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√ New flat design for better iOS 7 engagement
√ Fresh new look for profile pages
√ Add & Follow Friends feature improvements
√ Finding tips quicker through search and sorting options
√ Tip browsing down to the sub-category level
√ Leaderboard improvements & category additions
√ New Virtual Good: Bag of Likes

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Share and discover tips, tutorials and how-to guides on beauty, wellness, DIY and more from Trusted Helpers with friends, family and fans.

Introducing Trusper, the app that allows you to share and discover tips from daily life with friends, family and fans. Whether it be beauty, cosmetics, wellness or DIY, Trusper has tips, tutorials and how-to guides for you!

This app enables you to quickly publish tips and tutorials with pictures, video and captions providing fans with beautiful and informative knowledge.

Download now and start sharing your tips with your friends, family and fans.

√ Learn & share tips, tutorials, how-to's
√ Browse tips quickly and easily
√ Create tips in 30 seconds or less
√ Help Out: Q&A with tips
√ Topics range from Beauty, Skincare, Hair, Wellness, DIY, and more
√ Earn rewards, gift cards, and beauty products for contributing great tips
√ Earn Status and level up to unlock access and goods
√ Choose to share tips to the public or keep them between friends only
√ Share tips to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email
√ Save your favorite beauty tips, makeup tutorials and DIY projects

Trusper App Store Reviews:

"Love it! Too many helpful tips! Love the hair and makeup tips! Thanks for creating :-) #happyuser"

"I am completely addicted to this app!!!! Everyday I get new tips on hair and makeup to DIY home decorating ideas. Love this app"

"Perfect for everything - From organizing the house to make-up and hair tips to food and drinks to healthy life styles and exercise to entertainment and more there's is something for everyone!!!!! I love this app!!!!"

"I love this app! It really does have useful tips and information. I find things like new braided hairstyles to easy cooking recipes to decoration ideas for holidays!"

"Such a cool app. Relevant to daily life. Addictive. Helpful. Money saver. Inspires creativity. Endless possibilities for creating things, solving problems, decorating, health and beauty, etc."
-@Alli Drapes

"The best app I've ever had ......In Love - This App is a must must must. Anything and everything you find interest there's a tip for it. From recipes, decorating, health and beauty, crafting and so much more. Very easy to use and it isn't overwhelming. Download it now and it would change your life."

"Awesome app!! - I love this app so much I spend more time on this than any other app on my phone! It's the first thing I click on when I get out of bed and prolly the last thing I do before falling asleep I have learned so much from this DIY app it's Amazing !! An app I never wanna be without."

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Beauty Tips, DIY Tips, Cosmetic Tips, Skincare Tips, Makeup Tips, How-to Tips, Health Tips, Fitness Tips, Home & Garden Tips, Family Tips, Kids Tips, Parenting Tips, Entertainment Tips, Restaurant Tips, Food & Drink Tips, Shopping Tips and Travel Tips.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing app

    by Treqggay

    I love this app so much it is just helpful and fun in so many ways. This app gives you so many ideas and lots of advice to absolutely anything! I would highly recommend purchasing it!

  • Love

    by Girlllygirl224

    Love love love... Omg in love

  • So cool

    by Red wing007

    Super helpful tips :-) :-) way cool things to do and yummy treats and healthy things to cook.

  • Yea. Its alright

    by Pmsqrs

    It'll ask you to pick your categories similar to Tumblr. Then from there on you'll see all these posts in your dashboard/newsfeed. Tips and advices are useful tho.

  • Love it! Great App!

    by Drida wallace

    I absolutely love this app

  • Loveeeee

    by Celheart

    Love This App. I Spend Hours On It

  • Awesome app

    by RainieZH

    Easy to use and has tons of information! Loving it!

  • Pinterest is better

    by Chikidikidi

    Title says it all lol

  • Love it

    by Badirishwoman

    I have found some amazing things on this app ❤️❤️❤️

  • Love it!!

    by Norrisac

    I never write reviews but this definitely deserves 5 stars!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Loveeeeeeeee thissssss

    by Dannijara

    Whatever u need or whatever u need help on or some tips u got it !!

  • So helpful

    by b1ush

    Must have app

  • One of the best app!

    by Happy N Proud Mom

    Love this app, I learn a lot of helpful stuff!

  • Awesome

    by Ru398

    Love it!!!! :-)

  • :)

    by d0olsay

    Love it :D

  • Love this

    by kimberly204

    I love this app

  • Love it

    by Sinnigam

    Love it & recommending to everyone!!

