HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds for iPhone/iPod touch Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: Kai Ye
  • Updated: May, 26 2011
  • Version: 1.42
  • Size: 1.85 MB

Languages: English

Seller: kai ye

- minor bug fix

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
12 Ratings
All Versions:
484 Ratings


Thousands of HD(640x960 Retina) Wallpapers for iPhone & iPod touch

* Windows Phone 7 style UI
* More than 25 categories
* Save/email wallpapers
* Add wallpapers to your favorites

* 3D & abstract
* Fantasy
* Christmas
* Food
* Love
* Black & white
* Animal
* Cat
* Dog
* Horse
* Bird
* Insect
* Water creature
* Plant & flower
* Space
* Sky
* Landscape
* Mountain
* Forest
* Lake & river
* Beach
* Waterfall
* Sunset
* Autumn
* Winter
* Cityscape
* Architecture
* Road
* Farm
* Military
* Aircraft
* Ship
* Other

Customer Reviews

  • Help!!

    by Glorificar

    I can't save to Photos so I can't use as wallpaper

  • Good

    by rlopezsusan123

    I would like to have more catogories

  • Good app but can use more pics

    by Dhcgnvgjnxfbcgv

    Great pictures

  • Good

    by Natenate21

    A good background app

  • awesome

    by Pumpkinpii11

    I love this app!!! But it keeps crashing, fix and it will be a better review

  • 7iob

    by Alsnonsge

    برنامج اكثر من رائع

  • Ok

    by Lola hedgehog

    Don't really get it ...I mean it's fine coming from a 9 year old...hey check out the hedgehog pictures!

  • Ok

    by yeah glee

    The pics r great but it ask u to upgrade every 5 seconds please fix

  • Awesome

    by A

    I have so many horse pictures and other pictures they are all so cool

  • Sweet

    by Moonnnmm

    I love it it has great pics but it asks u to upgrade every like 3 pictures and I had to delete it bcuz it only had one category when I opened it and it was upgrade. But I got it again and it works well and u should get it it's awesome people i love it get it plz it is awesome AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Great high def pics

    by Paco169

    A wealth of great high def pics in multiple categories. Easy to save pics. Recommended!

  • YEY yes nice cool Get this one

    by Abbey123456789

    AWSOME I love it tons of cool wallpaper do not wast your time looking at all the wallpaper Get this one (like I did sorry bye this one

  • I really like this wallpaper app

    by kidsipods

    It has nature animals cars and cool up close pictures of cool objects you would love to put on your iPod or iPod 4, or your phones any way you should get thus awesome wallpaper app!!!!!! Thank You for reading this opinion on what I think about this wallpaper app:)

  • Its cool!


    I love it but my little sis delete it and I try to download it again but it said i all ready have it ;I

  • Awesome

    by Feathers!!!!!!!!!lol

    Awesome simply awesome

  • Good:)

    by Gaby1050

    This app is great! Its a little slow...... But still great pictures. Other people who have bad review everything isnt going to be there at the tap at ur finger!

  • I have to be honest I LOVE this app!!!It loaded Super quick for me, and the pics are beautiful! :)

    by Applepie1964

    Wonderful Pictures!!!

  • So-so

    by Beach gal 101

    Takes a long time to load and pop-up-adds come every once and a while. Other than that, great

  • Poopy app

    by Lawtwirler

    There are to many pop ups and the app needs more categories

  • Great!

    by Ririiriri

    This app is wonderful. I just got my iPod for Christmas so I needed some wallpapers and this is it!! It loads a little slow but people need to be patient!! Thanks!

  • Wallpaper HD?

    by LAJ13

    Nothing of High Definition horrible pics

  • Crash!

    by CupcakesRule101

    When I wrote my first review on this, I gave it 5 stars. I now only give it 2, because when I go into the app now, there only a black screen! All that comes up is the upgrade button! I guess I should have known this from the other reviews. Please fix and I garuntee a better review because it was a great app for the week it worked!

