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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Santiago Lema

iOS 7 and iOS 6 compatible

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This app is easy, beautiful and simple. It gives you at a glance the astrological tendencies about the following areas of your life :
- love
- money
- luck
- work
- health

You get three decanates, including separate predictions for the day and the evening for all twelve classical astrology signs:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

In addition to that, the application also displays the word of the moment to help you learn more about yourself and your feelings on that particular day.

Get it now and start understanding yourself and others better every day !

Customer Reviews

  • Scorpio

    by Jeremy Moyers

    Tells you what days are going be. Sometimes, others I'm not sure. Used to be and liked what had say. Now some days although I don't, I want to delete app.

  • 3stars

    by The Child Of Life

    My LUCKY #!!!

  • Fun!

    by Caroline Roberts

    One of my favorite horoscope apps. If I don't have time to check a more in depth app, this is my go-to.

  • Love this app

    by Chicky's reviews

    Quick visual helps tremendously. I can then determine what is going on for the day without having to read through several paragraph. Do not hesitate to get the app. It is excellent!

  • Cool

    by Jdgehzya

    It's actually really cool. I show my m and brothers there sign and what it means for the day.

  • Review

    by SandyApolo

    I very much enjoy this app - it brightens up my day - a very positive effect at the start of a busy program. Thank you

  • Unique

    by Meemer12

    These dailies are different and therefore interesting. I like that they are not like the other horoscopes which all sound like a rotating group of sound bites, but they are strange as well, I read these and a more mainstream one and enjoy both. It's worth checking out.

  • App

    by WonderBrain

    I come from a society that views this sort of thing with cynicism. However, it is something to do when feeling insecure.

  • Love it

    by Uknowhatialwaysay

    I check it daily.... Morning and afternoon.

  • It's a nice app.

    by Kimiko2444

    It's fun to read the word of the moment.. It's pretty much cool.

  • Pixie

    by Pixie1!

    Wish there was a bit more to it also but it's pretty good :-) keep it up!

  • Ok

    by Elvisbunny

    There's not a lot to it but its fun to look at. I like how it has three different phases of the zodiac signs. I'd give if 5 stars if there was more to it

  • Missing something...

    by crowding_sail

    It's an interesting and fast loading app but is very one dimensional. An explanation as to what the daily categories represent, and how these values were arrived at would be helpful. Without knowing this the conclusions seem totally arbitrary.

  • by Rizerica

    okay, I'm just not understanding what it meant. I'm interested looking all the time about the lines & fun to check all the time. I just hope it explains more how it comes out about the word it projects. I like it though.

  • GOOD

    by Sagomo6


  • Good

    by Shosho567


  • Me

    by The Doom 2012

    Fun app and works well.

  • Astro

    by melessia carter

    Great app, would definitely recommend it.

  • A_Peezy26

    by A_Peezy

    I look forward to reading this. It's somewhat accurate

  • Veggiedread

    by Holyator

    Good app

  • Very bad

    by Yahoo Eh

    Wish there was a negative rating, minus 5

  • Thumbs down

    by Cam

    Didn't care for it doesn't give much info

  • by Sungbin0808

    우왕 별어얼로임

  • Vladimir

    by Vladimir1957

    I like it very much!!!

  • Maty

    by Ms. Paige

    Muy divertido y aveses si acierta lo ke dise y entretenido

  • It awesome

    by Star talent

    It's awesome it's amazing it's fantastic it works well I can understand it its all you need for your horoscope really u can go back a day and go up 2 days so its awesome

  • Great App ++++++++

    by Shawn (Saber2th)

    I'm not sure if it is coincidence but I went to the casino at least seven times this month and went on the days it said my "luck" was more than 75% and I won everytime I think this really does work especially for gambling it sounds like I'm joking but really try it for yourself.

  • Nice app

    by DiegoofDragons

    Really fun app to use and accurate

  • Astro Feel Free Astrology -Cool App!

    by BethAnn1214

    This is a pretty cool app that seems to always match up with what mood I am in . I use it every day :)

  • Fun app!

    by Oogl44

    Very quick gauge of energy. Really is accurate.

  • Very unique!

    by itejeh

    Really unique and definitely worth the $ !!! Luv how it breaks morning and evening up and the word of the moment ...... Too cool! I'm really happy with this app ! Highly recommend this amazingly accurate app !!!!!!!!!

  • :)

    by JOEsTIME

    Very cool

  • Review

    by Sushil jain

    This is good, globe is really nice

  • AstroFeel

    by 1CONN

    Great app use it everyday. Especially like the word of the day it's usually right on point

  • Love!

    by Brittany R Endlich

    Love it

  • Astro

    by Chemerle

    It's a very good app I like it a lot seem to be on point

  • I am a Aquarius :)

    by Snow key

    Dear people , I love the horoscopes and the zodiac well really every thing on astrology so just to say I hope you could make another app with astrology in the subject well please because I have a lot of apps that include astrology so ya I would love a new app.

  • Perfect

    by mii/ahmad

    It speaks the truth!

  • Good app

    by karEnTCB

    Good app

  • Cool

    by Koneko88

    Very helpful and fun, definitely insightful

  • Gudd

    by Kheiiyz

    Nice app love it

  • Very Cool

    by Sparrowgirl82

    This app is both helpful and insightful. Very cool App.

  • Sweet

    by Msallea

    Short & sweet

  • :)

    by PiNkToNic415

    Love it!!!! It's a great way knowing how your days are going to be. Awesome app!!

  • App review

    by Whitt Alex

    I like it it's awesome

  • Nice app

    by Mike Atienzo

    Nice interface. Short & sweet

  • Pretty good

    by Girlygirlswag

    It's pretty good. Wish it was pretty more descriptive but so far no problems

  • Uhhh

    by Jim123393

    The predictions are good, but im a taurus and my bday is under aries

  • :)

    by Virgo princess

    Well itz all good :)

  • Instant Crash !!!!!!!!!

    by Real Blond Mom

    Bad app !! Please fix !! I have a iPhone 3GS .. I'd love to see read & see the app.. Crash.. Crash .. Crash !! Please fix !! Thanks .. Invite me again after it's fixed & I'll download again! Sorry ... Deleting it now !!!!!!!!!!!! actually ... This deserves 0 stars ! Sorry !! :-(. :-(.

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