  • Love this app

    by Amanda Bo

    Love it

  • Helpful

    by Mysmys81

    I can't quite figure out how to post my own tips so I just get on to view other peoples

  • Enjoying Trusper for the most part with a few hiccups

    by Stacey Boccuzzio

    Love this app. Lots of fun. I spend hours on this app. Liking and sharing tips with others. A very useful app with great earning potential if you know how to use it. However, There are too many duplicate tips being created over and over and there's no way to filter the creation if these tips. I believe there should be a way that the tips should go through a process of approval before being created. And there are also a lot of spam tips as well (i.e. Body wraps, shakes,) nobody wants people trying to sell them stuff on a tip app. Filtering is needed. It's a new app, so some tweeking is needed, before it becomes one of the greatest apps of all time. Trial and error but I believe things will be ok.

  • Teeny Bop App

    by Teri mn

    Disappointing app.

  • Like it

    by Gina l :)

    Had some trouble maneuvering through the site but love the tips an fun things my kids an I can do together

  • I love it !

    by Tmnp_r

  • Love it!

    by Jenluv186

    Way more useful and user friendly than Pinterest.

  • Cool stuff

    by Cheles12345

    Really enjoy this app!

  • Great

    by Knightnd

    This is such a helpful app. I've gotten so many useful tips.

  • Great App

    by M_R17

    Great Ideas and recommendations

  • Great

    by My5jays


  • Update more

    by Jennifer Bignell

    Update more often

  • Addicting !!!!!!!

    by Kimiskind

    This is so good, I can't put it down. I have already used so many of the tips. From dinner last night, to beauty secrets, it has everything.

  • Great

    by Cantfindanickname 123

    This app has every type of tip you can ask for , from cute snack, to ways to work out , how to turn old clothes into new ones . Why wouldn't you download this app

  • Awesome

    by (*SR*)2011

    Great app! Like Pinterest, but better :)

  • Aaaahmazing!!!

    by Crazyinlove✌️

  • Awsome

    by Bordercolliemommmy

    Best app ever!!!

  • Great tid-bits!!

    by F4imama

    This app offers a variety of tips and treasures... You will have fun browsing the ideas and suggestions!! I've found a lot of great workouts, hair suggestions & meals on here... It can be addictive too!!!

  • Love it

    by Teamhi5

    Tons of great ideas.

  • ❤️

    by Mrm07

    Love it

  • Awesome

    by ShaYYnee

    Tips are duplicated, but good tips.

  • I'm in love!

    by Incognitobfly

    This App is EVERYTHING! Love, love, love!!!

  • Best app I've ever downloaded

    by Court to the knee

    I love this app more than Facebook!!!!!

  • This is a great app!

    by Smilingeyes4you

    I love this app! I always recommend all my friends to download this app!

  • Awesome

    by Bmgp

    This app has really great tips and ideas daily. I love it!


    by Candy Stripped

    This app has everything! From nails & make-up 2 recipes, 2 no sew clothes!! What else could u ask 4? I spend more time on this app than anywhere else! My disappointments since I've been using this app more & more: *No way 2 organize ur saved tips *Asking questions from people who post things & getting no answers *Not knowing where 2 purchase items they post! When u ask them u get no response. * People getting credit credit 4 post of a pic w/ no description, no recipe, no web page 2 go 2!!!!! *Trusper needs 2 monitor these tips that r posted!!! People r getting credited 4 posting pics of whatever they want & putting a catchy title on them just so u open them with no content. Not fair 2 the rest of us who put the time & effort in2 researching & creating our tips!!! *I was really excited when I started in this app, but finding myself more & more disappointed. *Have recommended this app 2 several people & explained what it was. But getting responses back that @ least on Pinterest they give u prices of items, where 2 order, web pages & more organization. *Hope u take all this info in2 ur next update!!

  • I love this app!!

    by Lovebird15145

    Gives me all the tips I could ever want and have been looking for!!

  • love love love the app.

    by ajhouston

    It's great. No problems. Great ideas. Lots.


    by Dawnw05

    I find myself getting lost in this app :) i can literally sit on it for hours getting new ideas and not even realize the time going by!

  • Rj

    by rita smith

    Love app

  • Helpful

    by Zyrah0927

    I could drain my phone's battery just reading all the tips. I enjoy learning new ideas especially arts and crafts. :-)

  • Soo many ideas

    by Susana562

    Love this app! I have tried many of these posts!!

  • Helpful ideas

    by Imperfection2386


  • Awesome

    by Bootsie8862

    I love this site. I have gotten so many tips it is unbelievable. Excellent

  • Tips

    by Bellria

    I love looking through tips which some is very helpful!

  • Very cool!

    by Kelleyd1978

    Lots of great tips!


    by Proud2ndtimemommy

    I love this app!!! I go on it everyday!!!

