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Feng shui calendar is a very useful tool to attract luck, success and happiness. According to Chinese theory, every day is effected by 1 of the power of 5 elements (water, wood, fire, metal and earth). Every person is being influenced by these five elements, some elements coordinate and stimulate the person's energy, the other elements only weigh down.
Its very important to choose good day for important activity like signing contract, starting a construction project or even gambling.
So when you are planning important event do not forget to bring it into correlation with Feng Shui Calendar. Plan your date of engagement or marriage only on favorable for you days, so you will have passion love and trust during whole mutual life. You should always bring into correlation important negotiations and trade dates with with Feng Shui Calendar, you will be amazed with your luck!
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Customer Reviews

  • NO INFO - forces purchase

    by Appledelicious

    waste of time - there is no future info (only old info on which days are good and bad days) forces user to purchase app to provide info on future dates

  • Not free

    by Grumpy frumpy

    It's not free and not accurate at all. Waste of time.

  • Don't bother to download!

    by Carina Lin SE

    This app only shows u wads in for e past dates, if u want to check for today or any later, u hv to upgrade! How do we know how accurate is this anyway? At least give a trial version to begin with!

  • Free but not free

    by Endless_783

    This app looks interesting but when you go to use feng shui pro straight away it tells you, you have to purchase it for $1.99. Which makes me wonder why feng shui pro's price is free and the non pro version is $1.99 since both need to be bought. What is the difference between the both and why say it is free when it is not?

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