39 Ripples Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Loy Enterprises, Inc.

* Fixed a bug in displaying the name of new Goals

-- New in 2.0:
* Social sharing fixed!
* New earned pack rewards for sharing
* Improved UI for all Retina screens

Note to previous Ripplers downloading this version: if you purchased any packs directly, those will still be available. You'll simply have the opportunity to earn other packs by sharing quotes as well. If you purchased the Super Pack then you're still in the best possible shape with a fully stocked pond!

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39 Ripples brings a wide, wonderful world of inspirational quotes to your iPhone and iPod.

Building off of Paul Wesselmann's ongoing work to spread small doses of humor, cheer and enlightenment that ripple out, the 39 Ripples app provides a collection of those doses right in your pocket. Tap the pond and receive a quote drawn from sources as varied as modern political figures to ancient proverbs.

And if you find a quote that really speaks to you—or to a friend who might need a little boost—share your ripple! You can unleash your ripple through email, in a text message, or post it to Facebook or Twitter right from the pond. You'll be surprised how quickly your action spreads!

Fill your pond!

39 Ripples comes with dozens of quotes built-in as well as the opportunity to earn other quote packs for all occasions. Each pack comes with three sets of 39 quotes, all related to a particular theme. As you continue to create ripples, new packs become available!


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