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Misc Bugs related to HiFi2, HAI Dock, and stale temps.

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Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a whole home remote control. Homeowners and property managers with an HAI control system can view and adjust lighting levels/scenes, temperatures, security settings, surveillance video, audio, and more.

View Event Logs to see when your child came home or an employee left

View real-time IP video (Simple to add new cameras!)

View security system status, arm or disarm the alarm,

Adjust climate settings including humidity control

Security including access control

Control all lights and additional loads.

Ability to make small adjustments such as wakeup time or irrigation hours

***Requires 3.2 (3.4 recommended) firmware in your ethernet enabled controller, and port forwarding in your router. For questions, please visit our support forum, or call our technical support department***

Customer Reviews

  • Don't pay attention to all the previous reviews

    by Ga as bro

    There seems to be a lot of complaining, but I have nothing but great luck with this software. It's been working fine on all 8 of my Apple products, including iPads and iPhones. Some people that have never tried to design software have no idea what it is like and how hard it can be to shoot for a moving taget. Technology changes constantly with all the new versions coming out overnight and everyone expects everything to work together perfectly all the time. It's just not that simple sometimes.

  • Did work well. Now can't run setup

    by WaltLane

    This app worked well as far as I'm concerned. Bugs were all worked out over time. However since the latest release months ago you cannot retrieve the Setup from your panel. I have all Omni Pro IIe panels. Hope programmer fixes soon. Goes through the motion of pulling all the data and that at the very end the app crashes and exits. Help!

  • Better than expected!

    by Vdrawde

    I just downloaded this app and it works quite well. I am more than pleased with the way it offers full automation control. Thanks HAI!

  • Big Ben

    by BenFreire

    I have install a lot of this system and for the purpose is being used work fine There is a bug to retrieve the info from the panel but as long you know how to trick the system you I'll be fine You just have to change the name than retrieve, save, go back and change name back and save again It will work fine Good look

  • Temporary fix for Retrieve Setup error

    by jrnkempa

    I don't like crashes but HAI has responsive tech support. The app works well but could be more refined. They should do more with the "rooms" functionality. So a 3 star. They provided the following fix for when the Retrieve Setup function crashes - It worked on my iPad 2, Snaplink Mobile Ver 1.08 and an OPII controller with firmware 3.11B "in fact this is a known bug which we hope to have fixed in the next release [of Snaplink Mobile]. In the meantime we do have a workaround. Edit the account settings [on the iPad] and change the name of the account slightly, (remove/add one letter of the name) and save it. Now you should be able to retrieve setup completely. (you can change the name back to its original name now too)"

  • Great app

    by Hotwireconnections

    Great apps .. Works great with the i4 and the i5.. No problems .. Wish the gui will fill the i5 screen but that's the same with almost all the apps.

  • Ancient

    by Joe Mariano, Jr.

    Consider A new system. Spend way too much time resetting & fixing issues. When in my house I am better off walking to thermostat, or control panel then trying to maneuver thru the app that works only 50% of the time. Great idea if it worked. Audio section should have an "all on/off" button for each zone so you don't have do each one individually.

  • Crashes on iOS 6 when retrieving setup

    by ThePwnerer

    Please fix this ASAP hai... Us dealers need our products running 100% all the time.

  • Good app but...

    by Bobf2010

    App crashes on iPhone 5 when retrieving setup within the setup menu. Any idea when this can be updated?

  • Works almost fine

    by Dave46468686

    Everything works except the Temp screen is blank

  • Works with IO6

    by Mike051443

    I'm using 6 with no HAI problems.

  • Version 1.08 appears bug free

    by Pugtech1

    It's been a bumpy road, but I can't find any bugs in v1.08 of this great app.

  • Automate

    by Home Auto

    This is the best Home Automation Ap on the Market. HAI is by far the best for Home Automation. If professionally installed , the OMNI Systems with this Ap can't be beat for checking on your property . I highly recommend HAI .No issues with this Ap Works Fantastic!

  • like it

    by Youstra

    Great for controlling your home if you have an OmniPro controller in there (which is great in its own right). These guys also generally continue to upgrade w/o sticking you with new versions you have to buy. .. Read all my reviews on ..

  • 1.03 Version is working well. Version 1.02 was buggy.

    by Puucchh

    Go ahead - upgrade to 1.03. I've noticed no problems. I've been using the 1.03 app for a few weeks now. I have two OmniPro II panels in two houses. One panel has a 3.2 chip and the other is flash upgradable and has their latest version. All functions are working well. HAI, thanks for the update.

  • Seeming Better!

    by ddb7

    It does appear this latest version fixed the non-refreshing data issue that made the last version unusable. Thanks. While waiting for the fix, I bought Haiku. Some good things in it that HAI could use for a version 2 product that takes advantage of the iPad screen size.

  • Zero Usability

    by KiddBuilder

    Spent 2 months trying to get this ap to work. I did port forwarding, static IP, tried 3 different routers and, despite a valiant effort from HAI tech support, could not even download settings once. Their final response, "It should be working. No idea what is wrong". Very sorry I spent so many hours wasting my life on this product.

