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Bug fixes and improvements.
- Show temperature in background weather.
- Fix a bug where responding to a notification may not trigger a report.
- Truncate long questions on visualization screen.
- Fix a bug where canceling a sleep or wake report toggles the sleep mode.
- Address issues with changing UI color.
- Include next alert time with notification frequency.
- Improve reliability of Dropbox save.
- Fix a bug with deactivating all questions.

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Reporter is a new application for tracking the things you care about. With a few randomly timed surveys each day, Reporter can illuminate aspects of your life that might be otherwise unmeasurable.

(Step counting feature is only available on the iPhone 5s).

Customer Reviews

  • Great for beta, but there are issues

    by Lauren E Dellaquila

    I'm a huge Felton fan, so I'm following this app for the long haul. It's a huge improvement from an app he released a few years ago. The major problems: despite basic syncing between my iPad and iPhone, the data does not sync; there also doesn't seem to be a place to login/create an account to allow for syncing between devices. I allowed the app access to my photos, but it is not reading when I add new photos between reports. There will be improvements I'm sure as the team releases updates.

  • Excellent

    by justin_m

    Gorgeous and groundbreaking new app. Already using it regularly and excited to see where this goes!

  • So far, so good

    by bryanmwolfe

    They need to add graphs and explain why we need to track this stuff. Right now, promising work in progress.

  • Notifications

    by RJ2468

    I love the idea of this app but I only seem to get one notification per day when I should get 6.

  • Data nerds are freaking out

    by kc! Bradshaw

    Any scientist will tell you that good data is key to unlocking anything. Well then, consider this beautiful app the lock pick. Extremely considered and thought-thru customizable experience for collecting private information about yourself. Start with the provided questions, and then add a ton more. Anything you can think of you can track. Only downside is waiting patiently to methodically collecting all that glorious data. Easily worth the price of entry.

  • Awesome App & Support

    by Beautyislikeyeah

    This app is a really fascinating, beautiful way to see patterns in your life. At first, I had trouble with alerts. After reaching out to the developer from the link in the App Store, they replied in hours. I'm extremely impressed with the app and support. If you like collecting data, this app is worth paying for!

  • A neat way to look at your life.

    by Henri Liriani

    Beautiful, intriguing project for the statistically curious.

  • Great app! Needs lock

    by dlc1265

    I love this app. I have adopted it as my journal app. 5 stars if a lock function was available.

  • Brilliant

    by JoBraves09

    Quite literally what I was looking for. Made by a brilliant designer this app is gorgeous and functional. It's unique. If you want to start life logging than this is the app to download.

  • Enjoying this app so far

    by ShinyPotato

    I really like the idea of collecting interesting data about my life. I wish there were some reports the app would give me, correlations like "you are happy most often with these people in this place". Also, I've had the app for over 24 hours and not one alert yet. Bug?

  • A vast sea of potential

    by SvobodaIT

    I'd really like to see Fitbit and MyFitnessPal integration with this app. I think that would be a great thing to include. So far it has a lot of potential, but I think that there's a lot more to be explored.

  • Something close to perfection

    by eloquentlight

    This is the first app on my iPhone I have been excited to download, and this app does not disappoint. The design, ease of use, and execution are spot on!

  • Fascinating concept, simple & clean interface

    by Emily and Charlie

    I saw this app reviewed on Fast Company/Co.Design and immediately downloaded it. This self tracking concept is fascinating. I use a Fitbit to track my sleep, steps, activity level and mileage but Reporter allows me to randomly enter data throughout the day and is quick and easy.

  • Sarah Hart i love you

    by _MY_MAC_IS_COOL

    I do

  • Alerts not working?

    by hanhaechi

    Love the idea of the app, but... have 6 alerts set per day, yet was only prompted to fill report when changing toggle from Asleep to Awake. No Help section, no Contact developer link. Am I supposed to puzzle it all by myself?! Bit disappointed

  • Great tool for what I need

    by Someguy225

    I've never been a great journaler and this is sort of the most verbose way to go about it. The data you get from this is very measurable so I also thinking keeping track of my time and what I do will help me improve my workflow by building on the past. I have great hopes for it!

  • Great idea

    by Shafnitz

    I love data. I don't know why, but I'm a data hoarder. Anything that can track information for me, I'm all over. This app does a good job of tracking personal, daily data. I love the idea. I only wish the app was a little easier to use. The lack of contrast in the UI makes it difficult to know what elements can be interacted with. This design is flat to a fault.

  • Fantastic

    by treasurebath

    So much data. So little time.

