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10,000+ Wallpapers! All Retina! All High Quality!

Pimp your screen... for FREE!

Now works for iOS 7!
1) Enter the ""SETTINGS"" menu.
2) Select the ""PRIVACY"" option.
3) Select the ""PHOTOS"" option.
4) Slide the bar to enable 10,000+ wallpapers to save photos to your phone.

It's just that simple!

Download now to see why we are the #1 wallpaper app on the App Store.

Pick from over 10,000 hand picked wallpapers and backgrounds to decorate your device with. Use our simple category system (50+ categories and counting) to find awesome looking wallpapers.

Don't see something you like? Contact us and let us know. Your feedback will help determine our updates!

iPhone 5s fully supported!

Customer Reviews


    by Kel San

    I would rate it a five, but it doesn't have many wallpapers.

  • Mystery

    by Aj 2222222222222

    Awesom wallpapers

  • Great app

    by Casablaka

    I love this app so much it is so much fun and it has so menny pictures I just love it <3

  • Awesome

    by Daisulo

    It works well:)

  • Great app

    by Mackenzie12:478!&!?;(,$!$);,;

    Great app... Has many cool wallpapers but I'm only giving 4 stars because some of the images have half naked women... If you could remove those then I would give it 5 stars :)

  • Great app

    by Castle0015

    Works really well. Great variety

  • Ok

    by Crazyguy886967


  • Great!

    by Kfitzgerald2

    This is the best wallpaper app out there! I get all my wallpapers from this app and no where else. I do wish that I could use this app without any Internet though. But other than that, I totally recommend this!❤

  • Cool

    by Famell234


  • 4 stars

    by KK

    I love this app! But the only thing is, well, it needs wifi for it to open

  • Love it

    by Love9777555

    I love all the wallpaper

  • OMG

    by My texting wish

    IM LITERALLY DYING I CANT BELIEVE U GOT DISNEY PHOTOS OMG I LOVE U GUYS!! Just get the pictures from the movie Frozen and u guys will be perfect!!

  • it is awsome

    by Affdhjdg

    best wallpapers

  • Great app :)

    by Chase (iPod 4)

    A really good app it has all backgrounds for everyone interest (:

  • Amazing

    by Gymgirl1217


  • Love it

    by BlazingGurll11

    I love it. But maybe make it kind of more google like? Like let us search more things. More then just popular/cauterized things.

  • My review

    by Maddi24862

    I think it's ok it can add better pics

  • More?

    by Tenguheart

    This is a great app, though it needs more variety than it has already!

  • Awesome

    by 11/2 girl

    Love it but you need Percy Jackson wallpapers!!!!!!!!


    by Dr. Bison

    I love it! But I want a Tom Hiddleston wallpaper

  • WHAT?!?!?!

    by Common sense people supporter

    it's been awile sense I got on last and I look for the horror gory tab and it's gone so I'm gone to uninstall and found another one wish you guys really meant 10,000+ Because I've searched several words in the past nothing comes up poor job on the facts and poor pictures for all ages

  • meh...

    by trotante 

    the app has great wallpapers, but whenever I start to open the app it crashes! And they're are not HD when I download one.. please fix that.

  • It's okay

    by Harrydaflirt

    It needs one direction wallpapers,nirvana, and 5sos wallpapers

  • This Stunk

    by BenSvendsen

    This says it has over 10,000 wallpapers, but when you search for, say, 'background', then nothing turns up and it says no results. It really stinks! The description makes it sound so wonderful, but it's really a very limited app. Also, ads keep popping up at you. :(:(:(

  • Loving it!

    by Ice Skater 123

  • Awsome

    by Closets

    I like it a lot its very orginized (hope i speeled that word right)

  • .

    by Malloryjb

    I love it!

  • Awesome

    by Kat is an rainbow buddy

    Its cool Xoxo, Kat

  • Wallpapers 10,0000

    by B.sizzle

    This is a fun app if you want a cool wallpaper or if you are just bored you can look at pictures

  • I don't mind ads

    by jammallnyte73

    But when I open the app and I get 4 straight ads before I can do a search that's too much. Sorry uninstalled.

  • Sweet pics

    by Rag-doll Master

    Awesome selection!

  • by

    Not age right it has some bad pictures on it that i believe are inappropriate and not Godly. So if u are under 20 i think u should not go on here but some are ok but the bad ones out level them.

  • Ok.....

    by Cupcake5524

    I love some of the wallpapers but some I the photos were inappropriate like the girls were doing and showing bad examples! From always cupcake5524 :)

  • No good

    by Finn2020

    This is not a good app. If It is not on the bottom bats It is not there i tried to look up fox no result dont download

  • Ok ish

    by Tree Girl123

    Listen, the wallpapers are hd and fancy and cool and all, it just makes me so mad because they forced me to buy more wallpapers!!! An ad popped up and I accidentally clicked it and next thing ya know I get an email saying I've just bought more wallpapers!!!

  • Good

    by Kenz22!!haynes

    It's pretty good but u should set the display up better

  • Great good awesome I love it

    by Love907cool

    Best app ever

  • Good

    by BeastCarpenter


  • Awesome

    by Jillybean128

    I heart this app

  • Awesomeeee

    by 4325534643

    Awesome. That's all I can say!

  • Beauty

    by Tavis Key

    I love it

  • This is an awesome app!

    by Timmy+spandex

    I love it because I can spend alot of time just looking through pictures and its good for my friend who has an older iPod so she can just download pictures

  • Best app ever!

    by 4surfergirls

    So many wallpapers! I love it!!

  • #yolo#swag

    by Noel Martin

    This app is good even tho I haven't opened it#yolo#swag

  • Great app !

    by Ariannaxoxo14

    I'm surprised this doesn't have a lot of reviews. This is a great app

  • Love this app

    by Awesomechic21

    It has great wallpapers :D

  • Needs to get better

    by jmath7

    It should have a button where you can find your favorite character and movie pictures

  • Awesome

    by marissaixl7878

    I love this app because there's a lot of screen backgrounds to choose from !!

  • Horrible

    by Raevyn101@456

    This app doesn't let u search red, yellow, or orange nor does it give u a big selection like it says

  • Awesome!

    by Moo2315

    This is a great app. I have tons of fun picking out the different wallpapers.

  • Pretty good

    by Goofball944700

    This app has some of the best selections of wallpapers I've seen. Would recommend to those looking for a nice wallpaper for their phones.

  • Wallpapers

    by Pappychulo13

    Awesome good funny

  • Why??

    by Ddft8

    A lot of the good wallpapers were taken out of the app....:(

  • Awesome app

    by Pie

    This such a cool app it is great if you love wallpaper or just like to show off to your friends anyone who likes this app is awesome and anyone who loves this app is awesome and amaxing

  • Love it

    by Judy*3

    Awesome screensavers

  • Cool app

    by Skunky2005

    Has so much

  • Love this app

    by Zachisawsome99

    Don't listen to him or her this is an awesome app I love it! Totally get it you can get awesome wallpapers or just add them to your camera roll

  • Best app ever!

    by Someone4394

    This app is great for people who like awesome wallpapers!

  • I don't like this app

    by PJR722

    This is a terrible app,

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