130+ Amazing Illusions(Lite) Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: jun shen
  • Updated: Dec, 11 2009
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 16.92 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: jun shen

fix one bug

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The lite verion of 1,001+Amazing Illusion.
In the lite verion, there are more than 130+ illusion pics.
In the full verion, there are more than 1,001 illusion pics in this App!!!
This app has the largest number of illusion pics in the app store.

All the pics are the best collection of optical illusions.
And each pic almost has one tip to tell you which kind of illusions is this pic.
Own it! let you know "seeing is not believing" : )

+ Keep an eye out for Free updates for even more content!

WARNING: This app contains illusion pictures, which might make sensitive observers dizzy. Should you feel dizzy, you had better close the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Skylar Shyanne

    It did work for me I'm not going to be mean and like some reviews call people losers but no offense but it may be your device:)

  • Okay

    by Kolido

    This app is really cool and don't listen to other people because it DOES work, and I love it!!!!!

  • Ummm try better

    by serb girl

    This one works it works now its a good app i like it and THE ILLUSIONS WORK!!!! try looking better take MY MY MY advice dont listen to those other losers that lie.

  • Good.

    by Aliengarn

    Good, for file M add the tips! some of them I do not understand.

  • nice

    by gingerbitchhhhhhhhh!


  • Fijh

    by Chjhjjzji


  • CRASHING

    by c00kie_m0nster#1

    It keeps crashing fix it

  • Kool App, Think about It...

    by : ) -Alicia aka Fizzy

    Ok, so yea, most of is have already seen these images on a com. But Now they are mobile.... And they are just cool to look at.... I'm not high as a freaking kite, or just plain 'retarded' as some people remarked but yes... I gave it 5 stars! I like the app!!

  • Listen

    by Rband5

    Ok first i have to admit most of these dont work but there are a few that do and for illusions to work you have to relax and let your mind just stare at it besides its free so just lay off a little

  • WAt thE hECk

    by Peace, Luv<3, Dance! :)

    i dont even understand this appEven if you click on the "hint" button, it doesnt even help uOptical Illusions is  bet r than this crap

  • That is ok

    by krippled

    That was ok for for now


    by Annie 4532

    I wasted my time on this dumb app that doesn't work it only stays on the loading part ^~^

  • Bad App

    by 123456789098768768764687531klk

    As I was playing this I found no illusions worked, I was going faster and faster to get through them cause I was bored, and if u want 2 get an illusion game get a different one. This one is just plane stupid would never entertain me. I uninstalled it pretty quick. The fact I'm taking the time to tell u not to download this is saying something.

  • Bad!!

    by John cena 56789

    First it say loading the u wait and it closes!!

  • Not good

    by No nicknames available!!

    The only illusion that actually works is the loading screen.

  • Crashes!!!!

    by Prettiest girl in the worlds

    Well it says loading then it crashes it doesn't even open in the first place there should be better apps right???

  • Don't get!

    by Charlie Keller

    It is a wast of time and when it's loding it crashes

  • Doesnt even open

    by Dragonballzlover227


  • Ads get in the way

    by SupaK1928

    The ads always cut off the bottom part of the illusion so you may not get the actual effect because part of the picture is missing.

  • Crash!!!!!!!!!!

    by Boopppooooopoo


  • lame.

    by Rosie_Bright

    It's just... Lame. Not good. Not bad enough for one star, but then I deleted it after about five minutes of browsing. Most didn't work. And to the person who said "it might be your device", a device shouldn't change anything. It's an optical illusion. Just a picture. Not animated, so a device is beside the point. Anyway, it's just not worth taking the time for it to download or look at.


    by $:()

    It is horrible!!!!

  • Crashes

    by Hotchocolate^^

    It loads for quite a time and then crashes! This was a waste of my time (and to everybody else's who downloaded this app)

  • CRASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Mrs.BeautyQueen


  • How this much stinks

    by Damjkdhdja

    This stinks so bad I think it should be poop....... But how do u make the pic


    by Sljudson

    I've never gotten the app to open. It says "loading" at the bottom for about 15 seconds, then crashes/closes.

  • by PaRaNoRmAl627



    by Random Person...

    THIS APP STINKS!!!!!!!

  • Are they joshing us???

    by Livvie <33

    I was about to download it, bit the sample illusions at theta bottom, the middle one on impossible objects, the one that kinda looks like the washington monument, how in the world is that impossible ????

  • Hey u no how there's a illusion while it loads

    by Kinda Lame backgrounds

    Hey it loads then x Ed out

  • Stupid

    by CRazyKIDdo :P

    Most of them didn't even work

  • SO FAKE!!!!!

    by Doodlebot3,000

    Most of the pictures don't even make any sense!!!!!!!!also the tips are wrong!!! This really wasted my time so whatever u do DONT BUY THIS APP!!!!!

  • Lame

    by ladyrama

    This app is really stupid. I didnt get many of the illusions.

  • Do not waste your time to buy

    by 117legend

    This even though it's free is a waste of time to download. Not one illusion works.

  • Fake illuoions zero

    by Savvy star


  • Help!

    by Alltalent99

    Does anybody know what pic's folder and full version are? Please say yes! :-/

  • Worst!

    by Go :)

    The worst app ever! It should not have been made. Don't even think about getting it.

  • Horrible

    by diamonds54CA

    This was horrible I started using it and as soon as I got on a add opened and then after viewing ten illusians it quit out and wouldn't open! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Horrible

    by Stansa33

    Don't get this app


    by Critiz4k

    Only the first page works.

  • Don't get it

    by Ccaattt

    Horrible. I would not recomend this game to anyone. I am very suprised it got a star I would rate it.5 it is so bad. If you were to get a diffrent app you should get expando face it is fun and makes scence. Si remember I would not recomend this at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid!

    by SmileyGirl9475

    Oh my gosh! This is such a stupid app! None of the illusions are good and it's retarded. This is not like the pictures they show above. Do not download this app. It's a waste of time!

  • Nothing interesting

    by theoDoor GO!

    the illusions are already seen before, so I deleted it

  • Don't get

    by Alycat2469

    The illusions don't even look real or interesting

  • Wow, really?!

    by Sammie Jay.

    Wow, total waste of time. It kicks me out right when I open it. Don't get it.

  • Not real illusions!!!!!

    by Lechner

    Horrible didn't even look remotely real

  • Peace of crap

    by NJ girl 707

    I wouldn't evan give it a zero It takes such a long time to download and wen ur done it comes out to crappy such horse shot

  • Disappointing!!! : (

    by Chickie100

    This app is nothing like I thought it would be. The illusions hardly even worked and what was the point of the tips if many of them didn't even have any?! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Ufifuxcgiclhkfzc

    WORST illusion app ever a bunch if stupid non illusion pics they dont even put an explenation of wat u are wasting ur time looking at

  • Worst game

    by Shortcake Reviews

    Worst app ever

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