  • Beautiful

    by Bsdeluxe

    The utility of this app will only become clear with use. The thoughtfulness of this app is evident immediately.

  • Awesome

    by CJ Mahoney

    Love the idea of this app. I would love to be able to rearrange the questions though.

  • Huh?

    by willynotwonka

    I downloaded this app based on the poetic description and review on Unfortunately, I find the interface clunky and unintuitive. The concept is great and it looks like there is potential here, but I don't fully understand what is happening or if it's actually working the way it should. When I report it only asks me a few of the survey questions I selected, I'm not sure why. There was no tutorial on the proper way to use the app and I find that disappointing. For $3.99 I expected a whole lot more. Aside from the sensors capturing data, which is nice but not revolutionary, this app makes the user do all the heavy lifting and it's difficult to understand it's full functionality. I'm sure this app is capable of great things, but perhaps the developers should do a better job explaining them. I do not recommend downloading at the current price.

  • The app definitely has potential ...

    by MaryToves

    I really dig the survey style and the clean interface, but as it exists right now, the data that's being collected isn't really useful or interesting enough to keep me coming back. I'm not sure what it's doing with my photos, or even which ones it's pulling in, since I can't click on any of the entries to expand them. There seem to be a few key interactions and visualizations missing from the app, as it stands now. My assumption is that in time those visualizations will come with prolonged use, but as mentioned before, it's just not interesting enough to keep me coming back. And it definitely wasn't worth the $3.99.

  • Notifications aren't working

    by bryan121

    Notifications aren't working

  • Not user friendly

    by Leah Zatz

    Doesn't make any sense

  • Not worth the money

    by J1m3na

    Was disappointed with the functionality. Wish it had a summary, graphs or something else to do with the data that doesn't require me to download the data and do the work myself. Had really high hopes for this app as love the Felton report but I regret having spent money on it.

  • Crash and burn

    by Mikekakkaka

    Like the concept. Execution, not so much. The app freezes and crashes ALL THE TIME. (On a 5S)

  • Confusing

    by jakep36

    Great idea but poorly implemented. Many fields seem hard to tap to become active. Alerts stack up. I haven't even seen my custom question in one of the surveys, but it reports 0 in the results.

  • Smart and beautiful

    by Mr.M.R.

    It will be really interesting to see what people do with this app. It's beautiful and responsive to use. Felton has figured out how to make this type of info capture unobtrusive and fun.

  • I’m excited!

    by Mikah Sargent

    This app looks like it has a lot of promise. I’m excited to continue filling it with information so I can find out what I really am doing each day and how it affects me. Love the design and functionality — it all seems very simple and intuitive.

  • Beautiful and responsive as expected!

    by Bad Ankles

    Have been anticipating this for some time and I'm really excited to start plugging in my data!

  • Not sure if the app is working right...

    by The X-tacles

    Started using the app this morning and I've yet to receive a notification to take one of the timed surveys and it's been around 6 hours. As far as I can tell the app is kind of useless at the moment.

  • Loving it so far

    by TCUFelix

    I've been wanting something exactly like this since reading about Felton's data aggregation. Would love some integration with Moves on a map so I could see location hotspots.

  • At long last

    by Eightbits

    So happy to see this app available to the public as a native app. Setup has been easy and intuitive. Tokens were a bit hard to understand at first but they explain themselves after you play around with them. All around excellent.

  • Perfect app

    by Tanner Smith

    Great app, looks good. It does everything I want it to. Perfect!

  • this is what smartphones were made for

    by j_benj

    Great idea with a wonder file execution. I love that the developers respect your privacy and don't insist that you store your data on their server. Added a few questions to the deck that pertain to my lifestyle and I'm off and running. This will be the PERFECT companion to my Day One journal. might even start saving daily reports right into it

  • Perfect for the quantified self

    by Trrevvorr

    App is very well made and a joy to use. The real fun will come when enough data is gathered to see trends

  • I like it! Potential here.

    by AndrewT1979

    Nicely designed. Easy to change the background to a more muted grey or other color. Tracks coffee, hours of sleep, location, background noise, and questions you can set up yourself. I am excited to see what the developers do with this app - I hope that the data can be connected automatically. to Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike products and so on. For now, it's a minus to not be able to easily import data from other gaps - Lose It, Moves, Fitbit. It's also missing really insightful graphs to explain and find patterns. Of course, I need at least 3 more months of recorded information first :)

  • Beautiful app with unique functionality

    by Andy Mangold

    Reporter is beautiful and allows me to track whatever quirky or mundane things matter to me. I use it to graph my excitement about projects I'm working on across time.

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