  • Left out in the dust by HAIKU

    by Sue5066

    Seriously!! It is almost 2 years without updates. What happened--Programmer got fired? This app is outdated and won't work with Ipad2. Need serious updating.

  • Could not get it to work

    by BobGic

    What a waste

  • Terrible app doesn't work

    by LuckyLu25

    Very very unreliable!!! Only works about 2% of the time! The other 98% it says error connecting! Total waste of $50! Wish I hadn't wasted my money!!!

  • Significant Disappointment

    by HAI PowerUser

    HAI's track record of maintaining, supporting, and updating software is one of the worst in the industry, and the story is no different for this app. McLellan and company seem to be oblivious to any consumer expectations of quality, reliability, and enhancement.

  • Need iPad version

    by Edwinc2011

    The app keeps crashing after i update i can not save the settings. Please fixxxxxxxxxxx ittttttt asapppp Great app. Love it so far but I will like it to be able to be compatible with remote from apple and also pandora . Pls make it happen Thank you Edwin Second review? Nothing has happened so far not even a response from hai . I wondered if they care about their customers.

  • Very poor product!!!!!!!

    by Soja671

    I bought this system with my new house being built and they told us we needed this app when we activate our system in order to use our apple devices to control functions thru our devices it has been a nightmare since we installed it. Yes it works when your in the house connected to wifi. But as soon as you start to drive away and activate the alarm it gives me an error of connection time out... Seriously I'm only 7houses away.... They need to fix this cuz I'm getting real frustrated with it. I would rate it a half star if I could but if you plan on buying this expensive system I would make them put it in writing that even the smallest issue you can think of will work.

  • Buggy

    by nallstarcomp_1

    Works on iPhone but will crash at random. App will not open at all on iPad. For $50 I expect more.

  • Mike

    by app concern

    I just bought this app for my iPad 4 and it keeps crashing! What a waste of money...

  • Ugly and buggy: an unacceptable combination

    by Shane Gore

    Functionally, this app works 90% of the time, but the inability to retrieve the updated setup from the controller is shameful, when other apps on the market are able to update on the fly. Has HAI seen literally any other app in the store? How is it possible to design such a dated looking app for a platform that has only existed since 2007?!?! Hopefully the influx of Leviton money will have a serious impact on this app, otherwise it's time for HAI to get out of the app game and focus on supporting third party apps.

  • Do your self a favor

    by Nikalesh

    Please buy Haiku instead, I didn't know any better and bought both since my installer said to buy snap link. I tried using several time but it was way buggy and the interface is so crappy. At the end of the day even HAI authorized installer liked haiku way better than snap link.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Hola peace

    Purchased software app, every time you try to synchronize it crashes! Controlling the alarm works you just can not retrieve your information. Needs to be updated!

  • Problems

    by Xfan1109

    Just like everybody else is saying the software doesn't want to synchronize with the controller. Very frustrating. We should get a refund

  • Buggy Application

    by JWRoadrunner

    Purchased this software today and have had nothing but troubles trying to get my settings to download. As an IT professional, I had no problem getting the software communicating with both my internal and external network connections. The issue is when you try to down load your system settings the transfer starts then the application just vanishes part way trough the download. After numerous attempts with this app I was finally successful in getting my settings installed on one of my iPads and an iPhone, both attached to my local wireless network. Access outside my network (i.e., Internet) still exhibits the same problem, download starts and then poof the app disappears. I also want to note that this problem occurred both before and after I upgraded to IOS 6.1. For being a pricey application I would expect far better from HAI. Recommend holding off buying this app until it's fixed.

  • Crashes Constantly on iOS 6.0.1

    by UberTechGuy

    Totally frustrated with this app and I do IT Networking for a living. It crashes constantly. Very finicky. It has issues with my using outside DynDns to access the system while on my home wireless. I have to turn my wireless off. Poor implementation. After all the money one spends on the system, to spend $50 on buggy software is insulting.

  • Hurry up and update this App now!

    by Savage15

    IO6 and the IPhone 5 have been out for months now and this app still hasn't been updated since late Spring/early summer. That's unacceptable. The app doesn't work right for this platform. Fix it now!!!!

  • A Disgrace!!!

    by Desdemona12866

    Simply does not work!! Total rip-off!! If iPad access is important to you, don't buy their security system!!!

