Target Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Target
  • Updated: Nov, 25 2008
  • Version: 6.3.3
  • Size: 19.07 MB

Languages: English, German

Seller: Target

Minor bug fixes.

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29 Ratings
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105271 Ratings


Now shopping at Target is as easy as tap, tap, done. The award-winning Target App for iPhone gives you all the tools you need to shop and save, online and in stores.


Shop Target Anywhere.
Shopping Target on your iPhone is fast and friendly – browse, add to cart, and check out in just a few taps.

Store Trips.
Store trips are a breeze with the Shopping List. Build it quick and find what you need faster. Simply swipe to check off items as you put them into your cart. Open the app in-store to see trending products and deals for your Target.

Weekly Ad.
Page through the Weekly Ad for your local Target store, and easily add items to your TargetList.

Keep track of the things you want with TargetLists, and share them with friends and family. You can check out their TargetLists, too.

Target Wedding & Baby Registries.
View, edit, and share the registry for your most special events.

Store Finder.
Quickly discover the Target store nearest to you. Get directions, store hours, and more.

Free Store Pickup.
See if your items are available before you leave the house, and choose Store Pickup so they’re ready for you when you arrive.

Save your GiftCards to the app and use them at the register. You can also check your balance and buy or send GiftCards.

Headed to a Target Pharmacy? Save time when you refill or transfer your prescription online first.

Barcode Scanner.
Scan barcodes to instantly add items to TargetLists and registries. Snap QR codes on in-store displays to get more info on items you’re interested in.

Ratings & Reviews.
See what other Target guests thought about items you’re interested in. It’s easy to share your opinion, too.

My Accounts.
Easily manage your REDcard and accounts, all in one place. Change your address, password, payment methods, and more.

Customer Reviews

  • Love

    by Kellyk87

    I love target. I can shop and don't even have to leave my house. It's so easy.

  • Love it!

    by DW0125

    Sooo addicting and super user friendly! I love Target!

  • Love

    by Wendygamble14

    Absolutely love this. So easy to use and I love keeping up with my wedding registry:)

  • Very Good

    by Bre bad and good

    This is so helpful thanks for making this app

  • User Friendly App

    by ndmays2

    Not only user friendly, but updated nicely to reflect current sales and pricing

  • Its 4in1!!

    by xXtiiNa<3

    I love this app! Instead of texting and missing deals i can just log in & check & all the mobile coupons are on here :) love this app!!

  • Easy to use

    by Chanthedragon

    Super easy to use. Way easier to see what I want here versus in the store.

  • Love the recipes and it also provides the items needed

    by Latina101205

    Love it

  • Very good

    by Bob451

    Even tells you the aisle to pick it up if not available online. Saves a lot of time. Haven't used the scan feature yet.

  • Great app!

    by Townley1986

    This is a gym of an app. It really help me find what I needed.

  • One of my fave!

    by Dr1228w

    I really love this app

  • Love it!

    by Ran-ale

    Love the mobile coupons

  • Love it! Quick and easy

    by MarinNana

    I love how easy it is to use. Search option works great and very fast ( for some reason better on the iPhone than on the iPad). I'm using it all the time to make a shopping list and add items to my registry.

  • Target app...

    by KaJelica88

    Works well, I've used this app since it was available. Def comes in handy when you're in an unfamiliar target!!

  • Good app

    by nsigtfulone

    Intuitive, easy to navigate.

  • Rad

    by Ladydeadpool666

    Super awesome app!!

  • by Cole0915

    It won't stop crashing! I've never had a problem till now!!

  • Great search in store

    by Madb

    I enjoy using the target app when I'm in the store. It tells me where in the store I need to look.

  • Easy to use

    by JLcorpo

    The app is simple and clean looking, but you can't add items to your wish lists

  • Great app!!

    by Elina A.

    This us a great app that is well organized and makes it easy to search and shop online for item .

  • Crashes

    by Bailey7806

    Crashes every time I try to go to my shopping cart...still! This is the second review I have wrote about this.

