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- iOS 7 Compatibility
- Minor bugfixes

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★ To go further and higher ★

The Natal Chart application allows you to discover the astrological chart corresponding to your birth.

Do you know your actual ascendant? What planets are your rulers, those which define your strengths and weaknesses, your qualities and your flaws?

What are the keys to achieve fulfilment in your life? All these are written in your birth chart.

With your Natal Chart, you will discover all the astrological aspects that are ruling your personality and your relatives personalities in an instant.The Natal Chart application provides an instant display of the planets and their aspects (planetary interactions) according to your birth date, time and city/area. It also provides a comprehensive and extensive analysis and interpretation of their influences over your daily behaviour.

The Natal Chart application is intuitive and easy to use. You can handle several profiles at the same time: yours, those of your romantic partners, friends, family and professional contacts. The Sky map, also known as star chart or star map, is an essential help for all those wishing to learn more about themselves and to overcome some blocks, as well as to learn how to act with the others.

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The Sky map is an instant chart of the sky, at a very precise time. It is the personal astral chart of each person. Also known as chart, star chart or simply horoscope, it is the foundation of every analysis performed by the astrologer.

The sky map is divided into twelve houses, each representing a component of the life of the person. The planets transit in each of these houses and form aspects between themselves. The first six houses deal with the personal and inward life of the intodividual born under a specific sign while the last six houses cover his social and outward life.

This application requires an Internet connection.

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Customer Reviews

  • Personal Blueprint

    by Kimik247

    It defiantly shows how each birth sign is more like a finger print. And how NO TWO GEMINI's or any other sign are even CLOSE with personality traits although similar but very scientific. Very WELL DONE with this app!! I use it alot with horoscope analysis! It does what in the past would take me 4 books to look up and planet alignment.... It's a GREAT APP and when you have the actual time of birth EVEN more ACCURATE!!! Very COOL!!

  • Stacie Catron

    by Stay6c

    I got the app to compare to my birth charts I did by hand.. I got the ascending planet wrong on all my hand made ones but everything else was rite.. After redoing the ascending the charts matched... SO I DID GOOD ON MY OWN AND READY TO EXPLORE MORE

  • An amazing app

    by Smokingjoe111

    The charts are correct. Prior to this I didn't know much about astrology, so this app comes as a shocker, it revealed a part of me that has been buried for the longest time. Keep up the good work!

  • Excellent App!

    by CateBlank

    The charts are correct. Interpretations are given. Easy to use! (The writing, though, is odd. It's as if it's been poorly translated from another language.)

  • Worthy Price, Worthy Effort

    by Somewhat_There

    I bought this app with confidence, assured by positive feedback in the reviews. Indeed, I was not deceived! ! It is a joy to finally have access to reliable, easy-to-use, illuminating natal chart software. Bravo.

  • Wow

    by Sbella2689

    It was pretty accurate

  • It was all there in black & white!

    by GmaHula

    I know my chart when I see it. This app charted my natal chart as closely as the one created for me years ago. I am very satisfied with this app. Highly reccommend.

  • Tells it like it is

    by Alice - like in Wonderland

    Right on the money! Insightful and fun app.

  • Great App

    by Simone Petrovich

    Quick, accurate, comprehensive and aesthetically perfect on the iPhone.

  • Very Good

    by xandersresearchlab

    This is an excellent program, easy to use and very accurate. Described me to a T. Going to do one for my mother. Recommend it.

  • Natal Chart

    by Electrification Energentic

    Very detailed covers it all! I am impressed and would highly recommend purchase.

  • Very nice

    by Slimtwisty

    This is pretty cool, seems to be accurate. I like it a lot because I have learned quite a bit about family and friends.

  • Incredible!!! Thank you for making this!

    by Matthew Hansell

    I am a professional astrologer and meta-physicist among many many many other great things but wow! I really approve of this app! Thanks again ;-) keep up the good work!

  • I give it 5 stars

    by Nur777

    I love this application & is very real. Thank u !!!!!

  • Great

    by zara400

    Hits my personality to a "T".even the negative parts.;)

  • Pretty good

    by Androx

    Id say it's one of the better natal chart analysis apps out there, grammar is definitely an issue, and organization/functionality of the chart itself could be cleaned up a bit...

  • Recommend it to anyone

    by LunaBambina

    I am SOOO in love with this app. Anyone who enjoys astrology should for sure have it.

  • Está bien, pero hay que mejorarla.

    by Indalo54

    Debería tener la versión en castellano. Debería poder copiarse para tener el estudio completo en otro documento. Debería revisarse el ingles. Se necesita explicaciones sobre que es cuadratura, trigono etc. Le falta aun, pero funciona bien lo que tiene. Saludos

  • Wish listing

    by AriInNYC

    I agree with the need of this app's grammar and would also like to see daily work and live horoscopes based on natal charts. offers this service (and also does so for free).

