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Have you ever felt that you should do something special for your boyfriend or husband? Something that makes him smile, that enlivens his soul. It's the small gestures that you do for him that matter. In this app accompanied by beautiful pictures, have a look at 50 wonderful ways in which you can be romantic and spark up your love life.

If there was ever created an emotion so strong, so pure, so supreme; it was love. God bestowed upon us humans the power to love all His creations. It's true that when you give love, you receive it too. Find out new ways in which you can be romantic and show your love to your husband/boyfriend.

Revive your romance with this app as it takes you on a picturesque journey of love and compassion. With 50 ways to show you how you can be romantic, you won't be disappointed as there's something for everyone. These are simple and easy gestures to make him realize the intensity of your love for him. Make him feel special in a new way every day.

Customer Reviews

  • Cute, but misleading.

    by Deed ghb

    All 50 romantic tips are cute and make you go "aww" but they are really what women want from men, sure I bet men want the cute romance stuff too but....thing you should target to sell this to men for their girls.

  • Awwww

    by Thisnamehasalreadybeentakenn

    That's adorable. :)

  • Ideas for men to do.

    by Loli/tot

    Most of these are pretty typical womanly wants, the title and description of this app is very misleading!

  • Made by a woman

    by Dingleberry8807

    This app is a sweet thought, but unrealistic. It was clearly made by a woman. There were probably 10 really good ideas that would make a man happy. The rest were ideas that women want from men. There's nothing wrong with that, just label it as things women wish men did for them. Guys just want to be told they're big and strong and that they turn you on.

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