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Attention iOS 6 Users:

Some users report that they can't save wallpapers when they upgrade to iOS 6. Here's how you solve it:

1) Enter the "SETTINGS" menu.
2) Select the "PRIVACY" option.
3) Select the "PHOTOS" option.
4) Slide the bar to enable the app to save photos to your phone.

10,000+ Wallpapers HD is NOW AVAILABLE for iPhone 5!!!

10,000+ Wallpapers! All Retina! All High Quality! All optimized for the iPhone 5!

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Download now to see why we are the #1 wallpaper app on the App Store.

Pick from over 10,000 hand picked wallpapers and backgrounds to decorate your device with. Use our simple category system (50+ categories and counting) to find awesome looking wallpapers.

Don't see something you like? Contact us and let us know. Your feedback will help determine our updates!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Gigi5542

    Great app. Must get

  • Love the Bible Wallpapers!

    by 80paul80

    It's great having inspirational bible verses as my lock/home screen.

  • Great

    by Gunner

    Need more sport wallpaper though. ( Boston celtics)

  • Naked female models

    by 2 hours off

    There should be naked female models

  • 5

    by likeaboss_eduardo

    Like it just keep updating new pics

  • Love it

    by Elistebbz

    Love it

  • It's ok!

    by Tanner goshorn

    I finally have good wallpapers to use!!!

  • Not bad

    by Wanglinda78

    I do like

  • Needs the beatles

    by KCarranco

    Beatles wallpaper

  • Icecreampop

    by Ejkat1

    I love this app!


    by Awesome 150000

    This wallpaper app is incredible with 10000 wallpapers to choose from. There is so many choices to pick from as all of them are excellent. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

  • Amazing app

    by Ash!!!✌️

    Best app ever!!??? But u should add the walking dead wallpapers and u will have more people downloading this game...

  • Good, good!

    by MentalBrutality92


  • Needs better search machine

    by DCowboys1234567890098

    Cool but needs better search machine I looked up mine craft and I said "no founds" but when I went to everything guess what I found mine raft pictures.

  • Awesome...but

    by Ribbit1984

    The one problem with this app is that the icon skins and shelves don't work with iOS 7! See, with iOS 7 the phone slightly zooms in the photo so the icon skins won't work now! Please fix!


    by Kwilson9822

    I am so in love with this app. They have a huge amount of wallpapers available. Categorized nicely and they are all of great quality. Most I haven't seem before and are different. Just download it and look for yourself




  • Music

    by Carly girl 26

    I love this app but it would be great if you could add a music category. I love music and I was disappointed when I didn't find a catagory for it.

  • :-)

    by Tanolife7

    Thank You:)

  • Great app

    by Kevin Rivera

    This is an awesome app. The only downside is that it's asking for an update when it's already updated.

  • Horribe selection

    by NordLead:

    The search is bs and it has a horrible selection of wallpapers that don't really seem hd for the iphone 5s zedge is still better

  • Awesome selection

    by Ugly gamers united

    Good selection of backgrounds. Images are clear and pretty much HD. Images fit the iPhone 5 screen as well! (Which is something that I couldnt find from other wallpaper apps)

  • Great WP App

    by guitarSlayer14

    Really good and HD graphics, but it would be nice if u fixed the 'update' bug... Also if u added more 'epic fail' wallpapers u would get 5 stars

  • Great quality

    by Anthonyratesu

    Best quality of a wallpaper app I've had.

  • iPhone 5 WallPapers

    by Wie Dc

    Like the Wallpapers so much...Nice & Awesome

  • Ok...

    by Jilljillmonkey

    They need to stop the thing that pops up that says new update cus there's not! And they to add more photos more often

  • Best wallpapers!

    by KaydBable

    This is the best wallpaper app I've ever had!

  • Very cool app!!! :D

    by Aquatwister

    This is the best app I have ever seen for the wallpapers :) can you please add The Walking Dead wallpapers though please and i'll raise it to 5 stars c:

  • ❤❤❤ I love it

    by Lulu847

    I really love this app!!! ;) I just think that u guys should maybe...... DO NOTHING!!!!!!

  • Anime

    by Stevecat1231657

    Put more anime on here

  • by Black ops 2 4861

    You can find almost any images!!!!

  • Reaper

    by Michael Bleckler II

    Beautiful graphic wallpapers

  • Update Problem

    by DcFigo

    It's a nyc app but could you please fix the update bug because every time I open the app it ask me to update even though it's allready updated

  • Great app

    by Tony8$$

    Love the collection. Super easy to use.

  • Hay

    by mo7ed z


  • The best wallpapers!

    by Reviewer9704

    This is the best wallpaper app. It does need a few more things like: • More Anime • Vintage Pictures But overall it is AMAZING.

  • Decent

    by Mr.kibbler

    The app has many many pictures, (plenty of 1D

  • I <3 it!!

    by Awesomeness0117

    it's awesome

  • Good app

    by 82994

    Pretty good selection and funny how the time happens to be 4:20 on the first picture in the description

  • LOVING the wallpapers, But..

    by Lokio27

    Could you maybe add a remove ad feature, or if there is one already, make it easier to find? And could you make a thing where people can "Favorite" Wallpapers and it puts them in a category on the app called Favorites? Thx. Great app overall though! I would give it 100 stars =D

  • Good ones

    by Pamela Brewer

    This app has quite a few wallpapers I enjoyed. Easy to download and save also! Really like it!

  • good app

    by cmj2012

    I like what I see!

  • Nice

    by Giooyed

    I like this app it gives me ideas for Instagram

  • Worst app ever

    by Jennasantoro18

    Worst app ever all it is is hello kitty and Justin bebier

  • Amazing

    by HopeThisNickNameWorksDamit

    Great app.

  • Culturally Diversify Your Pictures

    by Nessac_23

    Your app would be better if the pictures of people & models as wall paper backgrounds would reflect more of today's culture (African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc...). Not enough represented.

  • Ok

    by Monas123456789

    Greats backgrounds!!!!

  • Great App!!!

    by FanSince'76

    Beautiful selection of wallpapers and shelves. And the best part about it is it's F-R-E-E!!!:))

  • cool

    by Marcus 850

    It's very cool! But the ads are a problem at times.

  • Cute

    by ChelleyAngel

    Love the backgrounds <3 great quality

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