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* Fixed a bug related to being unable to close the Settings view

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World's most admired jokes app for over 4 years now!
1 million people can't be wrong :)

"If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up?" said the sarcastic teacher.
After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet.
"Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?" enquired the teacher with a sneer
"Well, actually I don't..." said the student, "...but I have to see you standing up there all by yourself."

18,000 COOL JOKES has been the most popular jokes app ever created for the last 4 years now. Enjoyed by more than 2 million people around the world, the app brings a over 18000 hand-picked jokes to your device. And you don't need internet connection to browse them!

● 18,000+ jokes - no internet connection required
● 49 categories - for anyone and any taste
● 50 best rated jokes - daily, weekly and monthly.
● Rotate to landscape for instant fun!

● Favourites section for your favourite jokes
● Kids safe with Adult filter
● Filter by length - short/medium/long
● Settings section accessible from within the app
● Search jokes by keywords

● Facebook
● Twitter
● E-mail
● Copy to clipboard

● Easy navigation
● Shake detection for a random joke
● Rate jokes online
● Retina display ready
● Fast app switching


Customer Reviews

  • Hee Hee

    by KatSurreal

    Once in awhile...ya need a 'lil smile ;)

  • Jokes

    by Nuggetfest

    I have read pretty much every joke on here but there isn't much variety and the amount of blonde jokes is excruciating.

  • Great jokes for when you're on the go.

    by Diegop323

    Great jokes, helps when you're waiting in line or need to unwind.

  • Amazing

    by Ashaps2011

    Seriously funny humor and just an awesome app. Well worth it

  • TexMex

    by Eplvsrp

    I work with blondes it's great to use some of this jokes on them and they keep you going on a bad day thx

  • Great App!!

    by airjordan

    I have my friends cracking up with spme of these

  • Funny as f@&$

    by Wokeupinnewbugatti

    Very funny good to pass time

  • Good jokes. Entertaining.

    by ShanghaiCSH

    Like it very much

  • I am a fan

    by Samyamin33333333333333333

    I use it a lot and enjoy it so that's it

  • Laugh out loud

    by Lol x2

    It's my go to when life happens. Most r very funny some r not but that's what the little arrows r for:)

  • Good app

    by Ftcpunk

    Good app if your looking for a wide variety o funny jokes but if your looking for a particular type or rating of joke like PG or R rated jokes then might be the wrong app but all in all a good app.

  • Worth It

    by gamergirl4200

    This app is fantastic! I have to admit that some of the jokes are a bit offensive, but I enjoyed most of them. I purchased the full version and I don't regret it at all. Thanks for all the great jokes!

  • Funny

    by Picky Pants 5507

    This app is making me popular in my real life social circles.

  • Great jokes

    by cddel

    Makes me laugh everyday

  • Best app

    by Fryssš

    This app has all great jokes! They are funny and cool!

  • Funny app

    by Disappointed in Reno

    Lot of great jokes, worth the price.

  • Great app!

    by Mtpatty


  • Pretty good

    by SmashBro22

    Most of the jokes are okay, and some are better and some are worse. I see a lot of the same jokes, even when randomly viewing them, so I'm not really sure if there are actually 18,000

  • Makes me Laugh""""

    by Mnm2k11

    Great app. Just go get it.

  • Please Read

    by Ghost_Face_0621

    I have three stars because its got no iPhone 5 support. This is one of my favorite apps! Please fix it in the next update.


    by Siiigggzz

    I feel like I'm was ripped off and I would discourage anyone from buying this

  • Filter problem with dirty/adult jokes

    by Winter of Dusk

    It is a great app, but the filter isn't working and will not display the dirty and adult category jokes.

  • App is broken

    by Social_integer

    I used to own this app and I favored tha dirty jokes section. Funny yada yada but my ipad cashed and lost everything. I reinstalled the app and now it says adult jokes are locked and to fix in settings or something. All is on. App for my personal choice of usage is now rendered useless.

