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A Love Calc: Compatibility Test is a FREE APP that lets you analyze the compatibility between two people. Get this app now and start discovering your and your friends love potential for straight away!

Please note that this app is intended for entertainment purposes only!

Enter two names and A Love Calc will analyze the numerology of the letters held within the names to give you the pair's compatibility percentage as well as a report on the couple's compatibility.

After you get the result you can email it to your friends!

- Find out the compatibility % of a couple or potential couple
- Read the report on the couple's compatibility
- Email the result and report to your friends

Customer Reviews

  • Love is in the air

    by Swagger doodle 101

    Love this app so me and Bruno mars have a better future

  • Tight

    by Pup luv 2

    My best friend has "bf"and the love cac said 16 and I toatally agree cause I don't belief in 5th grade relationship's it's plain stupid

  • It's fun!

    by Purplegirl900

    I really like messing around with it... You know putting my BFFs with totally annoying people... Hehehehe

  • cool!!

    by aj superstar

    me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 years it said 100

  • I love this game

    by Kuluvr

    I love this game it really works!!!! BTW i know its fake. But its fun to try it.

  • Haha

    by Shannon12345566778&@$5432

    If u have the same amount of letters per name it says 100 so it depends how close in amount of letters the names are... Haha

  • Faker

    by Kat kat 111119999

    This app does not tell the truth it does not matter if you type in your name and your grandpas name and get 89 it just gives you random numbers

  • amazing

    by blackdemonshewolf

    i reeaallyy like this guy and i think he likes me,i got a 90% and then i tryrd it again and it said 90% again!then i tryed my name first then my crushes name,it said 90% yet again!!!!!! it is so weird!i love it!

  • AWZUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ldgyevj

    Love it Really workz great !!!!!!!

  • People...

    by Reading is Fun!

    People only say if these apps are good or bad depending on score... Its different for everyone people and that might not be your true love... Who knows

  • Freakin accurate

    by Augua

    My friend had this app on her iPod and two ppl got 96 I got this app typed in same two names and 96 again they <3 each other


    by Frosting1234567890

    Soooooo cool me and my crush got 100 present!!!I❤ this app!!!!!

  • Crazy

    by Watz it 2 u

    CRAZY it is sooooo accurate if u want a love calculater get this one

  • Really works!

    by Musicalfan123

    I heart this app! I did my crush and I and it said 100%! Try this app!

  • Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Fanta2525

    I love this game! It always says the perfect calculations!!

  • What is love

    by This is crazy accurate

    The guy that im madly in love with and i got 96% and this guy that i hate and i got 7%. This thing is pretty good i guess

  • Max

    by Awsome girl22

    Is the first you

  • Aww 100% :]

    by cheesecakerox:)

    Taylor lautner Taylor swift 100% :] <3 how cute???

  • Funny And I Love It

    by Bullpuplilc

    I love this app, it said that me and my best friend who I love are 85% wow, and when I joke around with my Friends, I put them and someone they hate and it comes up with a high percentage, but this app is awesome!!!! Thumbs up 5 stars!!!! Luvvv it!

  • Prtty cool

    by Softballchick05

    Add me on gamecenter I'm softballchick05

  • I Hate this app!

    by swimbabe157

    This app is horrible! It told me that my crush and I weren't compatible at all! That really made me feel bad because we've known each other for a really long time and he also just started texting me! If you don't want your heart totally broken and burnt, then don't ever get this app! ):

  • Stupid

    by Doggie Licer

    My BFF has a bf and they have been dating for 3 months and they really love each other and it said they had 30%!

  • Maybe

    by Cpt. Cutty

    It totally doesn't work I put my name in and "My Donkey" I do love it but it gave me 98 I put my parents names in and got 64!!!!!!!! DONT GET THIS OR BELIEVE ANYTHING IT SAYS

  • Stupid

    by Combat turtle

    This app is very stupid me and my gf have been dating for 5 months and we got a 22. Also the spell check is super annoying

  • Have to buy

    by An11secmustang

    It's not free! Have to buy after downloading free version to use any of it

  • Horrible

    by Hgfrdygcdrf

    My gf and I have so much in common and we luv each other and it gav me a 13!!!!!

  • Ehhh

    by VolleyballBabe6

    It's Stupid

  • Hate

    by James Snider

    I HATE this so much

  • Stupid game!!!!!!

    by Live mad!!!!

    I typed in me and my crush and we only got 4%!! Total rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I typed in me and spongebob and we got a 72% compatibility score and I don't even watch spongebob !!!!

  • Worst app ever

    by Ivani F

    I hate this my crush and I got 69-36 and I hate that!

  • Uhhhhh.....

    by Nik0820

    I tried this with my parents names and it said they got a 43%. They have been married for almost 25 years and have had no fights as along as I have been alive.

  • Funny but fake

    by Epicnessawesome

    I put in the names of two divorced people and they got a 93% Lol

  • Just a game

    by Jojo is Happy

    I know its just a game but me and the person i like got 1%

  • What the...?

    by MusicalHippo121

    I'm just mad because me and my crush got 14% and my best friend and my crush got 98%!!!!! . Pooh

  • SCAM!!!!!

    by Max13-26

    I enter my name and the 3rd ugliest girl in the world and it said 98%

  • History

    by rpdsll


  • :( horrible

    by Aerolover

    It doesn't deserve 2 stars but I put one ..... Do not buy!!!!!!

  • <3 <\3

    by Isidori Allen

    Btw you can get 100% try Anderson Isdale and Lilly Chalker...

  • Greatest app everrr!

    by Dunnies

    My name: Branden Marrero Random letters: Evfosg Nxosp 90% compatibility.... I just love Evfosg Nxosp

  • Totally awesome!!

    by Apple Anna

    I put my true love and we got 94%!! it's off by like 6% but who cares!! Now we're dating and so happy together :)

  • Awesome!!!! :)

    by nikkisweetie18

    This game is good!! But get it for free not worth 1.00

  • LOL

    by Fbgdgh

    Human & Human: 20%

  • Haha

    by Barnsey2437

    Lol me and spongebob squarepants are 94% compatible :]

  • Epic fail

    by Jchess?6(.358?@()

    Hi, yeah. There's an issue. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are 44% less compatible than Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Yeah, you fail.

  • Crap

    by !!??!12


  • Ima hapee

    by DeAdLySiLeNcE94

    I've been crushing on a girl and it turns out we r 85% compatible no matter what!!! Whoop!!!!

  • Might be good

    by Hiyathere

    Im hoping that this app is accurate! 

  • Flippen good

    by tiao cruz

    So funny. I tried it on my language teacher mrs. Navarro and my brother's friend hunter and they got a hundred % even though hunter hates mrs. Navarro :)

  • Awesome

    by brinks2009

    Works great

  • yayy

    by mrs. whatittoya

    i typed in the love of my life and it said we got a 99%!!! that makes me happy(: <3

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