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Seller: American Academy of Pediatrics

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2013 Web Health Awards Winner: Merit Award, Mobile Application: Publication (Large Mobile Device)

The gold standard infectious disease problem solver, now on your mobile device. Download the mobile version of the fully revised 29th edition (2012) of Red Book, with search, updates and news. Quickly access critical, current information for diagnosis, treatment, and management of more than 200 infectious diseases, including drug dosing, immunization information and updates. Digital exclusive: Red Book Visual Library images to aid in diagnosis, epidemiology, vectors, and carriers!

● Complete content of the fully revised 29th edition (2012) of Red Book
● Fully searchable text
● Red Book Visual Library with hundreds of images
● Library of tables and charts

● In-context pop-up images
● Updates on news and errata
● Bookmark favorite and frequently used pages

● Immunization Schedules
● Vaccine Status Table
● Influenza Resource Page
● Earn CME

***Enter your American Academy of Pediatrics login and password to access content. New users can use in-app purchase to subscribe to mobile ($124.99/yr).

Customer Reviews

  • UI needs improvement

    by AKapil

    Navigation could be cleaner but the content is there so I guess I can't complain.

  • A good start

    by M3appaholic

    This could be an invaluable resource to have. If the app worked properly and was intuitive to use. Most of the time searches do not work. The iPhone and iPad versions are similar but with functions that work on one but not the other. There are two versions of the Red Book app - which to get? The contents section does not even work most of the time. Then with the new Pediatric Care Online app, you ask yourself why even bother with this one. Please fix this app! A pediatric version of the easy to use Sanford Guide app would be very welcome.

  • MD

    by KatieHale29

    Having browsed through the app now, I really like it. It's well-organized and easy to search. It's also great that it's free for AAP members. My only complaint thus far is that the links for the images show the image but cut off several of the words in the captions of the images. Hopefully they can fix that easily.

  • Can't expand images

    by Whatever 123

    Good information but images are almost useless since you can't enlarge them. Don't bother opening them on your iPhone. Even on an iPad they are still small.

  • Best AAP app ever!

    by Nick@Nom-de-plume

    Slick, comprehensive, intuitive.

  • Love it!!!!

    by Pedia doc

    So well organized, late entry into app world,but great! Pls keep it free for AAP members.

  • At very best is a worst app

    by Minuabc

    I waited for this app for many months, have downloaded unbound version of red book. This one has very poor navigation. Once installed it will allow me use app , with very poor navigation menu and readability. When I open it again it will not load the app content everything remains blank. There is no way to login. The only way to get back is to reinstall. I have done this multiple times. FYI I use ios 7.04 with iphone 5s 64 gb. If any developer is working for this app should be penalized and contract terminated without any extension . I recommend this being a AAP member, and looking for improving access. If looking for reasons, not to fire the developer please don't. Ps I have no financial gains or loss or relation with the developer.

  • Wish it worked

    by valsus

    Often crashes or won't open at all. Relay need a reliable red book app.

  • Not so great

    by Rotana

    Thank you for the app, but it really needs more investment to make it a good one, there is no auto complete of the word while searching , you can't navigate through the topic so easily, like there is no list of symptoms, management , etc for example. You can't enlarge the pictures . So please invest more for a better app, because redbook is the pediatrician bible.

  • Poor app

    by MDneo

    Keeps crashing requiring deletion and re-loading. Some tables listed in tables some in body of text-confusing. Cannot expand size of text rendering some tables illegible. Stick with Unbound medicine version.

  • It doesn't work!

    by Andy60201

    When I try to access any content, it says "File cannot be found" and lists a file with an html extension. App support via the App Store doesn't work either.

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