  • Constant crash

    by PurpleGaga

    Seriously with several complaints on crashing you haven't to an update to fix this. So not going for the pro version if you can't fix issues in free version. Pictures are decent to me but I never expect much from these apps.

  • I am getting frustrated!!!

    by HarvardGirl456

    I haven't even been able to open this because every time I tap on a category it CRASHES! Starting to wonder how this got in the top 25... >:( DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  • CRASHES 2 much

    by Shadowcon9

    DONT BUY!!

  • The worst, cant give less than 1

    by Msiafph

    Waste of time, i can only image the upgrade would be the same.


    by bbubblebailey34

    i would suggest not getting this. It is always asking to upgrade and there is not alot of catagories unless u upgrade

  • Not working 

    by Al-najaf

    البرنامج لا يعمل !!!!

  • by Awessome person

    So annoying it keeps asking if I want to upgrade! Like seriously every 4 pictures it ask that!I can't take it I'm deleting this app as soon as I'm done righting this review!!!!!


    by humptydumpty

    It asks every 2 seconds to upgrade. Irritating, to say the least.

  • Horrible

    by katebug27

    Every 3 seconds it will ask u to upgrade and buy a different version of it. Absolutely a don't buy! Also the pictures aren't the best!

  • Very bad

    by Patricia Vinson

    Every second it will ask you you to buy there newer version. I can't count how many times I've hit the no button. NO MEANS FREAKIN NO!

  • Other better ones

    by Jeb1234567890-/:;()$&@".,?!'

    Good wallpapers but every second they ask you to buy their full version

  • Really stupid!!!!!

    by rxluv2008

    The pics are awful i really hate it and every couple of seconds it asks me if i want to bye the upgrade nomader how many times i said NO!!!! Needs more catigories should be rated one star dont wast you storage on this bad app not that many wallpapers!!!!:(

  • Well...........

    by Nime54

    It's ok but I don't really like it. There's not many things that interest me but unless u like landscape and nature get it but if you like other thing I suggest u pass in this one

  • Uggh! Pop ups!

    by Baggy sal

    The app has good pictures, but it takes wayyyyyyyy too long to load and there are pop ups constantly telling me to upgrade! I will probably delete this app…

  • Poop

    by Moun4020

    It keeps asking me to upgrade after every picture I look at! I could hardly even look at the pictures! I already deleted it! And I'm hungry!!!!!!!!

  • Dumb

    by bomber#44

    I hate this app it has no good catagorys and I'd stupid waste of storage!!

  • The review

    by Treeceman01

    The backgrounds are awesome but when I'm looking and to many pop-ups come up when I'm looking


    by Locacrazy

    Every time I even tried to click on a folder of pictures, it would exit out. Dont waste your time. :(

  • Stupid app!

    by PurpleMonster03

    This is stupid! It keeps having the pop up for the military and beach pics. When I say no the first don't have it come up ever single pic I look at to get me to buy it

  • This stinks

    by awsome persone

    this is terrible the first time I opened it it said error please try again and I tried again and it just is a black screen. DON'T GET THIS APP EVER!!!!!

  • Great app

    by Mdj1986

    This app worked great love the photos no problems

  • Not so crazy!

    by Marie022

    Don't get this!It's a RIP OFF!!!

  • 

    by opilmn

     crashes before you can even view any! 

  • It.....

    by 16666666616666666)


  • Crashes

    by AlexMorgan#13

    It crashes all the time. i deleted it. I tried 17 times and it never opened ugh it was so frustrating

  • Useless

    by Labelhoe

    This app is a complete waste of time. Crashes before you can even view the wallpapers. Deleted after trying it 3x.

  • Useless

    by mermaidmal8

    It crashes before I can look at any pictures, every time. Delete!

  • Fine

    by Daydreamerfsl

    The app is fine. It is nothing special.

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