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Your ultimate recovery resource.

The text of "Alcoholics Anonymous" otherwise known as the "Big Book".

Also includes daily meditations from GeorgiaSobriety.com.

Includes a Sobriety Calculator to track your recovery.

Customer Reviews

  • Antdpog!

    by Hffddcffgoutcuhft

    Love this app.

  • Bp

    by Blpicasso

    Like it! Can you add the stories?

  • Great app!

    by Loki S.

    So nice to be able to carry the Big Book in my pocket! If I forget it before a meeting, if I need some help at work, or just reading material, it's the most convenient way about it. Thanks!

  • Fantastic!

    by Add me 674 261 942

    Download this app now.

  • Bronco Bob

    by RMC-C4

    I'm pretty new to sobriety ,I have 20 months and six days.I absolutely love this app.now I have a Big Book with me every where I go.God truly loves me and blesses me,Thank you!!!!!!

  • Thanks

    by Jeff1600000000

    App works perfectly! Thank you for the service work! :)

  • Great app

    by Blu1995

    Great source of useful information.

  • Thanks for this resource!

    by Jespi1000043

    I'm new to the 12 step program and this was a great way to access the big book for the first time. Grateful for this app.

  • Perfect digital companion

    by FuzzyD

    For the AA member on the move or who has limited access to regular meetings

  • A (wesome) A(pp)

    by Daniel Bruckner

    Love it. Great for when I don't take my Big Book. Love the sobriety tracker.

  • Richard

    by Doc Hummer

    Excellent tool for recovery!

  • Great for recovery on the go

    by Jungle916

    I use this app daily for 10 & 11...

  • Very Encouraging

    by Ralphieboy777

    I just found this app and it helps me to know that I am not the only one who struggles sometimes. Easy to use and works everytime. Thank you

  • Nice

    by Billkurm

    Good app. 5 stars for Bill W who created this app without knowing it, and for oh yea, saving my life.

  • Thank you,

    by elephant84

    I love this app. Everyday I have done my readings out of the the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and this is so handy. Now I do it on my iPad. Enlarge the print. Go right to the prayers and the daily meditation. Thank you for providing this tool for me and others.

  • Alcoholic

    by Jesse R. S


  • Keeping my head above water

    by Killorbkill27

    The best is the sobriety day count

  • Very helpful

    by Samgrove895

    Thank you!

  • Nice...

    by GBAnice

    Most excellent resource in a pinch. Pulled some quotes on the fly on a couple of occasions.

  • Great App

    by 90 days SM

    wish the AAWS app was as easy and worked as great as your big book app. Thank You for your IT lead..

  • App review

    by Blayne Gilbert

    Anyone who struggles with drinking like I do constantly needs to have this app. Very handy, good for morning reads!

  • Excellent app

    by User41988

    Excellent App. A few typos, but excellent. Would be nice if you'd put some of the personal stories , starting with first edition, in a different App.

  • Great resource to have on iPhone

    by Useless, part deux

    Might be 5 stars w/ a bookmark feature. As it is, 4 stars, great resource. Thanks for providing!

  • Thanks

    by Thom2 8

    Nice app a real service to the rest of us...thanks!

  • I bet they never could have made this app drunk

    by Deborah Murphy

    The sobriety counter!

  • Excellence

    by Rappin brain

    This is a app that should have been around it will allow someone the out that they may have never been able to find

  • Great recovery app!

    by Dar mota

    I use this all the time - helps me start my day off right!

  • Big book

    by Codan11111

    Nice to have with me at all times.

  • Great

    by Mark2200

    The only thing missing is the ability to bookmark but it is so good to have the words of recovery on my phone. Thank you to the creator of this app.

  • Good Deal!

    by Lihtred1

    Nice to have at one's fingertips!!

  • Great app!!!

    by Steven Middaugh

    Serves it's purpose!!

  • So Handy

    by Phopprrpph

    Thanks for this app

  • Big Book, big help!

    by Bizelflix

    Very helpful! A life saver! Thank you!

  • Great

    by Vanpaul

    Good stuff... Makes my day!

  • No bookmark???

    by Stuckprincessmoon

    It is an ok app but A: you can't hide the fact that it is for AA sense it says so on the title of the app on the screen. Not a good thing. And B: there is no highlight or even bookmark option so you can't mark things important to you and you can't save your place to come back later. It starts over again and you have to scroll for a while to get back to where you Are. Not cool!!!

  • Good app

    by Kitet163

    Nice to have when I forget my Book at big book study mtgs.

  • Excellent app !

    by WickedOne2

    Excellent app! Very helpful to have the big book in easy access 24/7

  • Love this app

    by Bombshell7203

    It's nice to have available everywhere.

  • Nice

    by Gawnfishin

    I like this app. A good resoure on the go. If they were to add a way to highlight words or phrases, I would use it more.

  • Grateful for this app

    by RobBamber

    This app has been a blessing for me to refer to on the go

  • Doug m

    by Xrmac

    Very convenient and used all the time. Any time I get down time waiting I open up the Big Book and start reading.

  • Thank you!

    by PMac806

    I needed this.

  • Great on the Go

    by Bob'sipod68

    This is great when you are out and about and need to get grounded by the Big Book

  • Frothy Emotional Appeal

    by Corey P York Pa

    Awesomely awesome!

  • Odaat

    by Noteben1

    Love this app! Never without the big book! Daily readings and tracking my sobriety in days!

  • Great app to have!!

    by Raymond Magee

    If you are seriously alcoholic this is a great tool to have ... I love it on my phone and iPad because I love reading the big book and this app makes that possible for me anywhere and anytime . Thank you!!!

  • Works

    by Hairpie69er


  • One Day at a Time

    by Italianodavvero

    I am super pleased with this app. I am able to read the Big Book on the go, something many in AA struggle to find an easy task - and you've placed it in an easy to read user friendly format - great job !

  • Great!

    by McGusto30

    Awesome love the daily devotions. Good book.

  • This app carries the message!!!

    by Oldtime smurf fan

    The Beautiful Book and the daily threads help me to stay on the path of recovery and continue to grow! Great app

  • Encouraging and Inspiring

    by Creepychicken

    This app is a nice little resource to carry around in your pocket whether to track your days of sobriety or to read words of wisdom and encouragement along your journey. I got this app when I first decided to get clean and sober and today it reads 439 days! Thank God for the strength to get this far and for this app that has helped me from the get go.

  • Excellent

    by smoothjazz2010


  • Happy for the big book

    by Gwenwes

    I love being able to read the AA book from my phone I enjoy it a lot thanks. Hopefully they will soon have the 12/12

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