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myQuran was featured during Ramadan on CBS News regarding how Muslims are adopting the latest technology by using their favorite app to enhance their Islamic knowledge.

iTunes Customer Reviews

“Very comprehensive app, covering everything from the translation to study plans on how to memorize. Definitely the best Quran app I’ve bought.”

“I tried several Quran applications but myQuran for iPad and iPhone is in my view undoubtedly the best I have seen so far. I am fully satisfied and would highly recommend this application to everyone who wants to have a Quran application.”

“This is hands down the best Quran app available - Others are quite a bit behind”

“The best quranic app ever, I have never seen this kind of extreme detail at the same time is very easy to use, keep up the good work.”

“Alhamdulillah, the latest update is awesome!!! Best Quran app out!”

"I love the pronunciation tool and it has helped me so much with recitation and memorization. The tafseer application is amazing in terms of on-the-go referral or an in-depth study of the Quran. The Root words feature has also been great in helping me understand the arabic more....I find myself recognizing the words and getting the general gist of an ayat! I find this extraordinary as I have never been able to do this before...I love the fact that so much info and knowledge is literally at my fingertips..."

Are you a beginner or an advanced student of the Quran who could benefit from a Quran Study ‘Super Tool’?

myQuran is a unique and powerful application that enables us to study the Quran at many levels. myQuran makes learning, reading, understanding, memorizing and sharing Quran knowledge like never possible before.

Listen to a beautiful recitation and follow it with an English translation, memorize the Quran, study a comprehensive Tafseer (extensive commentary) and also read and understand the related root words.

Key capabilities of the app include:

Quranic Roots:
Review and analyze the root words for the Ayats (verses) in the Quran and review a detailed explanation. This gives a student an excellent insight into understanding of the ayat. Quran roots information provided by

Quran Recitation:
Listen to the beautiful recitation of popular Qari’s (recitors) and practice your own recitation. In version 2.0 we included the recitations of
•Mishaary Rashed Alafasy
•Abu Bakr Ash Shatry
•Muhammad Jibril
•Ibrahim Al-Akhdar

•Follow a translation by Sahih International, Yusuf Ali or Mawdudi

Custom Memorization Plan:
Create full customizable memorization plan that works for you. You can select ayats to memorize and select the number times you would like to play back as an aid to your memorization.

Vocabulary List:
Learn new arabic words as you read or listen to the Quran and add them to your list; an excellent way to develop a better understanding of the Quranic language.

Quran Tafsir (commentary):
Understand the period of revelation, theme, subject matter and background of the surahs of the Quran. Read a detailed tafsir of each ayat.

Tajweed Pronounciation:

Along with audio, graphic images illustrated how each letter should be articulated. This will help you in perfecting how to correctly pronounce the arabic letters. Record your own pronunciation, playback and compare to monitor your progress.

Custom Ayat Folders:
Select ayat’s while reading or listening and add them to your custom folder. For example, you can add all the ayat’s you come across regarding mercy to your ‘mercy’ folder.

Custom Study Plan:
Set daily goals and monitor your progress.

Customer Reviews

  • I Love It

    by mraam

    Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu (السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته) Peace be upon you and all of Allah's mercy and Blessings I love this app, the best is the TRANSLITERATION part, the rest is all good as well, Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله) All Praise to Allah

  • Best investment i've ever made!

    by KingRukh

    Hands down the "BEST" app for memorizing important surahs....may ALLAH bless the people who created this app and give them same amount of reward as the memorizer. Ameen.

  • Used to work before io7

    by Gunsmok

    In the memorize section you can't select the ayah.. Please fix it soon.. It's really impending my hifz.. May Allah reward you for your awesome app.

  • Great Quran App

    by bsh5

    I benefited a lot from this app.

  • Crashed 07/28/13

    by heylittlepinay

    For the past two years I have been using this application until this morning. It crashed!! I no longer can use it. :( 07/31/13 I deleted myquran and purchased another one and it will not open. Please fix this, Inshallah. :(

  • Excellent app except...

    by Blaahsnjsbdysk

    Please work on adding another translation.. Besides the Maududi one.

  • Pie

    by Ms.Knowname

    Mash'Allah helps me to learn the letters and learn vocabulary Jak

  • Surah recording not downloading

    by Cheemster

    I absolutely love this app, but after the download of the version for the iPhone 5 (most current version), surahs are not downloading for me anymore (I usually download the mishary recitation). It says the download speed, but the progress bar shows that it is not downloading. Please fix this error. JAK :))

  • Best Quran app!

    by Amera18

    Best Quran app out there!

  • by fem1usa

    So you don't have to touch on turn on The button all the time when to see or read it in French or English. I'm taking about the main page. Fixe that then I will give 5 stars!!!

