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Put the fun back into designing kids’ rooms with the latest iPhone and iPad app from Houzz. Browse, save and share thousands of big, beautiful photos of inspiring kids’ spaces. Filter spaces by age group, and get information on the pros who designed them. Tap through guides to creating soothing nurseries, fun toddlers' rooms, flexible shared bedrooms, and spaces for bigger kids to teens. Explore thousands of just-right children's products, from furniture and storage to toys and accessories, each hand-picked to put a smile on the face of parents and kids alike. All from the best resource for home design on the net.

What the Press has to say about Houzz:

• "Wikipedia of interior and exterior design" - CNN

• "A digital look book for interior-decorating ideas" - The Wall Street Journal.

• "It's the Flickr of design idea sites" - The Washington Post.

• "One of the most comprehensive collections of home design images on the iPad" - The Independent.

• "Could be the ultimate home decorating resource!" - Fox43 / WPMT-TV.

• "Quite an addictive site" - San Francisco Chronicle

Customer Reviews

  • Inspiring Pix

    by Believer beaver

    Love this App! I can spend hours going through pix on here. Would give 5 stars, except I'd like to see more product tags. I often see things I like & don't where to get them. It seems the majority of product tags are high end items. Would like to see more paint choices & less expensive decorative items as well or if custom built furniture, what company built it.

  • Fun

    by Tagt

    Great concept. Just needs more photos/ideas :)

  • Light on content yet


    I'd love to see more indoor playspaces.

  • Great ideas

    by Scott62741

    Lots of high quality photos and good advice. Love the "great gear" section with product ideas.

  • Fun for my kids too!

    by lhhaus

    My kids love using this to design their dream space, totally empowering!

  • This is Amazing!

    by ReneeZz

    Lots of fantastic high-quality photos! OMG they are way too cute!

  • Love it

    by USMC_Sniper

    Awesome App!!!!!

  • Eh.

    by Coolout

    Nothing particularly new or innovative, not very many things that real people with real income could implement. It's clear in many cases that the designers don't actually know any kids (or have never been kids?!), and some of the designs are just bizarre - four or five beds in a room where the owners are clearly millionaires and could split things up a bit! There are a few cute (again, not new) ideas, though.

  • Can't pin

    by Sucmyfukinballz

    Pinning from this app would make it more appealing.

  • Love it!!!!

    by Orquy

    I can spend hours looking at this app and there are always new ideas updated.

  • Wow!

    by inpunkprincess

    This couldn't have come at a better time. I have the first Houzz app and it's so helpful and inspiring, my own online haven and I tried many times to look for nursery ideas since I'm having my first baby and I need some pointers and I come across this only for kidz and I just couldn't ask for more. 5 stars!

  • Where are the prices to the tagged items?

    by Paigesmomma

    I love the houzz app because when you touch the little price tags, it will pull up the item, where it's sold and the price of the item. All I get is a photo with this one. I would really like to know where I can purchase these items. If they fix it, I would give it 20 stars.

  • So handy

    by Benjamin Straley

    Terrific app. Tons and tons of great ideas and pictures. Easy for kids to pick out their own dream room.

  • Well done

    by Colin Gillingham

    This app is so easy to use - and has enough beautiful photos to keep me browsing and inspired for hours every time I've opened it. Love it!

  • fun and informative

    by anniekendall

    I think it's great that everything is all in one place — ideabooks, products, and photos. It's easy to use and the spaces are so inspiring.

  • Amazing!

    by Sawyer456

    This app is fantastic--I loved the original already, but the kids app I like the cherry on top of the sundae. Tons of beautiful and inspiring photos and products. Best of all, it's so easy to use! The design is so cute--I could spend hours on this... So dangerous.

  • Fun and easy to use!

    by kaglass

    Cute interface that is so easy to use. Love the ideas and beautiful photos. What's not to love?!

  • Beautiful

    by liz_1212

    This is very timely, as I am redesigning my son's bedroom. Love it!

  • Let down

    by T.S. from Michigan

    I imagine they'll make this better in time. Here's why we don't like it: interface is poorly designed (made to look like its for kids, navigation is odd), it seems like it shows the same photos in the same order every time (making it redundant and useless from a content perspective), the addition of the marketplace (gear) feels forced and is buggy at best (also leaves a bad taste). I understand they need to monetize, but why is this app necessary? Just add a kids category to the original app.

  • Mediocre Content

    by Spuds187

    Original Houzz is great. The content in the kids version is sub par. Furniture arranged poorly. Many rooms are horribly over painted. Nothing like the beautiful inspiring content of the original app.

  • Love houzz but...

    by Katfull

    With this version I can't log in with my FB account so I can't save anything to my idea book.

  • Not seeing any new rooms :(

    by Klyn0709

    It must be user error because I've read other reviews stating that the app is constantly updated with new rooms. I've had the app for a while now and I'm still looking at the same rooms???

  • The same

    by babydollBM

    To me this did not help. Houzz kid rooms has less options then regular houzz

  • Won't letme log in with my Houzz ID

    by MedspaBoise

    I have tried and tried to log in with my Houzz ID. please fix this glitch!

  • Nothing new

    by GrassTiger

    No more inspiring than looking through a catalog.

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