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Languages: English

Seller: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc

-Bug fixes and compatibility updates for iOS 7

-Redesigned interface to take advantage of the new iOS7 feel and features

-Share articles with your friends! This latest update brings new native social sharing functionality to your favorite magazine. Share articles using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email.

-For iPad Mini or 4th Generation iPad Users: Update to iOS7 to use Apple's new AirDrop feature to share content with friends.

-Make sure you have Push Notifications turned on! Now get notified when the latest digital issue of Martha Stewart Living is available to download, enjoy, and share!

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Find innovative ideas for cooking, crafting, gardening, and DIY decorating along with interactive extras that aren’t available anywhere else. Plus, subscribe now and get your first issue for FREE!

Current print subscribers can get access to the iPad issues for FREE by signing up through the app.

One-month subscription (1 issue) - $1.99 (automatically renewed until canceled)
Six-month subscription (5 issues) - $11.99 (automatically renewed until canceled)
12-month subscription (10 issues) - $19.99 (automatically renewed until canceled)
Single issue - $3.99 (no automatic renewal)

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account after your 1-month free trial period and will automatically renew (as specified above) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Current subscriptions may not be canceled during the active subscription period, but you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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Customer Reviews

  • Just OK

    by Suzgj

    Hmmm, I hope that the subscription access improves...I have difficulty getting the magazines, worse was automatically charged for the subscription.

  • Love this format

    by Fenodoree

    Takes magazines to a new level. Rather than just pages to flip through, it takes advantage of the format to swipe up, down, add links and videos to make it an overall experience than paper. I wish more magazines took advantage of this, it is convenient and clever and actually has several advantages over the printed magazine. Love it. I find great tidbits in every issue, too.

  • January Issue

    by Sherrill's Review's

    Great magazine, but I am unable to download it on my iPad. Please assist. Thank you Sherrill

  • Wonderful App

    by 1JMJPFU

    Just as beautiful as the print addition but much more interactive.

  • Great app and magazine

    by sman93

    It is a beautifully designed. It contains a wonderful Magazine. The only thing I would fix/improve would be to allow magazines to continue to download in the background instead of me having to stay within the app.

  • Great App!!!

    by Ladybug1020

    Never had a problem with downloading magazine. Never had to restore magazines. Cross my fingers that I am not jinxing myself

  • Problems with download

    by maggie5555

    My Magazine will only partially download. Am I the only one? This has truly upset to the point that I will not renew.

  • App

    by Sanica!

    I really enjoy to read the magazine with the APP

  • Where's current issue

    by KathangelSF

    Charged 11.99 for subscription but still have Halloween trial issue. When do I get November issue? shouldn't it automatically upload beg of each month?

  • Lacks Rotation

    by WetzelHillman

    Limits my reading enjoyment by only having vertical viewing option available

  • Martha Stewart Digital

    by TestChick

    Was so happy with this. Then suddenly I was cut off saying my "trial" had expired. Yet I'm getting emails with my current subscription saying my digital version is ready to download. Not sure what's going on but apparently it's not just happening to me. Others are having the same experience as well. Hope they get it fixed.

  • Not terrible

    by We did it Andy!

    It's ok can be difficult to navigate looks good though... Also just bring back everyday food

  • Nice, but problematic

    by mkit15

    It keeps asking for my subscription and then tells me it's expired. Once you finally get logged in, the magazine features are very nice.

  • Tricked!

    by wannaread

    Just paid 7.99 for the Halloween edition and it's not in my "newsstand". Can't seem to pull it up from anywhere.

  • Very good mag app

    by Burcatz

    Martha puts out a great magazine and this app has some great additions (how-to videos, etc).

  • Living Martha Stewart

    by Sibsell

    This is such a beautiful app -design wise. Wonderful surprising graphics each month. A treat to see what they do with the Fonts and photos,videos each month. Very easy to reference recipes. Well done.

  • Enjoy

    by Sscott8363

    I really enjoy reading the magazine with this app.

  • Love Happy

    by sunshine in AK

    So much fun! Love the animations and video options!

  • Very Acessible

    by Bev in Illinois

    Love how convenient it is to enjoy my MSL subscription wherever I am, including back issues. The magazine looks as great digitally as it does in it's hard copy form.

  • Martha Stewart's Living

    by LadyAJP

    This one of my favorite apps! Altho' I enjoy the magazine and am constantly cutting out recipes, I refer to the app often on my iPad, both when I am traveling and at home. The pictures and texts are beautifully done, and I often enjoy the enclosed videos. Also, unlike some, this app is easy to use.

  • Would not download

    by cheezwhiz100

    App is having problems

  • i used to love her magazine

    by justliloldeb

    I have been a subscriber to this magazine for 10 years. It used to be so awesome and full of great ideas for crafts that were more than just one or two. Now it's just a bunch of receipes and nothing special.I used to could not wait till the next issue now i just browse through it and that is it. I am so disappointed with this magazine anymore. I wish it was as good as it was even as many as 6 years ago and I would be happy.

  • Makeawish

    by Littletarser

    BE AWARE...that access to the digital magazine only last for one subscription , if you renew , you can not have the print and digital magazine . You have to choose which one you want . I am very disappointed that they are not upfront with says all print subscribers will have access to the digital magazine.

  • Disappointed!

    by Kjmcclen

    As of the January 2014 issue you need iOS 6 or higher?!?! My iPad only supports iOS 5. I wish I had known this before I renewed my digital subscription last month. What do I do now??

