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  • Publisher: Zillow.com
  • Updated: Feb, 05 2013
  • Version: 2.2.3575
  • Size: 23.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Zillow, Inc.

Introducing Dueling Digs, a fun new way to explore home design inspiration with a competitive twist, exclusively on iOS!
-Vote on daily head-to-head duels of inspiring home images.
-See how your tastes stack up against the community or your friends.
-Share your opinion on the content and/or results in the duel.

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Zillow Digs is a hub for home improvement and design ideas. Collect images, share your favorites and check out project costs, now on the iPhone. Stunning images and a simple interface make finding inspiration for the next remodel easy.

○ Browse images organized by space and style – be inspired anywhere, anytime.
○ Collect and save images to boards. Add descriptions and comments.
○ Photograph designs you love and instantly upload to boards for future reference
○ See project estimates for kitchens and bathrooms, based on your location
○ The app was designed for iOS 7, with an easy-to-navigate interface
○ Share images to Facebook, Twitter and via email
○ See the home details of an image with Zillow’s home database
○ Follow other users, comment on images and contact home professionals

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Gym Owner

    Great app

  • Great

    by Parispoppy

    I've become a designing diva (in my mind) with your app. How fun! Thanks!

  • Great Tips

    by Claudia Thompson

    I really enjoy this app, has lots of ideas on spaces, houses, etc.

  • Awesome!!!!!!

    by tim2titams

    I like Zillow digs, gives me an idea of what my future house is going to be like....great designs and great decorators and designers. Keep up the good work!

  • Inspiring!!!

    by MrVin876

    I'm loving this app, such a fun way to get inspired for my next project.

  • Very addicting

    by Redstandingby975

    Like that I can see all my boards! Fun and easy to use. Duels are cool!

  • Awesome home design app!!

    by Amie49

    Zillow Digs is my favorite home inspiration app! You can filter by various rooms, styles, and budgets, play duels and see tons of design ideas. I love it!!

  • MMmhm

    by They Call Me Stephen

    This app is like a like a brand new jar of peanut butter when you open it, just smooth and perfect on top and you just wanna OOWEE jump right in that mothalicka. I remember back in 1982 the great peanut embargo of the harimagras, I hope that never happens to Zwillow Digs.

  • Great Ideas in Dueling Digs!

    by Tuncbkf

    I am in the middle of planning a remodel. I use the iPad version of the app at home. Now I carry it with me and look for new remodel ideas while on the bus and in line. Love it on the phone. Also, the new Dueling Digs feature is a fun way to look at some great images.

  • Best Home Design Idea App

    by R3Biker

    I'm a reasonably good DIY-er and the home design apps have inspired me to do more. The estimated costs help me understand the value of my projects, the cost of materials, the level of effort, and what might be beyond my skill and should be hired out to a pro. I'm not a designer pro so Zillow Digs helps me to visualize what I really want my home to look like.

  • It's fun to see how poor I am

    by Wasseeeey

    I'm decently poor Great app!

  • Great app

    by erikalc

    I love the images and estimates! Great/easy way to explore home design.

  • Nice Pics, but Buggy

    by Angel in the Sky

    It's just a shiny penny until we can use it.

  • Great for ideas/budgeting

    by Ak-47!

    I use this to see what I can afford and then give me ideas so that when I do remodel, I'm prepared.

  • Great app!

    by Jskickapoo

    Absolutely love this app!! I am gutting a bathroom and this app made it so easy to see what I liked and didn't like. It has so many pictures and is very user-friendly. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is redecorating or remodeling!

  • Decorator extraordinary

    by DecorNina

    Such an awesome app dig the variety of pictures easy to save & make note's about what you like about it, pop up information, colors if needed. Keep up the good work!

  • Amazing

    by RR1603

    Can't find a better app for getting ideas

  • Home remodeling inspiration paradise!

    by Morrisdirector

    Hands down the best (and all you need) app for home remodeling inspiration. It's like having endless remodeling magazines without the endless ads.

  • Design porn

    by lbj1832

    Love it!