  • Worthless

    by Target employee

    Target "suggests" all team members use this app for guest assistance, however anytime I try to use it's scanning feature every time comes up as "item not found" and after looking like a fool, I go and find the traditional scanner that has worked perfectly fine for years.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Jennielicious

    Please fix. Everytime i try to read the reviews or scroll down list it crashes.

  • Can't. Check. Out.

    by RamenRecon

    Pretty much the top functional priority of a shopping app. I want to use my Target card to check out. Every time I try, I get an error message "Card type is required." There is no way to specify a card type. Maybe try testing you application with your own cards next time, Target. One more little issue. Any time you try to select the quantity of an item in your cart to modify it, you are instead sent into the checkout process. One star until the checkout issue is resolved. Sale lost.

  • Never works

    by Rjs83

    Whenever I search for something that there is lots of products for, such as clothes, it just keeps saying loading and never shows me all the products. Very annoying!

  • Love the application

    by 3bunnyclock

    Really really love . Perfect app for me. Xo xo love it

  • Great app!

    by Ewron13

    Makes it easy for me to plan my shopping trip.

  • Great!

    by Paige Rohloff

    Great app!!!

  • Love it

    by Fabs905

    My favorite app makes shopping fun

  • Fine App

    by Edward (metroid fan)

    This app is terrific, supreme target shopping!

  • Love it!!!

    by Jazloveher

    Definitely a great app! I see myself using this app deal he and Im a online shopper so it so easy. I never you have to turn on my computer

  • Easy to use-do not have to jump through hoops!

    by Jaine Blaize

    This is an app that I will probably never delete delete from my iphone. I love the ease of use and the fact that if I can easily scan the item if I can't find it in the store and buy it right there on the spot without a hassle is very convenient. The only gripe I have is that if you're looking for an item that has a size and you scan the same item in a different size, the app will automatically think you need it in that size as opposed to giving you an option to change the size. Sometimes I do have to go through somewhat of an issue to get that option but than that this app is absolutely awesome!

  • Works as it should

    by Volvo4ever

    Nice to be able to easily find weekly ad prices and other sales. Always stable and easy to use!

  • Easy to navigate

    by Totmomrita

    Love this app.

  • Nice but...

    by Dhsjisns

    I like how easy it is to search for stuff and add to my shopping list to look at later or compare different brands of the same thing keeps crashing or spazzes out and goes to another page and I lose my place where I was looking. It was so annoying a minute ago I had to come on here and write a review. So all in all easy to use and navigate but really annoying crashes make me want to get my laptop out.

  • Love it!

    by Paasche Jackson

    Love Target and this app! I especially like being able to add to my "list" from the app!

  • Need ability to pay with app (red card)

    by Cyber Lizard

    I have two red cards in the household. I like the red cards, but they're clogging up my wallet. I want to be able to pay with the Target app. I want to be able able to keep track of my Target spending and my red card savings.

  • Need another update

    by Skull boy was here

    Please take out the sliding thing every time I slide to the right what I'm looking for is gone then I have to look up my search over and over its getting annoying so please take it out

  • Minimal Effort Needed yet Everything Provided!

    by Jason Eaton

    Great Look ... With Target's app that still seems to be growing into itself and maturing quite well, this handsome, easy-going, and honestly understood app will sure be a winner with it's unassuming and modern sleekness, allowing for a minimal approach. This app which seems to be driven by its need to out-do itself and win the hearts of millions, while maintaining the hometown charm that Target always provides. With the (beta) "Shopping List" and links to "Cartwheel," the new app is fast in speed when attached to wi-fi, and never sluggish with only a brief cell signal. It can still provide the necessary home town approach that corporations sometimes loose. That does not happen with Target and the feeling is not lost on the the customer when using this app.

  • Inprovments needed

    by Mikey T Ward

    app needs passbook support so my giftcards can be listed in passbook for easy acess and managing of gidtcards.

  • It's Awesome!

    by Boris Roberts

    GUI feature work well

  • Awesome!

    by Lizzz894

    I love this app, it's very convenient and easy to use. Only negative I have is sometimes it doesn't load properly which results in an error message.

