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A person's date of birth and gender are believed to determine some of the major traits of an individual, as well as Feng Shui elements that can help one to achieve his or her goals.

This application will calculate the auspicious and inauspicious directions for a person based on the gender and birthdate.

By learning your directions, you may improve daily lives and working environment, as well as refining areas for potential self development.

There are 4 auspicious directions and 4 inauspicious directions in everyone's life. For optimal success and harmony you should sleep and work and sit with your head pointed to your auspicious directions.

The inauspicious direction alerts you to what you should avoid. Eg, if you are sleeping with your bed pointing to your inauspicious direction, it will bring health trouble in your life

For iPhone 3GS the compass will adjust following the direction.
For older iphone and ipod touch, it will always pointing upward


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