  • Audio no downloads

    by audio no downlod

    Audio no download

  • This is an amazing app

    by JohnnyStrife

    For Muslim converts trying to understand the Qur'an and learn how to read and speak Arabic, this app is very helpful. For what you're getting the price is very fair.

  • Good app

    by Minibagel

    Good app...lots of reciters, lets u add notes, vocabulary and root words nice...please add numbers next to Ayahs so u know where u are and how many verses more to go...have been waiting for that update years and still hasn't come

  • It's good

    by Strivingmuslimah

    If it could have a tajweed option where it color codes ayahs and has a section for learning tajweed... That would make this app brilliant. Otherwise I really do like how the words have quranic stats and lots of meanings!! :)

  • My Quran app

    by #humblebrag

    This is one awesome app!!! It has a wide range of options whether you want to memorize, read, or even understand!!! I love this app and even though I've gifted it many times, I'll continue to do more iA

  • Best app for Arabic Learners

    by Most beloved

    Best app for Arabic Learners. The root word feature is awesome.

  • Update was awesome

    by Salahuddin15

    This app is now the most complete Quran app. Now with v3.0 it has the complete maulana maududi tafseer, and so many reciters including sudais now. I'm happy with the update and didn't expect it to be so good. I can't really think of what else they could improve on. An option to search Quran in Arabic as opposed to just translations would be nice. But I am extremely impressed with the new version. Jazakallah khair for putting in the time and taking the app to another level. 3.1 made it even better. Most complete Quran app. Well worth the price & they update frequently. Not really a big deal, but I would like if the app icon was higher resolution for the retina display.

  • Best Quran app but crashing in os5

    by Dustin S Craun

    Love this app but only part of surahs are showing in ios5. Please fix

  • please fix it soon

    by bakulnet

    afrer update from ios 4.2.10 to ios5, the app crash....what's wrong?

  • My favorite app hands down

    by Ummtaha

    Best Quran app hands down love all the reciters too jazaka'Allah khayr!

  • Problem downloading audio

    by Halim Jantan

    After I bought the app, there was no audio. When I try to download the audio, it just doesn't. Says error locating server. Did not have this problem with the app on iPad though.

  • Needs update for the price ikhwan

    by YushaEvans

    Is a potentially good app. No retina quality or iphone 5 support?? This is not what is befitting the book of Allah. This should be the best and most crisp app out there so please step it up or ill just delete it soon. Yusha Evans

  • Increase the price but please add more features!

    by tariqnisarahmed

    I would gladly pay to upgrade (again) in exchange for some vitally needed features! #1 landscape mode. that should be soooo easy for you, because your company makes quranstudy, which is fully compatible with landscape mode... but lacks many features i use on this app. that is so frustrating! 9/6/12: notes added to ayaat are often dropped.

  • Needs note e-mailing /extracting option

    by Sarah Nasir

    Then it will have all i want. I like to jot down reflections & would love it if this program & other products from Salik Productions could integrate e-mail / blog / FB publishing options.

  • Aiman A. Boston MA

    by Aiman A

    This app is amazing. If u was in a better financial position I would gift it to anyone who wanted it. 30 days ago I barely knew the Arabic alphabet. Now I'm am reading almost fluently. ISA by the end of ramadan I will be reading like a pro. With an app like this there is no reason for anyone to not learn to read or memorize Quran.

  • Very Nice!

    by ksaleh

    I really enjoy this app

  • Stellar work!

    by Azmat Tanauli

    MashaAllah, I have been able to use the memorization feature of the app to memorize Surah Ala while communting. Please add more recitors. Love the daily appointment with yourself to read the Quran feature and graphs to monitor your progress.

  • Absolutely wonderful masha'Allah!

    by silkiechicken

    This is far and away my favorite Quran app - worth every penny and more! May Allah swt reward the developers with Jannah... It's so easy to use, huge choice of beautiful reciters, easily customizable, love the tafseer and translation options, and the adjustable font size. Jazakum Allah kheir!!e

  • Amazing app!

    by Sayeed siddiqui

    Masha Allah this is the best Quran app out there, but I would like to request one thing. Could you add markings and organization based on juz and Ahzab? I and many others memorize based on this and also the page layout of the madinah mushaf. Perhaps you could add a setting for this?

  • New Arabic font is wonderful

    by A-Bangu

    MashAllah the new release today with the uthmani Arabic font is very readable. I love this application ... Very well done. A few suggestions: Additional tafsir - Ibn Kathir Current tafsir still has some typos and odd breaks in the sentences Landscape mode JazakumAllah khair.

  • Great app

    by wamioo

    Love it

  • Retina support?

    by Grandpareza

    Its hard to look at, the app is good for anyone with iPhone 3G or 3GS, not iPhone 4.

  • Alhamdulillah!

    by IbrahimFazel

    This is the greatest iphone app ever,but it would be a lot better if it had tafsir ibn kathir.