  • 18000 Cool Jokes

    by Edge of Bed

    Utterly mediocre.

  • Cool

    by Cal1937

    The jokes are hilarious!

  • Cool app

    by Lazydrift

    Nice app. Tons of jokes, never gets boring

  • Issue

    by Sane

    Went to the "dirty" cat. but says see options and I allowed them but still wont show. Fix now

  • Jokes

    by Novamacnut

    I had read many of these and find they have lifted my spirits in difficult situations. Nice to be able to read a joke when bores to death in an office meeting or after the boss has chewed you out because you missed a cue.

  • OK

    by Supply techs

    The free version was good, the paid version doesn't load different categories of jokes

  • Great app

    by Kreator7777

    This app is so funny and cool lookin(yellow is the perfect color,I luv it)sure not every joke is rip your head off funny and some are repeats with different characters and premesis,but still overall a very funny app.One problem though,I used to be able to put a joke into favorites and now I can't,even after deleting some hoping that would help.It didn't.other than that no complaints.luv it!!!!!

  • Great jokes but often adult oriented

    by Etohguy

    There are a lot of cleaver jokes here but there are also a lot of dumb blond and dirty jokes which at times I'd rather skip. So as I read the jokes I add the best to 'favorites' and then I can easily go back to the best ones.

  • Tons of fun!

    by OTrueLee

    I love sharing jokes with friends and they love hearing them. I love this app b/c I always have fresh new jokes to share.

  • Very funny

    by Captnkidd16

    Simply the best joke app

  • Crash

    by Fftygfyygfhjffg

    Used to be a great app, but for some reason now it crashes as soon as I try to open the app.

  • Awesome

    by Fyrtt

    I love the blonde jokes by fffjhdwehjbxzdgbvxsfb

  • Jokes

    by Turk6541

    The jokes in here are hilarious and great to be shared. The jokes are always a good opening to any first date. It helps take the stress away from it.

  • No dirty jokes

    by Juezi

    I've tried playing with the filters in the settings but doesn't matter what I try I can't get the dirty jokes to show up on iPad 4. The dirty jokes do pop up when I look at top jokes.

  • Not cool

    by 61rgs

    Got this app said you can shut off adult and sex jokes. I have them shut off. My 11yr old was looking for cool jokes and up pops and adult sex joke so not appropriate for an 11yrs.

  • 18000 jokes

    by Cacho121

    Great product

  • Worst app

    by Kish009

    Same old jokes repeat. Don't waste your dollar

  • Cool jokes

    by Soxontop

    Good app when you need a quick chuckle.

  • Older than dirt (and just as dirty)

    by The one and only WHB

    Ancient jokes and a few too many are stoopid dirty, but keeps me amused after I'm bored with the reading the NY Times. ;^>

  • Good

    by Tgntgn

    A lot of the jokes are repeats though. Otherwise they're great.

  • Good app.

    by Mr. Red8000

    It's entertaining.

  • Not 18000

    by MilestheCool930

    It should be called "1000 jokes phrased differently a bunch of times. I always got the same joke twice within 5 minutes of reading

  • Irritating

    by My view909

    Does not work consistently. Can not upgrade.

  • Meh

    by Durpahurp durp durp durp

    This app used to be great but the updates have had it go south, especially by taking out the joke titles

  • 18000 cool jokes review

    by Fu@king bad

    I like this app because when your in a party with people you can be the funniest person in there with all these good jokes. My favorite category is redneck. I like redneck because I live in a community right next to rednecks so my family likes to pick on them because there're not classy like us.

  • 18000 cool jokes

    by mtndew3456

    Funny jokes! More good than bad ones. My son and I have hours of fun!

  • G V

    by G Valent

    Great app for all kinds of grins both kiddy and gray adults

  • 18,000 jokes

    by Dan from Franklin

    Hours of fun. Not crass. A whole boatload full of fun. Blondes beware

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