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Fixes crash when downloading recipes from the website

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Easier, more accurate baking using weight measurements!

Most professional bakers use weight to measure ingredients instead of volume. Instead of 4 cups of flour, 400 grams might be called for. Measuring dry ingredients by weight can give much more consistent results, especially for packable ingredients like flours or brown sugar. For sticky liquid ingredients like honey or molasses, measuring spoons can leave half the measured amount stuck to the inside of the spoon. Measuring by weight gives accurate results every time.

Most baking recipes are written to use volumes since most home kitchens have no shortage of measuring cups and spoons but are usually light on cooking scales. Fortunately good cooking scales can be had for $20-30. ByWeight helps you convert your existing recipes.

Converting recipes from volume to weight requires knowledge of the density of each ingredient. One cup of water isn't the same as one cup of shortening. Even a cup of all purpose (AP) flour differs enough in weight from a cup of bread flour that it makes a significant difference. ByWeight knows the densities of dozens of common baking ingredients, and it makes it easy to add in your own favorite ingredients too. If you know the weight of a given quantity of something (just weigh a cup on your scale), you can easily add the ingredient to ByWeight including an optional picture. If you find the weights of the included ingredients don't match those of what's available in your local market, you can easily customize any ingredient. All recipes will be automatically recalculated.

Nutrition Info:

Ever wondered how many calories were in Aunt Mabel's prize winning fudge? Well assuming you can get her to part with the recipe, ByWeight can help. ByWeight estimates nutrition data from the ingredients in your recipes. You might not like what you see, but at least you'll know just how sinfully delicious Auntie's fudge really is.

Sharing Recipes:

Sharing your favorite recipes and browsing others' favorites is a great way to find tasty new ideas. ByWeight allows you to upload your favorite recipes (along with any custom ingredients) and share them with others through a website.

You can browse and search for recipes on the web or right in ByWeight on your iPhone. You can also email recipes to friends, share on Twitter or FaceBook, and even print recipes out right from your iDevice.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs work

    by HVAC enginerd

    No reviews were available until after I had wasted two bucks. App thinks a cup of sugar weighs nearly 50 pounds! Completely screwy conversions.

  • Don't buy until he fixes the crashing problem.

    by Help1

    Don't buy until he fixes the crashing problem. Every time you change the volume from cup to to tablespoon or any other volume it shuts off. If you can put in a ingredient the nutrition value never changes from 0

  • Constantly Crashes

    by Hq32

    This app is a good idea, but it crashes each time I try to use it for the conversions I need. Completely useless for me. A fix would be nice.

  • Crashes every time

    by fritos5579

    Just bought this app, and it crashes every single time I try to switch from g to oz with every ingredient. I prefer to contact customer support before writing negative reviews, but I can't find any way to contact the developer of this app to complain about this problem. I hope they read this and fix the problem. Until then don't waste your money like I did.

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