  • Improve your apps!

    by Blueeyes1020

    I LOVE target, but I am so tired of their app ALWAYS having issues on my iphone and iPad!

  • AWESOME!!!

    by Jmegs

    Love this app! Makes my shopping trips so much easier!!

  • Wish I could buy something!

    by William Zick

    I down loaded the app and wanted to buy some stuff. When I went to my shopping cart the items were there but I didn't see where to check out!

  • Love

    by 273064j

    Love this it is so helpful and useful !

  • Used to love, now just annoyed

    by Dziner004

    I loved previous versions of this app especially checking my local store's inventory prior to my weekly target adventure. Now I'm noticing super sensitive gestures to the point that i can no longer gracefully browse for anything. And when I attempt to send feedback, the app crashes every time. Delete.

  • Currently useless 1-26/14

    by B-H-M

    It won't connect to internet and you can't load your mobile coupons to use at the store. I've deleted the app and downloaded it again and it's still not working. I'm getting more skeptical and considering a cancellation of my red card and paying only in cash if I ever shop here again.

  • constantly crashing!!!!!!

    by judomels

    very frustrated right now. please fix your bugs Target!

  • Target Wins Again!

    by Mikuol

    Lovely app that guides you to everything you want see. Target Weekly ad brightens my week 52 times a year! Give me more Target!!

  • Nice

    by Igal Babayev

    Nice app

  • Target App

    by Jess0385

    Love this app! Never have had problems with it.

  • Exceptional

    by andersos

    This app is such a convenience. I can now effectively browse the site from my phone! Easy to navigate, add things to Target lists, and checkout.

  • Love it

    by M. Bays

    The Target apps are awesome and so easy to use! I love saving money or groceries and household items!

  • Great!

    by ali€lily

    Very convenient, can check the add, easy to use. Great to manage gift cards without needed the actual card!

  • Fix!

    by Gen tso

    Won't connect to the internet anymore!!!!

  • Pleasantly surprised

    by pennst8kate

    Easy to follow. Allows me to see what is in my local store and where. Allows me to edit my registry on the go.


    by Redeemed by His blood

    App is simply amazing! Couldn't ask for more!

  • Best

    by Hdavvzbbjhddvb


  • Love it!

    by Joni32508

    Makes life great!

  • Where have you been all my life!!!

    by Jubz07

    I have to admit that this app is great. I can search for items and find them in store to the exact aisle. This is efficient and time saving for me. I can scan items in store and as a plus any matching cartwheel offers are shown. If you like saving time and money I would definitely recommend!!!

  • Unamerican.

    by Disappointed 218

    Let's see, first you loose my data to idiots in Russia because you're too cheap to protect it properly yet I have to show your clerks ID to buy a Bic lighter. And now to add insult to injury you are firing 150 people from Minnesota and replacing them with contractors from India. Screw you Target.

  • Useful, but buggy and obstructive

    by John Rushing

    Use this all the time, but the app REALLY wants me to use "shopping lists" and will clear out my search and terms when it decides to reintroduce me to the feature. further, the "view on" is blocked by a stupid little text box and it becomes a game of "swipe up and quickly tap." Crashes often on iOS7.0.4 when performing dull tasks like looking up a store phone number or inventories at locations you currently aren't at. DPCIs show up irregularly and ought to be displayed more prominently. Gift Cards are still horribly implemented and need a serious overhaul if Target is going to try to keep up with the times. Prepare for at least fifteen minutes of fiddling if you've never used an eGiftCard before.


    by brosenholtz

    I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOO much it is great for on the go when your not actually at target it is great for me especially. But there is one thing I hate about target the app..... IT is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addicting LOL it just makes you want to buy everything !!!!!!!! :) but I still LOVE TARGET !!!!!!!!

  • Love it!

    by Lchaid

    Easy to use, clear, organized just awesome!

  • Love the app

    by Dian42!

