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Languages: English

Seller: Individuate LLC

• New module: Academic Job Talk for Assistant Professors. Specific prompts for tenure-track social science faculty interviews. Written by a department chair at an Ivy League college along with her friends, colleagues, and co-authors.
• Geeky: Backend service API updates.
• Also added additional love.

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Ace It! is the fastest way to increase your self-confidence and make a great first impression.

Developed by a social psychologist and a software entrepreneur, use Ace It! to prepare for job interviews, sales calls, or first dates.

• Make a great first impression
• Perfect your job interviewing skills and land you the job you want
• Reduce anxiety and sail through first dates without awkwardness
• See how your prospect sees you on a sales call
• Get back on track if you become flustered and recover from any social interaction

• Flubbed a job interview because you weren't prepared enough?
• Felt awkward on a first date because you didn't expect THAT question?
• Thought you actually COULD have closed that sale, if only...?
• Wondered how others really see you?

• Each question screen shows a professional tip designed to increase your range of expression 
• Stretch your emotional range and learn the internal feelings that look good on the outside
• Ace It! integrates core insights from social-psychological research to help you succeed

• Practice responding to questions you expect to receive
• Increase congruity between your body language and tone of voice
• Your own cultural code-switching practice — learn to easily adapt to different audiences and expectations and look your best

"Great practice for technical interviews." —Robert K., Silicon Valley

"I highly recommend using this before making a video or getting in front of a group." –Gerry B., SF, CA

"Ace it! has been a huge asset to me in my job search." –John L., Utah

“It’s very easy to use, I like that.” —Minneapolis woman who got a new job in an industry where she didn't have any experience.

"I had no idea I looked the way I did. It was easy to fix, I knew right away what to do, the very first time I used the app." —Elie V., Brooklyn, New York

"This is a brilliant app because you actually get better at being yourself as it records your responses to thought-provoking questions." —Douglas C., Instructional Designer

"I can't believe how much better I got after 3 or 4 videos." —40-year old New England web developer

"I would love to use this to practice interviewing." —College senior in CT, worried about the job market

"Well done!" —Jim M., New Hampshire


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