  • HAI iPhone App

    by JimboZ3

    Have been using the USB-SnapLink version for quite awhile now, but have been waiting for this app so I don't have to always carry my laptop when I want to be able to access my Omni2e from anywhere. The iPhone-SnapLink app works great for controlling my Omni2e. The camera access is very marginal. I have my Panasonic camera working with the 1.01 version but still does not have the motion camera controls. If you want a great app for camera viewing and control I recommend the eyeCam or IP Camera Viewer (Robert Chou) app. Additionally not all the features of the USB version are available i.e. Messages. UPDATE--HAI seems to have lost interest in improving the iPhone SnapLink version. This is a very BIG disappointment. You would think they would have the same features as the USB SnapLink version. HAI Customer Service has not taken the opportunity to explain the reasons for not offering these same features when I contacted them. As there are now several apps that offer the same and/or more features for controlling your HAI Home Automation products, HAI should have some vested interest in making the iPhone SnapLink app the best that it can be. To date, this is not the case! REV. UPDATE--This app is still not available in an iPad version! For an iPad version your only choice is Haiku Home Automation for HAI app. Which is a very excellent app, that gives you much more flexibility than the HAI app! UPDATE W/ iPhone 5 -- After making changes to my programing of my Omni2e I tried to refresh the setup so I would have my new Units, etc. while running "Retreve Setup" the program crashes and you never have the option to Save the new Setup info. Therefore the only way to correct this is to delete the app and reinstall. Which means you have to go through your complete configuration all over again!!! Bummer I shutter to think if you have more than one system configurated in the app how much time this would take to get up and running again. Now that Leviton has bought HAI maybe they will improve the app. But at the very least they need to fix this VERY serious flaw with the iPhone 5 and updated iOS.

  • Should be free

    by HAI Consumer

    This app should be free. It is worthless if you don't have all the EXPENSIVE equipment. Why should we have to pay for both? I love my system and recently upgraded, my rating is based on this app only. Not worth the money! Please rebuild this app. It should also alert your phone when an alarm is triggered.

  • Not great

    by $50 poorer

    Waste of $50 for iPad. Will not load. Use Haiku by Nullriver. Better app, better support.

  • Doesn't work w iOS6

    by Fazman0021

    Crashes constantly

  • Buggy

    by Imbrokenow

    I can't view my cameras!! Always freezes on connecting!!!! Argggggg

  • Argh!

    by Eric Doggett

    The new version (1.05) doesn't work. The app now hangs with "Connecting…" being displayed. Does this app get tested before being published?

  • Temps are not updating in 1.05, had to go back to 1.03

    by GĂ s Hog

    It took me all night to narrow the problem down to the new 1.05 version. I uninstalled 1.05 and reinstalled it from the iTunes app store, only to find that the temperatures still weren't working. I had to go online and research how to fall back to a previous version, a BIG pain to figure out. I found 1.03 in my laptops recycle bin and had to play with everything in iTunes big time to figure out how to go back to 1.03, now all is well again. HAI has many fantastic products, but they need to work more on some things before they release them! I have to go see if I can find version 1.04 anywhere on my computer, I think I was on 1.04 before all this started!

  • Does HAI really care?

    by X Vault X

    The tough thing about working with HAI is that they really do not test or care about the iPhone and iPad app's. It takes them several versions to get it right. Most updates do not work as advertised and it can take weeks for a fix. Known problems are published for use. They are very frustrating. I have been with them a long time and wish I could use someone else, but there is too much invested in my home to change now. Update your apps with them at your own risk and have LOW expectations. Even 1.05 does not work right. Temps don't update, and now my iPad does not work at all. Thanks guys and girls of HAI, thanks again.

  • Upgrade broke working version!!!!!!

    by Nasirius

    Don't get this upgrade,its broke.i see app reads from the controller.but no buttons work!.iPhone version works.

  • Room control does not work

    by Davidhalterman

    iPhone version worked great. Do not install this until major bug fixed.

  • IPad upgrade doesn't work

    by Steve longtime HAI Fan

    Your recent upgrade completely ruined a good thing on my iPad. No light control, partial temp control. With the steep price, one expects better quality control than this. I would recommend you revert to the old iPhone version until the iPad version is up to snuff. I have a lot of respect for HAI for over 20 years, and I have never seen you release such a half cooked upgrade. How you deal with it now will let your users know what metal HAI is made of now. Please make this right for your long time fans before it's too late.

  • Control does not work

    by Barrtech

    After install 1.04 the control is not working on iPad ver5

  • Worst piece of app ever.

    by RVator23

    The old version while clunky was at least functional. This is so unpredictable it is unusable. Need to roll back to previous version that i paid for. There is no way this was tested before released. Do you hate your customers or something? Did we do something to deserve this?

  • More of this doesn't work

    by BillyJoe47

    The button function does not work either. When you press one, the whole button app greys out and does not work.

  • Upgrade does not work on IPad

    by Doug B LA

    Seriously? Did you not test this app before release? I have lost functionality of the controls. Smaller graphics. A complete mess. How do I roll back to the prior version

  • Completely unusable on iPad

    by lvrouter

    The older version, while certainly not attractive, at least worked for the most part. I used to have to manually force it to close to refresh but usually worked. This latest version does NOT WORK ON THE iIPad. I won't even bother to go into what a completely useless port this iPad version is, I much preferred the older iPhone version that simply doubled in size. Now it's just plain ugly and, did I mention completely useless since it doesn't work. I can't even imagine HAI releasing something like this. Let's hope it gets fixed ASAP.

  • Latest version goto broken iPad

    by Depdoc

    I just downloaded the latest update 1.04. The Control, Lights, GoTo no longer works for the iPad. Press the button and nothing happens. It works on the iPhone, but not the iPad. I deleted the app and reinstalled but no go. Probably this piece of code was left out in the iPad. Please fix. Running iOS 5 of iPad 2.

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