  • This was made for goal setters and achievera

    by Sandro137

    Love the simplistic and quality if pictures.

  • Can't use without signing up for account

    by Jamesdrewafhihxdyjbdr

    I hate it when an app forces you to sign up for an account or connect with Facebook. I have enough SPAM thank you.

  • One dimensional

    by Kitchen needed

    Looking for remodel ideas but there is only one picture of each kitchen. And there is clutter in any designs so you can't see the fixtures, cabinets etc.

  • Love it!

    by strangetammy

    Dreaming and get to save so I can show it off!!

  • Digs

    by Du0

    Love this app. Very good

  • Love It

    by Yanabana

    Inspiration right at your fingertips. As a new homeowner this is a great tool as we decorate our house room by room!

  • Good resource for ideas

    by Kbarhorst

    Good resource for ideas

  • Great app

    by Rykellen

    Want everything to become real, so entertaining...

  • I give it 5 star's

    by Liz. 59

    Like Zillow it gives me some great I deals

  • Beautiful pictures

    by Teriandy

    I don't think I am using the features of this app correctly. The photos are gorgeous and I love seeing the different ideas ans styles, but it still feels clumsy and awkward.

  • Awesome App

    by Mrgdm007

    Really cool app and pretty easy to use. Great ideas on this.

  • Figuring it out

    by Edwardlovesthisapp!

    It is really fun so far very interesting peeking inside others homes so far they're all to plain and impersonal

  • I can see it

    by Louthy Baby

    I am getting ready to remodel my new home. I had a lot to do and needed help. This app let me see different wonderful choices that guide me, my designer and contractor. Thanks

  • Huh?

    by Lazlo_P_Gridley

    I have no idea what this app is supposed to do. It seems to serve no apparent purpose or provide any useful information.

  • Nice app

    by Big Ed47

    Good working app

  • Did someone make this for me?

    by Ifeelcrazy

    So much fun. Replaces my giant three ring binder of an idea book!

  • Can't Connect Anymore

    by Reviewer575

    I don't even own a house and I enjoyed this app! It has tons of great design ideas and I can spend hours just looking at them. But lately I've been getting an error message that my iPad can't connect when I try to add pictures to my board. I'm really disappointed. Please fix this, Zillow.

  • Crashes after a while

    by SeriousBarney

    I browse for a while and then the app crashes. Please fix.

  • Connection Issues

    by mytw0b1ts

    When launching the Zillow app it reports that it is unable to connect; translation: i am unable to save to ‘My Digs.’ Please fix this issue.

  • Smooth, Beautiful &Useful

    by Dave A 65

    A friend recommended this to me as I just put an offer on a house that needs a kitchen overhaul. What a great way to explore kitchens and get a sense for how much each would cost.

  • Awesome!


    User friendly....beautiful pictures of different designs...love it!

  • Love it! Addictive.

    by Luis on the rock's

    Great app for home improvement and decor inspirations.

  • Nice app

    by JaHurt

    Good ideas

  • Great app

    by SiGuy16

    Yet another reason to like Zillow. First home valet estimates, now remodeling cost estimates. Great HD pictures!

  • Great new app!

    by Northwestdigger84

    Makes sense for Zillow to get Digs on the iphone. The iPad app is really great and now I have it on the go! Even let's me take and post my own images!

  • Be careful, it's addicting!

    by PhxREguy

    Great app. Not just fun, but useful too.

  • Love it!!!

    by Renables

    This app is great for keeping track of all my home renovation ideas!

  • Amazing

    by gymbry

    Love it, but would like functionality to save to pocket or post to tumblr

  • Fun, high end Pinterest for your casa

    by ccmacho

    Very user friendly app. The photos are nice. This is a high end Pinterest for your home. You can pin forever. Very addicting. Perfect for home renovation ideas. Nice work Zillow!

  • Love Digs

    by dabx@

    Great app from Zillow for Home Improvement projects. Love the photos and cost estimates are a nice addition.

  • Love it!

    by Theboilermaker1999

    Love the estimated costs for these rooms!

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