OneView Control Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $18.99)


Languages: English

Seller: OneView Controls, Inc.

Minor internal configuration changes. No functional changes.



OneView Control for the iPad requires the OneView Control System to be installed and configured prior to installation of this application. Installation of the OneView Control system can only be accomplished by the use of a qualified installation technician.

Features Included

- Full Control of Lutron Homeworks QS and Illumination lighting control systems.
- Full Control of SVSi Video Streaming.
- Full Control of Vaux Lattis Audio Matrix.
- Control of the Exacq Security Camera system.
- Complete integration with the DMP security monitoring system.
- Zone level control of Niagara HVAC.
- Complete control of many individual audio and video sources including DirecTV, Oppo BluRay, SiriusXM, Parasound zTuner, etc.
- Remote access to all features.
- 24/7 remote system monitoring.
- Remote troubleshooting, support and repair.

OneView Controls is committed to the development and deployment of the most powerful, efficient and cost effective integration solution available.


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