  • Mr

    by Sacredlimit

    Excellent app. Spot on in it's readings. Needs some English and grammar help in some places, but the meanings are solid. Even better than a reading that I paid 100$ for. You will love it if you're serious about knowing about yourself and others

  • Waste of money!!!! Don't buy!!!

    by 219 User

    I have to click one star to send a review but it's not worth that. Refund please!!!! App never changes location away from France no matter how many different dates or locations or birth times that I input. Please don't waste your money.

  • Natal chart

    by shiloh540

    This is a simple program an definitely just for fun. The bad thing is you can not download or print ant of the information.

  • Do not waste your money!!

    by JaneBerlinH

    Not worth it! Not correct!

  • Meh

    by Katep248024

    This app is not worth the money. If there were additional features such as comparability then it may be worth the money.

  • Ok

    by 235851380

    It's better than nothing. The bad grammar from the French translation makes it hard to understand sometime, but it does try to be very detailed.

  • Listen to the other reviews

    by Workin 2 job mom

    The grammar errors are horrible and you can't even understand what it's saying!!!!

  • Don't purchase

    by JIR73

    Only works if your city is in the database which is apparently limited. However, you won't find this out until you pay for the app. Total waste of my $.

  • Good not great

    by JojohnD

    On a scale from 1-10, I'll give it a 71/2.

  • Not worth the money

    by RosieInz

    I was expecting something much more in depth and am very disappointed. This provides only the most basic of interpretations. And, as others have said, it is full of spelling errors. Part of paragraph was left out completely, ending mid-sentence. This app is, unfortunately, a waste of money.

  • Pretty Good

    by TaurusDragon

    I have had my chart done professionally and this app is very close/accurate. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because there are some grammar errors that make it initially a little difficult to understand, but if you go back and re-read it, it all makes sense.

  • Yay!

    by lawrd3

    It's great! :3

  • Very Nice

    by iMan5786

    I just wish they provided more information as to how we are to read the charts, what the information represents, rather that what it means.

  • Great

    by Wya99

    We love it

  • Love it!!!

    by suzie dahlgren

    Love it

  • I love this app

    by djunaverse

    This program comes in handy when you need it. I love being able to do a chart anywhere any time.

  • Very Handy

    by crazygoddess999

    Grammar aside, this app is proving very useful. I mostly can interpret the charts on my own, but what I was lacking was a way to save an easily portable copy of a chart without resorting to drawing it myself and carrying a folder everywhere. This app solved my problem.

  • Horrible!!! Does not work!!!

    by Mmind.

    I can't get it to do anything! Total waste of money!!! It should be illegal to charge for apps that do not work!!!!

  • I love how it breaks it down!

    by Ryoko_Kenshin

    It shows lots of the united states cities! Breaks down your chart easily. Allows lots of different charts of your friend. I would recommend this to people with lots of friends and family!

  • Natal Charts

    by Jenifed

    While the writing may lack eloquence and is in need of copy-editing big time, anyone with basic intelligence can decipher the intended message relatively easily. Overall, the app is informative and entertaining~ worth the price for sure. It is not as time-specific as a generalized horoscope reading, but is definitely more personalized because it formulates a reading based on an individual birthday/place/time and the planetary coordinates in relation to that exact moment. I believe an in-app purchase is available for the breakdown of specifics in relation to a shorter time period. (overview of days/weeks/months as opposed to just years)

  • Accurate

    by modsto

    I have been looking up natal charts for years with my own program. I was happy to find that all of this app was accurate. I would gladly go through and correct the grammatical errors, in exchange a discussion about doing "relationship" or pairs of people with natal charts?

  • Crystal

    by sweetness51

    I really like the app. The translation is sometimes strange but I eventually get it..overall it's lots of information..

  • Not bad

    by capngrundle

    It does have a lot of spelling errors but it's a good app

  • Natal Charts (Theme Astral)

    by Deborahdvs

    Thise seems like it could be a good app, but whoever is writing it does not know how to speak or write in English. There are so many spelling and grammar errors that it is sometimes hard to understand what they are trying to say. It is WAAAAYYYYY too expensive for what you get out of it. Very disappointing...... If it were free, at least I could delete it without guilt.

  • Great app!

    by Baby062

    Best app ever for this category

  • Not bad

    by Badia85

    It's best if ur born on foreign country, even so they only have lists of capital of diff country. It told me the same natal chart as where-fortune app. It matches my personality.

  • Medium

    by Crgeshauna1

    Some good aspects- the actual chart- some major Us cities not listed. French translation is hard to get try meaning in English...please fix this!

  • Not Impressed!

    by LBD11

    I can't get it off of Paris daily transits or French language no matter how many edits and changes I make. It also show my incorrect rising sign. I am not impressed! Don't waste your money on this app.

  • Natal chart

    by Lheuer2007

    Really cool just wish it would gave descriptions of what in Venus means or any of the other plants. How they effect our personality in which aspects.

  • Yes

    by Torch2k4

    Finally something! It's the best!

  • No Cities in the US?

    by Jnoeding

    I found it so weird that there are no cities in the United States! That doesn't make any sense. It would be amazing if that was updated.

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