  • Love it

    by AULTMAN

    This app is awesome. It provides you with things very useful that you can use in everyday life.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    by ❤️❤️❤️

    This app is so useful and helpful for everything!

  • Great app

    by Grandma Mose

    Love it!

  • Great app!

    by L. Santos29

    I love it.

  • Use app

    by 559JLV

    Such a really neat and helpful app

  • Two thumbs up

    by Benschick

    Enjoy the unique ideas

  • Love

    by Kimchi785

    Love this app. Wish it was more ios7 friendly though. Swipe the page doesn't work for everything. And too many picture taps to finally get to the actual picture.

  • Nice little app:)

    by Rocxfire

    It's one of those app that you check in once a day for a couple of minutes to see what's new. A lot of the tips are actually quite helpful, people are generally very friendly, overall a great little community:)

  • helpful

    by 2elise222

    so helpful with many things I wanted to know and many things I didn't want to know but glad I know now

  • I love it!

    by Breeeliee

    I get a lot of my hair treatments and recipes from here. I love it!

  • Love it!!!

    by Segerstrom

    I love how anyone can but their own tips about things, and how useful these tips are. I recommend this app to anyone!!

  • Super amazing app!

    by Rsh1216

    I loovveeee loveee this app finally tips on everytthing and anything. So many gorg ideas and yummy stuff. Im in love.

  • Awesome App!!!

    by Aka2247

    I love this app! Great Tips for just about everything you can think of and everything else you won't!

  • I like it

    by Tlashell

    It's Pinterest on steroids lol

  • Love it!!!

    by Edellinger

    Check it several times a day. Love it.

  • by Deawest

    Great app

  • Love this app!!!

    by Susan Lennox

    Great tips. It's my new addiction

  • Great App!!!

    by !!!Penny

    This is a great app with tons of amazing tips. I have found such great ideas on here ranging from all sorts of different topics!!

  • Good

    by Adikapoor

    Very interesting

  • Cool ideas

    by Elvis/woman

    I love all the tips and ideas people have..

  • Amazing app

    by Ragasudha

    It's an amazing app. It improves our creativeness. Thank you so much for this app.

  • Great!!!!

    by Flaca226

    Love those ideas.

  • Loving the new point system!

    by Michelle

    I was enjoying the app before, and now I absolutely love it! I love how it is now more fair and easy to incur points. Thank you Trusper!

  • Great app!

    by Baby_Love_4_U

    This app is very helpful, it's addicting and I absolutely love it!

  • Great app!!!

    by Nishia18

    Love it!!!

  • Love it

    by Photo Plus Photography

    I love this app. I've tried some of the tips n it really works.....

  • Love it!!!

    by Kizara720

    This app is absolutely amazing!! I'm obsessed with everything about it.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Cgaither

    Absolutely love this app!!! Have told so many people about it!!!

  • :)

    by Tbenitez686

    Love this app, I'm obsessed!!

  • Great App

    by Lointamer

    A good app with lots of interesting info and ideas

  • Love it !!!

    by Karissa Perusse

    Fun for all from DIY nail polish to DIY shelves and much more !!!

  • Can't stop

    by Sky missy

    I feel like Miley Cyrus I can't stop using this app. I absolutely love this. More then half of my pictures are of this awesome app. Love it. Read it. Live it

  • Must have!

    by Rosebud30t

    Love it! Very creative and easy to do

  • Great tips for the novince

    by Baileen0523

    Enjoy seeing all the unique tips!!!

  • ❤️

    by Zaddy toko

    This app has so many fastinating things.

  • Awesome

    by Icy1970

    Great ideas

  • Love it!

    by Lili Smith

    All the tips & recipes are fantastic! I love this app!

  • Love it!!

    by Travis Princess

    This is a great app!!

  • An Essential App!!!

    by JohnA117

    Spending more on this than Facebook. The tips are helping me on pest control to skin care to home decor. How did I ever live without it!!!!

  • Tips!!

    by 0713tiffy

    Really helpful and a lot of creativity

  • Trust Trusper for Tips

    by Frippychicklaurinda

    The latest and greatest Tips...this non-confrontational social media app is well rounded and appears to appeal to all.

  • Love it!!!

    by Erykahjm

    This app is so useful for instructions and ideas on so many things. I use it mainly for hair, makeup, and exercise tutorials. There are also great recipes and DIY crafts. So awesome!

  • Love it

    by Scott921kel

    Great app

  • Good tips

    by Meeeeeeeeeer12

    A lot of great randomness

  • :0)

    by Debz9

    I love this app! When will it be available for iPads??

  • New addiction!

    by Dncr_13

    Best app for any DIYer Savvy Shopper or Hopeless Romantic! Countless hours of entertainment!

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