now the screen is stuck at the end of each quiz and won't let you back to the main menu. Have to turn my phone off. Hopefully they can update the app software to make it compatible!

  • Resident

    by jbwells

    Great for quick studying. Rationale is short and to the point. Tips are useful too. I do not see any way for long time tracking. Great app from ABFM.

  • Outstanding!!!

    by rowdy33

    For a free app- this is a great learning tool for anyone in med/ PA/ NP school

  • Great App!

    by Gunser

    Great resource to practice for the Maintenance of Certification exam. Really useful app.

  • Good

    by Resident, boards in July 2011

    Good free app. Record of results would be nice. Also I have taken a couple quizzes with questions referring to an image or EKG, but no image anywhere!

  • MD

    by LizFM

    This is the perfect tool to have during subway commute. Easy to use and pertinent.

  • Nice Application

    by Lachicanica

    I am a fourth year medical student going into family medicine and have enjoyed being to think clinically while traveling. I will be using this application for years to come. Thank you

  • MD

    by AcademicDoc

    Love the App! My residents and medical students love it! It's got them doing review questions everywhere, challenging each other to learn.

  • Exam Prep

    by MariawHTC

    I am going to exam, I like this app. It is so useful!!!

  • Long time waiting for an app like this

    by Mjamalm786

    The ease of Working through the questions is a plus. If there was a way of knowing that questions are not being repeated. Would be nice . I mean how would users now that they have finished all the questions or they have a certain no left. Also there should be an option to resume from where u left off . With my dec exam coming up I have been doing questions , a lot of them are repeated and also after 15 quizzes the app has crashed . Thank you .

  • PGY-2

    by M J Singh

    Keeping up with the time.... That's how we can excel... Hope ABFM keep improving it by adding more and more questions, standard guidelines, protocols, may be e-application for boards, and section to view board results. Thanks a lot. Trover.

  • Great for board review!

    by RobOh98

    What a neat tool! As a residency program director, I will encourage all my residents (especially the R3's) to use this app for board preparation. Mimics what is available on theabfm.org site but obviously more portable. Wish list: -CME Credit for completing the quizzes. -Ability to view MOC status -important notifications sent to the app Great job ABFM!!

  • Very informative and handy app!

    by Drsgopi

    Good to see ABFM coming with an app geared for the boards. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more from the app.

  • A good start

    by RedChile

    5 stars for the fact that the ABFM is forward thinking enough to put an app up in the first place.

  • New version

    by Arkwhaler

    Not ios 6 compatible. Can't update or reinstall. Helpful before update.

  • MD

    by Tenzin Tharchen

    Many questions have no answers. When the final summary appears after the question is answered a wrong response such as a red X appears. Upon review of the reasoning presented it appears that the wrong answer is actually the correct answer Difficult to understand but I took a photo of this flaw to prove the same.

  • ABFM

    by Klfy

    Frozen; increase number of available questions

  • Not working

    by Miss10naccomplished

    Like the others have said, it keeps freezing. :(

  • Freezes

    by NFS1218

    The app freezes after every quiz!!!!!!

  • Icy

    by Flaxmoore

    Same as the others, freezes in iOS 6.

  • Broken!!

    by JDIngram

    App freezes after each test

  • Freezes after each test

    by Ouangel

    Please fix!

  • Please update!!!

    by Nadine Tassin

    This is a wonderful question bank and a great mobile resource. However since upgrading to OS 6.0 the app freezes at the end of the quiz. Please fix as soon as possible. Boards are in November. Thank you!!

  • Please fix!

    by AKRMD

    PLEASE fix this app to make it compatible with iOS 6!!! Those of us taking November boards would appreciate it!!!

  • Not compatible

    by Txdisappointed

    Didn't work with my iPod Touch iOS 3.1 I wish they would have written it for all the versions.

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