  • More Tafeers please

    by Dahlat elwalaya

    The only thing that would make this app better is more tafseers.

  • Excellent App - Memorization bug fix

    by Abu Aadil

    This latest release has fixed the bug in the memorization tool and also in places where the translation was showing "null"

  • Just the Quran app I was looking for

    by Sabih1

    This must be one of the most comprehensive Quran application around...from the Makharij option to being able to organizing topics. Also being able to translate this into multiple languages is very helpful. I found the recommended Islamic apps section very helpful as I usually struggle to find relevant Islamic apps all under one section. Haven't faced any issues so far. May Allah reward you for your contribution! Keep the enhancements coming. JazakAllah Khair

  • Doesn't work

    by Umnaim

    Very very disappointed. Memorizing is not what the reviewsays for instance I tried sura al imran as I know but there some ayat I tend to forget so want to repeat that it goes back to the start of the surah! The translation stops in the middle of the surah. Feel I was fooled by the reviews how true the reviews are Allah alone knows.

  • Jazak Allah khair for an outstanding all-in-one app!

    by Silhouettes79

    If I could give this app 10 stars, I would!!! May Allah shower His blessings upon the developers of this app. I use this on a daily basis just coz it offers Quran in Arabic, its translations, a detailed tafsir, tajweed, recitation of the Quran, the ability to make notes, bookmark ayahs, email ayahs from within the app, study plans for memorization, root words and meanings of the words of the Quran!!! SubhanAllah! In fact there are loads of features that i haven't used yet but which are extremely useful such as the customized ayah categorization, tajweed lessons, etc. This would be the perfect Quran app if it had more than one tafsir for cross-referencing purposes. May Allah reward you!!

  • Very nice


    One of the best Quran reading app with built in recitation translation Tafseer and word explanation. Very good aesthetics and beautifully designed. Worth every penny. I read it every day. And memorizing option is a plus. Thanks for good work. Jazakallah.

  • Bug

    by www.ajaz

    All suras load upto 10 Ayats only!!!

  • Elhudhud

    by Hoepoe

    جزاكم الله خيرآ كثيرا لهذه المجهود الجبار. حقآ انه برنامج عظيم انصح كل مسلم بإقتنائه. بارك الله فيكم . This is a must program for every Moslem

  • Request

    by TXSam

    This is great App except one thing which is Audio recitation with translation. It will be great if u can put recitation and then translation of that line.

  • S.Baqarah refuses to load!

    by Ad75

    Nice app but please can you do something about my Surah Baqarah? It only loaded up till the 12th verse. I'd appreciate a prompt resolution. Salaam

  • Excellent

    by Kemkemdigital

    This is definitely the best Quran app on the apple store. However, I gave 4 stars because the app does not include the reciter, Sheik Basit Abdul Salam and the lack of harakat on the alphabets made it incomplete.

  • Needs text search function

    by Alshaermd

    This product is unique with Allot of it's features but lacks a Quran text search function which is essential for any serious student of the holy Quran.

  • بسم اللّة

    by Swaqas

    I was about to complain that in al hadid , parts get cut off but the update fixed it, it's good that it has more reciters and everything is good. The tafseer is good too. It would be even better and very better close to being perfect only if it had the complete Ibn Kathir's Tafseer. Please consider this and add it. May Allah reward everyone who contributed and everyone who suggested of new and helpful updates. Ooh I forgot, I love the makharij, it would be again close to perfect if you add the tajweed rules ( all of it), and if you add more reciters who are reciting in other qira'ats (such as warsh and kasai and all ten of them), please don't take it as that I am complaining, I just want all of us to benefit from it because at a time like this it is getting hard for a Muslim to practice this easy religion. May Allah reward you again. Assalam u alaikum.

  • Haraqat

    by Sania saeed

    Salam alaykum, First of all jazhakallah kher for adding the old tafseer! But my concern is that the arabic font doesnt have sufficient haraqat on it, when reading the quran ine shud know how much to stretch and when to pause

  • Outstanding!

    by Simmah

    With the recent addition of transliteration, I haven't found a better Quran app in the app store! They have thought of everything! Latest release a tad buggy though and I don't care for the new huge icons. I preferred the sleek ones. Anyway, these are small things- this is still great app.

  • Mistake Sura 2, verse 284

    by jfdogar

    1. Sura-2 , Verse -284 (2:284) KASARA under RAA( ر ) on word " la-naffareko"Not FATHA. 2. I will more happy & give 5 stars if you add "Urdu" tafseer & Translation.

  • The-happy-one

    by Ouzin

    This app is indeed all that I need to increase my knowledge of the Qur'an this is the best app yet better than iqur'an ,alqur'an and the likes take it from me and great job to all the people involve in it may Allah guide you all salamoualaykoum

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