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"You've got to be kidding", you may well be thinking, "Four minutes? What kind of workout can I get in four minutes?" Well, as it turns out, an extremely effective one. Stressing quality over quantity and helping you avoid the common mistake of over training, add 4 Minute Workout Timer to your repertoire. You save yourself valuable time, all the while improving your health and wellness; it's a win-win situation! Whether you're looking to increase strength, tone and firm your body, or just increase flexibility, there's plenty of routines out there you can use with 4 Minute Timer to get in the best shape of your life.

The workout consists of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise followed by ten seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated for four minutes, or a total of eight intense intervals. Most people believe they need at least about 30 to 45 minutes of continuous activity to get an effective daily workout. But they’re wrong. Clinical studies have revealed that you can achieve greater total aerobic benefits from an intense “full range of motion” workout in only 4 minutes.

These intervals can be incorporated into any fitness regiment. Boxers can use it for bag and mitt work. Those interested in mixed martial arts can use the intervals for calisthenics and circuit training. Use 4 Minute Timer to freshen and spice up anything from stretching and weight lifting to sprints, jogs, and yoga stretches.

The beauty of this timer is it's designed to allow the user to set his/her own workout interval. Beginners may require more rest between intervals while some may like to jog with intervals of sprinting in between. To keep you concentrated on your intervals, the 4 Minute Workout Timer has audible alerts to keep you on track when intervals begin and end or when the workout is complete.

4 Minute Timer works with all generations of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch.

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