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Are you single? Are you struggling with your relationship? Let's face it, you can never know everything about a guy! But don’t worry here are 90 things that all girls should really know about guys.

“90 THINGS GIRLS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GUYS” is a must have for anyone who wants to improve her love life/relationship. Read it and get a head start to tap into the unknown horizon of your romantic life!


♦ All the universal things that are in every guys mind but
you never knew!
♦ Shake your iPhone and get random tips.
♦ From “All” section you can choose any tips that you
would like to read.
♦ You can mark any tips as Favorite.
♦ Sharing any tips from this app through E-Mail is
♦ More apps/games are available on “more” section.

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Customer Reviews

  • Cute:3

    by Hunny bunny:3

    Love the advice cute way of putting things and made me laugh wanna read more:3

  • Ok

    by Sebas10349

    I'm a guy and some of this stuff is true but then the rest of the stuff is plain out wrong. This app is ok

  • U Jelly

    by Troll to the maxeyo

    I liked this app becuase it gave me a good lafffffffffff. Btw this app are for like 13 and 14 year olds get it for the lol's

  • Great

    by PizZaboy13

    I'm a guy btw and this is 100% accurate.

  • Fun to kill time with!

    by Tris2815

    I love this app and the other one like it. I think some of them are really accurate and some are a little off but all in all they are fun facts to read about! I always get my friends and boyfriend to read them! It's a good conversation piece and I can read a fact that I feel is true and that my boyfriend needs to hear! Ha!

  • Most of it is true

    by tmbmsk34

    A lot of this has weight to it, I just don't agree with the one about it being ok for a boyfriend to check out other girls. They're just trying to make excuses; it's not "ok," it's WRONG! Sure it's "natural" but not everything that's natural is RIGHT. You can't just shop at the mall butt naked and use the excuse that you were born without clothes on. Guys, control your eyes. I know exactly what you do with them. Save them for YOUR girl; she's beautiful!

  • It's true

    by EjJacob-$$

    By the way I'm a guy. So the 4th fact is a similar thing that I did. There is this girl who I think is attractive (and she doesn't hate me) and I had got her number to text her. But before I could, I was hesitant for like a month. I had actually had to ask my buddy's to help me figure somethings to say, you know, so it's not awkward. Then I finally texted her and she was fine with it. True story.

  • I'm 15

    by Gun956

    If one girl I met was cute and followed 90% of this app I would do anything to even talk to here.

  • Not bad I'm 15 btw

    by My name is zack

    I just got this app to see the crap inside of it and it's actually all very true All girls need to get this app cause it's completely true this app is amazing 5 stars

  • wierd

    by Coolioso24

    this stuff is kinda funny but i dont c how this can help u in a relashionship

  • Good.

    by Guy's advice

    Ya it's true except for the part where we like everything u wear. LEAVE THE SWEATPANTS AND HOODIES AT HOME!!!!!! We like to see your figure, but don't dress too sluty. YOGA PANTS/SPANDEX ARE H.O.T.

  • Uhh

    by Ahmazingly beautiful

    I was laughing when I read this...... Some of it's true ... Some of it I can't decide and the rest of it is just plain bull

  • guy here

    by Hddhdbsbsj

    its actully pretty acurate if i had a book about relationships explaining me this would be it

  • Strange but accurate

    by Nutcase1638

    I'm kinda of a weird guy but all of these facts are true we don't want a total anorexic or mean girl if you are nice and have nice hair or face then you're kinda in

  • alright

    by Lurk82

    I think its pretty good and a lot of it is true. Thats what I think.

  • I'm a guy :P

    by Jabberwockyyy

    So this app is surprisingly accurate; besides a few of them I suppose. Honestly, if you like a guy get the app, read it, and then follow it's advise. :) I assure you it'll work 4/5 times. And yes, we are always hungry and love food. I agree to that statement. :)

  • 95% are true

    by tomtortoise

    I am a guy who got this to see if they are true and there are only a couple I wouldn't agree with but for the most part they are legit.

  • Imma a guy

    by katy perry has huge jugs

    Imma a guy and I just read this because I was curious to see if this was true or not this is completely all true these are really good tips or info I have to say if ur a girl take advantage of this it'll definitely help u

  • it's actually useful

    by Grence

    some things are lol of course but mostly true

  • This is not going to help you.

    by OriginalPB&J

    I'm a guy and a friend told me to check out this app because let me tell all you girls, although there are some true and maybe helpful tips in here most is just a bunch of baloni. Ok actually more than "some" tips are true, but still most of it is just big lie that makes us sound a lot worse and less smart than we really are. And yes it is also true that we actually do have a high standard of intelligence, even if some of you don't think so. Goodbye.

