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This iPhone app has the largest collection of Good Karma ideas anywhere, with over millions of different positive suggestions.

This app will randomly display thought provoking Zen-like messages. Think deeply upon them and get the hidden meanings as it applies to your life.

Learning from all life and all things is the recipe for growth and happiness. Feel good and have peace of mind with this app.

What is Karma, and is it important? Karma is the action or deed, which creates cause and effect. They actively shape our past, present and future experiences.

Do good, and receive good. Not only is your Karma affected by your actions, but also through your thoughts, your words, your actions, or actions that others do under your instruction.

Follow the helpful suggestions from this app and live a happy and healthy life.

--= Karmic Features =--

- Millions of unique Karma ideas and suggestions

- True randomization will select messages based on your luck and fate

- Gain wisdom and happiness through Karma improving ideas

- Soothing music and soul cleansing bell tones

- Share your favorite karmic message with friends through Facebook, Email or SMS


P.S. Have a great karma suggestion you want to share? Head on over to http://karmadaily.com and share it with the world.

Customer Reviews

  • Ummm

    by FAY ur FAY

    So.....what is the main idea of this app?

  • Kaaarma

    by Todayshero

    Thank karma this is free Weird messages with bad grammar. I'm sure there are some good ones but I don't know if I could stand all the other ones to get there... Unless maybe I was intoxicated

  • Somewhat bizarre....

    by UfGatOr84

    but with an occasional jewel. This app just wastes space, so I will be deleting it after running through 20 or so sayings. I think I can be fairly philosophical, but considered a lot of the sayings a mix-mash of words and not very helpful. Two stars for being free and trying to do good in the world.


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