  • Not really

    by Ciara ( ;

    I would love this app if I didn't have to pay money for a stupid little magazine.

  • Can't get latest issue

    by Rosieruns

    This app used to be great. Each issue took longer to download, but I didn't mind because I loved all the extras! Much more bang for your buck than other magazines. Now, it's stuck on the May issue. I downloaded the Halloween issue, and it looked like it downloaded, but no, for some reason, it keeps going to May. I would love to be able to get the December issue.

  • Disappointing

    by Sisters Cowgirl

    Makes me want to go back to actual printed magazines. Hard to "get to" the next issue to buy!

  • Download problems

    by K2 D2

    The app is great, when it works... but it keeps telling me that it can't connect to my Internet, or to the Magazine's server, even though every other app works fine. Some issues download in no time flat, and others won't download no matter how many times I try.

  • What an Upset

    by RosieIndigo

    I was so excited to purchase my first issue of the emagazine after reading the print for some time. Unfortunately, the magazine doesn't seem to download completely. Maybe the first 20 pages will download then, after that the rest of the magazine seems to stay in a download mode. Today I wanted to see if it had finished the process and now I have to start all over again. Not to mention about two thirds of the pages that I did get to see we're mostly ads. I'm going on campus to see if their wifi will help speed up the process. If not, I'm canceling my subscription and asking for a refund. Does anyone know if this magazine can be read offline? Do I need to wait for the magazine to FULLY download in order to read offline with having to download every time I open the newsstand?

  • Subscriber problems

    by rrandu

    I am sure it's great if you can get in! On renewing my subscription, now it won't open the magazine. Put in new account number and email but it just keeps telling me my subscription is over! It must be just reading the email address and not the number! Very frustrating!

  • have to subscribe

    by Milimouse

    very disappointing. only get ads unless you subscribe to the print copy or pay for the digital version after you download.


    by mayfayre_1

    I have tried to log onto the app multiple times this morning only to have a pop up become locked on the screen that would not allow me to escape. I had to power off my iPad each time & restart. Still unable to access!

  • Living Martha Stewart on iPad

    by Rejireine

    So disappointing the way they handle their magazine on the IPAD, most of the time they do not recognize my Infos, and I have to ask for the Infos again and again. They are not up to the technology. And I did missed mailing issues also.

  • Martha Stewart Living

    by snow333

    i love the magazine and I especially love that as a print subscriber I also have access to the digital version. The app works very well and I give it. 5 star review!

  • Great!

    by Judy1969

    Same statement as number 3!

  • Incredible app

    by hmb81

    The digital subscription of this magazine is AMAZING. videos and tutorials, and lots of stuff that you wish you could get in the regular magazine. So so good. Interactive, but not in a clunky way, quick links to items featured in the magazine, and simple interface within articles that make you feel as if you are on a website and not looking through a magazine. Much less annoying than the actual website (no slow loading due to ads) and lots of the good stuff that made MSO a great lifestyle brand.

  • Difficult

    by bardstownian

    Magazine is great but I have a difficult time downloading the magazine. Problem could be me but it should be easier.

  • Always Crashing - but is beautiful

    by Joshua Drews!

    This app is lovely and designed very well but is always crashing a few flips into the magazine.

  • Love it!

    by Amb1678

    There are so many great ideas and recipes!

  • Love it!!!!!!

    by Nattie's mommy

    I have NEVER left a review for an app EVER and I have to say that I love this app! The animation, videos, and how to's are fantastic. It also has a great layout and easy to navigate. I like this version way better than the hard copy mag.

  • Living

    by M08r

    Unsure if I could enjoy Living or any magazine on a tablet. Glad I decide to try. Simply beautiful.

  • Meh......

    by niffer88

    Love the magazine, but it takes FOREVER to download issues. I subscribe to many other magazines that have just as much content and extras, and it never takes as long (I'm talking 10 minutes here). Please research!

  • Like Christmas every Month!

    by GrovenStreet

    Love this beautiful magazine! I look forward to it every month with the glee of a child at Christmas. Thank you for my simple joy.

  • Simple

    by Akselawpr

    Easy to use, eco friendly... Since I don't have to buy it un paper, love it!

  • Martha Stewart

    by 76hello

    It's is a great app. Like the way it glides smoothly thru the pages. Color and focus is excellent.

  • Mixed review

    by Bsbbb

    I like to read my magazine in this format. Good thing However, I do not appreciate the magazine starting with a video. Although I do like the videos.....I do not expect it at this time especially, when I am getting to read in a quiet place. I notice that in the October 2013 issue there seems to be more advertisement than actual content....not a good thing.

  • Great app use alot!

    by Jpoissan1234

    Use this lot ! No major glitches.

  • Love it!

    by Mrs. SsSsSs

    Gorgeous pictures and great ideas!

  • Great App!

    by Laurelland

    Great App!

  • Beautiful

    by SAS4832

    I just got this, and I love it! The videos are helpful too. I subscribed to the print magazine too, nothing beats the real thing, but wow this digital version is really done well.

  • Martha Stewart Living mag app

    by bestmeg

    This is slow and when I tried to subscribe it took me to an Error page. Kind of frustating.

  • A surprise gift each month

    by Brdbth

    I never know what to expect with each swipe of the screen. Things to learn or just to look at. Always a pleasure.

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