  • Okay

    by Eman.123456789

    Remove from purchase list please

  • Way to kill my self esteem

    by Younqq Emo

    "We don't like girls who are too skinny"

  • remove from purchase list

    by Oml <3 ;]}

    Please remove from my purchase list my friend downloaded this as a bad joke

  • What was expected

    by natordog

    These are not about Men, they are about Boys.

  • LOL

    by Spanky D. Rascal

    Written by a teenager with little or no real relationship experience. I've kept the app for those times I need a good laugh :) 2 stars because of the laugh factor.

  • ...

    by Mia to da pia

    Some of these facts are true; for girls. I was reading them, and I was thinking about how I related to them, my boyfriend relates to less then half of them. :/

  • wow.

    by spekledworf

    what are you, 13?

  • Likely written by a girl

    by Anya82

    This likely written by a teenage girl, it sure sounds like it. 1 star is the best I could give it. Thank goodness I got it for free.

  • Not bad

    by NoHardFeelings

    Decided to check out the message being sent to women. Some of these are spot on. Many are way off. Some are not English. Seems like the guy that wrote it has a hard time talking to girls. He wrote this in hopes a girl would read it become attracted to him. I think he hopes by telling women to go tell men they like them they will actually do it.

  • Juvenile

    by nnsmith

    Why the age restriction warning came up when I downloaded this app I'll never know. This is just as ridiculous ad the the one about what guys need to know about girls. I felt like I was back middle school as I read through the 90 so called tips. It's also full of extremely poor grammar and editing. I would seriously caution women over the age of consent against this app.

  • F U

    by Juliet Goldfine

    I wasted my money. Great.

  • Wow...I actually feel dumber after reading that

    by Ply Figgy

    Who wrote this? A kid in junior high apparently. "guys hate asking their parents for lunch money to get a girl a present..."? Are you kidding? Thanks for wasting my time. Unlike other reviewers I did not think any of them were cute or funny. Not worth it even if it is free.

  • Stupid

    by Soldiers Pride

    I hope no one actually downloads this in order to get better at relationships. It may work for you if you are 13 years old. It's fun to read for a good laugh though.

  • This is horrible haha

    by Burton44

    With the exception of one or two things this app, as well as all of their others, are crap. For one you can't make general assumptions regarding guys or least as this app claims. Secondly, whoever created his app either has below a high school education or is not a native English speaker because the majority of sentences simply do not make sense. This should be deletes from the app store.

  • ???!!!!!?????

    by OnBlastOffBlast

    It's seeming you put wut u like not all guys

  • Dumb app

    by Bender1224

    Worst app ever

  • bad

    by melenaaaa

    Not worth it. Horrible info.

  • Horrible

    by Cobaixn

    Wow, really bad information. Lousy app, don't waste your time with this, it really doesn't deliver true information at all. Don't follow it's advice.

  • Lame

    by Meredith5575

    Funny to read once, but not at all practical. Not very good info if you are older than fifteen.

  • Well...

    by Madcow36

    No. Sure, some of them are accurate, but this will not teach you anything that you don't already know if you're over the age of like 10. Besides, if you're looking for advice from an iPhone app, well getting a guy to like you is not your problem.

  • Crashes!!

    by tap tap stupid!

    The app used to be great and funny but ever since they updated it now whenever I try to open it it crashes!!! And I'm mad cuz the update. Was adding new stuff to it and I was excited to read it!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • Bull sht.

    by StriXZ

    Some of its accurate but obviously, a nerd or a girl wrote these. Girls- Just be a BIT more direct than usual but dont make it seem like ur joking.

  • Awful.

    by Emilaweb

    Just plain terrible, the first few are okay and then it just gets worse and worse. Completely stupid. Way too specific, sometimes sexist and ignorant and incredibly picky. Girls just listen to your own common sense, don't listen to this terrible advice. If you want to find out about your guy ASK HIM.

  • ugh... oh well..

    by PumpTheChic

    not true about guys. nothing to say

  • Really?

    by BeeBotSteph

    Clearly written by a single woman. Many of the tips are contradicting and some seemed to be simply based off of Brat Pack films. The spelling and grammatical errors are annoying and unnecessary if any kind of spell-check was used. Don't waste your time.

  • Lie...

    by Venom_63

    I can tell this app was written by a girl. Not that it's a bad thing but her info isn't very good... It's worth a good laugh but don't act on ANY of these advice tips in here ladies. You'll end up screwing your relationship. You're much better off asking your gay guy friend.

  • Awesome

    by Akako Koizumi

    My twin sista is goin out wid a guy and he looked at this app and said everything it said was true!

  • Wow

    by Darkone13

    This is a really cool app. I just want to add something my ex lead me along for a wile that's like #20 guys hate to be lead along! wow, am I the only one thinking that's sad?

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