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View time in style with Stop Watch - TAG! This is a simple, elegant stop watch app that is rich with animation and polish.

Stop Watch - TAG features:
- Stopwatch functionality accurate to 1/100th of a second
- Weekday, Month, Year display
- 12 hour and 24 hour time formatting options
- Animations (turning gears, pulses, fading second marks)

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Customer Reviews

  • Tanks

    by Miladsun7

    Its a very good program for every one .

  • bk1

    by Liberty State 1979

    beautiful clock, enjoy it everyday :-) thank you

  • Works great

    by V3rmont

    I don't need it for much, but it works for what I do need it for.

  • Cool.

    by Zargblarg

    Very beautiful design. I would like to use it as a desk clock, but can't because the app only orients vertically and allows the display to sleep. Would love to see options for horizontal orientation and disable sleep in the next update.

  • Stopwatch

    by Kelby H.

    No problems at all! love it!

  • Cool graphics

    by Closetcatlovr

    Simple and nicely designed. I love the details of the turning gears. ;)

  • Nice

    by Desiiredestiiny23

    Esthetically nice & it helps me a lot

  • Stop watch

    by JohnJay01

    Excellent simple. Easy to use. Worth you time and money

  • Doesn't rotate

    by toddthisistodd

    Very nice. Just wish it would rotate to work in landscape.

  • Great but lots of ads

    by Sillysoapy.com

    Pretty good

  • Great App!

    by WellingtonIV

    A great, easy to read and use stop watch with the added bonus of a clock that can be set to analog or military time.

  • Good App

    by Nathanael :=)

    It's a good app. Big screen, but don't like the ads.

  • The best yet

    by Ian Knowless

    This app is the best

  • Stopwatch

    by JoshR.I.P

    This app is awesome the movement very cool !!

  • Great app!

    by frizzij

    Title describes it all.

  • Aesthetic and Functional

    by Iakona05

    Top stopwatch App.

  • User Review

    by Her&Me

    This app is a simple, no-nonsense, stopwatch with the easiest of controls. We use it regularly for workout related functions, and other things where timing something matters. One item of improvement that I'd like to see added is a memory feature of the last 6 to 12 finish times. This would allow for tracking improvement in a particular activity where we use the stopwatch app to track our ending time. Overall, I like this app and recommend it to others.

  • Simple and fast

    by Oglopfoosbottom

    Great app. Simple layout and great display. Loads fast.

  • Good app

    by Your mom! 1977

    Cool app, good program!

  • Awesome

    by Ha you have 2 star

    It is pure awesomeness like a future one

  • Just a timer

    by Fishtail xx12344

    Just a timer No alarm or ability to set So if you just want a super simple timer it is fine

  • Needs landscape mode

    by Cassidy O'Connor

    looks good but needs landscape mode. Hard to read while sitting on the counter in my case and the stopwatch is sideways. also offer to pay to remove ads would be nice.

  • No count-down timer

    by jkirk1626

    only stop watch. Bad oversight.

  • Needs some work

    by Xirdneh imij

    The app does not use local time zone setting.

  • Way too many ads

    by thejbfamily

    The design is good, but EVERY time that stopwatch is run, an ad pops up. Can't even pay to get rid of the ads. I would pay for this app because the graphics are so nice. I'm deleting it because of the ads though.

  • Easy to use

    by 2stepbay

    Clean GUI

  • STOP the ADS!

    by SirenSword

    Love this app except for the intrusive ads. I'd rather pay a couple of bucks than have to close out ads every time I use it!

  • Works

    by Why so you care

    Nothing to complain about

  • Don't download

    by Charo.b12

    It has good design BUT a great lack of features that a real stopwatch would have

  • Unbelivable

    by SKRUZO

    This app looks fantastic and preforms well, and is exactly what i was looking for in a stopwatch. The only problem is the advertisements. If there was a way to buy ad free, i would.

  • Awesome

    by Grammy man

    Wow this is updated and accurate it's just so awesome and cool

  • Sweet

    by Vipor_Prime

    Nice app cool graphics!!

  • Way too many adds block functionality

    by Gerdofal

    Way too many ads block the functionality of this app, and I begin to suspect that many of the positive reviews of this app that don't even mention the ads are in fact fake reviews.

  • Very cool clock and stopwatch

    by Kerryblue24

    I like this app very much! It has a very cool look and is a wonderful app for timekeeping.

  • Gears

    by Teardropclock

    Such an awesome way to tell time. I love the look of this app.

  • Great

    by Cherrygirl27

    Awesome app! Definitely recommended. The only thing is I wish I was able to change the colors of the background. Other than that it's really cool

  • 3 Stars

    by cerickson06

    One of the best, if not the best stopwatch app ever!!!! I enjoy the visual effects & smooth blue colors! 5 Stars, except too many ads popup constantly.

  • I am Retired and Living in Las Vegas

    by Uncle Karl in Las Vegas

    I LOVE this app. I leave it on as my screensaver. My only suggestion would Be to allow for font sizes in the settings section. Several people I have shown it to have downloaded it. Thank You for creating it.

  • Beautiful

    by AN_n0de

    It's really nice and useful but the one thing it's missing is a button to track specific times but keep the time going but something like a lap button would be helpful.

  • Stop watch app

    by Jimasson

    It has good features it's pretty cool.

  • Descent

    by Ryan McClellan

    Good app, like the background animations with the blue color and time. Wish it had different background colors and that the stop watch and time could be seen horizontally.

  • This MF app is dope

    by 10 boner inches unfurled

    Great! Different colors Red+++. Maybe wallpaper function.

  • Stopwatch

    by CaptSweaty

    Very cool very simple very clean big fan keep them coming. Could use some more features different colors but for the most part very very cool.

  • Unpolished and intrusive

    by Dookiebird

    The ads are far too intrusive, and the second indicators are stuck in "clock mode" even when the stopwatch is active.

  • Works great!!!


    Fantastic from the get go!!! Love the Blue color and the second counter on the clock...For a free app, its a clear winner...

  • Great looking app.

    by JWPStudio

    The app does exactly what I need it to do. Really loving to look of the app. This is a six star app with the ads bringing it down to five.

  • Great...BUT

    by Kitdaley

    This is a great ap but the ads are annoying. I'd pay for this ap in order not to have the ads.

  • Would be nice...

    by Debrabf

    This would be a good app but I have 2 issues. First, the time is not correct and there is no way to adjust. Second, I was looking for a stop watch that counted down ending with an alarm. All this does is counts the seconds. It does look cool though.

  • Stopwatches

    by Mandib846

    I LOVE THIS APP!!! SO EASY to use! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! I use it everyday day and it keeps time perfecty! Thank you for the great app:) :) :)

  • Annoying Ads

    by Keepin Track

    Deleting this app. We have another that came with the phone that we'll use. The ads pop up as soon as you open the app. which is very annoying.

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