    Love the app. Very easy to use. You can go back and forth from screen to screen without any problem and choose your category. Love it.

  • Love the app

    by Dian42!

    Love the app. Very easy to use. You can go back and forth from screen to screen without any problem and choose your category. Love it.

  • Great App!

    by Ashleybert0821

    Adding items to my baby registry is a breeze with this app! I can take a pic of the barcode and it finds the item, and let's me add! Very convenient!

  • Waiting...

    by _britbrit_

    When it's working, I love my target app. However it's been in "waiting" mode for over a week as its update is pending. Why won't it update? Please fix.

  • Love creating my baby registry!

    by Koslosky

    I love creating my baby registry with this app. I can go in store and scan the product with my phone, or just look at the neatly organized app. :)

  • Love this app

    by CatScheppler

    Great app, I have very few issues with it!

  • "Availability" info is bogus

    by SeemsLikeAllNicknamesTaken

    Go to buy something that shows as "available" only to have a rude salesperson tell me the availability takes 24 hours to update so it's often inaccurate on limited items.

  • Easy!

    by Jp.promoqueen

    I check my mobile app every Sunday (and then I check cartwheel!!) So clean and simple! Thank you target.

  • 6.3.1 update bug

    by 50 year customer

    Since updating to version 6.3.1, when clicking any link, it will no longer open in Safari on iPhone. That also means I can no longer look at and pay my red card on the iPhone.

  • Clean. Efficient. Smart. Easy to navigate and connects with the other target app.

    by laxwags

    Highly recommended.

  • Love it!

    by Whiben

    Great app.

  • Pretty enjoyable

    by Pants please

    Works wells.

  • Great app!

    by Package719

    Worked flawlessly.

  • Great app!

    by Michael Doohan

    Clean and easy to use!

  • target ❤️

    by Bebechubz

    i love how i can shop really easy & i love how its well organized

  • Thumbs up!!!!!

    by Expecting new mommie

    The target app is so easy to use, I was able to set up my baby registration, edit it, and tell other people about it.

  • Passbook

    by mexsmurf

    Needs passbook compatibility if Apple says they have it. Otherwise good app

  • More useful than the target website

    by rachmar

    Cleanly designed and handy in store

  • Helps me save

    by Snowcakestar

    This app is clean and easy to use. I check the ad from the app and add the sale items I need to my list.

  • I love target

    by Tyeaboo

    I love target online is better even got better deals

  • Don't know why this has such good reviews...

    by Rt115363

    I log in regularly to manage my wedding registry and it shuts down all the time. All. The. Time. Either that or it says it can't find my registry. Really? Because I was just looking at it 30 seconds ago. Keep clicking for ten minutes and surprise! It magically appears. How can such a huge company have such a terrible app?

  • Photo Printing support?

    by mOrrgzz

    Would be great if you could use this app for photo printing!

  • Horrible app

    by Unsatisfied custimer

    I tried to use this application to complete my wedding registry. It was horrible. I even tried to use the website and that was even worse. Won't use this app or target again.

  • Love it!

    by Lilly_726

    I love the target app mainly to see what's the weekly and because they give mobile coupons. I love this app.

  • Easy to Use

    by HeywoodJablowme

    Just got the app to set up wedding registry. Very easy to use.

  • Needs work!

    by wwducat

    I loaded it to allow me to leave giftcards at home. It will do that but requires that you have yet another password/pin. This is loaded on my phone, The point, is not having to keep entering pin numbers for every function. It’s easier to put the gift card back in my wallet. #appdeleted

  • Needs Passbook Support for Gift Cards

    by shamanskyh

    I was very excited when I saw that the latest version of the Target app had a section for gift cards, but what I found was very disappointing: a poorly-laid-out web browser with no Passbook integration. Very disappointing, as this was my primary use for the app.

  • Very useful

    by Mird0us

    Simply amazing!

  • Love the app!!!!

    by M70126

    Love the app and mobile coupons and that you can pull your cartwheel from this app without going into the cartwheel app

  • Simply...

    by Teak-Mirosse


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