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New version fixes bugs while running under iOS 5.

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"When we engage in a daily relationship with angels, our lives become filled with a vast array of heavenly sparks that inform us of the divinity within even the most mundane activities … Come and see for yourself how to invoke angels, and discover a new way to experience your world."
—Rabbi David A. Cooper

The App ebook does not contain the audio component that the original printed book had.

Have you ever experienced something so extraordinary as to leave you wondering whether some higher power or force were responsible? "We do not need to sit and wait for the finger of Grace to tap us on the shoulder," explains Rabbi David A. Cooper, "rather, we can practice the invocation of angels—cultivating profound experiences that immediately open us to guidance and blessings from the Divine." Invoking Angels presents a complete program of daily meditations and prayers to help practitioners of any faith find self-empowerment through an active relationship with angels, which Cooper views as an energetic realm that serves as a medium in which God, humankind, and all of creation are interconnected.

Join this master kabbalist, scholar, and storyteller as he takes us back to the teachings of the Torah, the Bible, and other sacred texts to reveal the original vision of angels and the universe we co-create with them.

Customer Reviews

  • Book disguised as an app, without a CD

    by VIViUl

    This is not an app, but a book, which makes it quite difficult to read, as apps are not designed to be ereaders. Also, there are exercises for invoking angels through meditation by following specific tracks on the CD. The original book obviously comes with a CD, the app doesn't, making it only half useful:( Good content but overall a poor offering. Especially for the price.

  • App crashes

    by BuddyCon

    The app crashes everytime I use it. The embedded audio tracks in the document also do not work. I hope an update is forthcoming fixing these problems otherwise it would be a $14.00 waste.


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