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App Icons+ lets you create icons easily. You can select from a number of backgrounds, borders, etc or import your own photo to create icons with style of your own.

• Create shortcuts for your web apps
• Creating icons from your address book
• import images from your photo album
• Endless combinations of built-in backgrounds and borders
• No internet connection required
• Impress your friends with your unique icons!

Customer Reviews

  • Icons pro Is better.

    by  supersoulfighter

    Icons pro is better. You can make more than 3 icons by pressing cancel when it says you can only make 3. :D but you guys should get icons pro, the style look wayy better.

  • App Icons

    by Faint Friend845

    How do you decorate it?

  • Awesome

    by original spanky

    Best app ever

  • Problems with iOS 7

    by Toobird

    I purchased this app which I like very much but it has problems with iOS 7. It replaces apps that I have already positioned with copies of the newer app that I just made eliminating a previously created one. It has forced me to do a hard reboot several times. Sometimes after a hard reboot the original apps are back in their proper position and sometimes not. What I like about the app is that it does not go through Safari. This gives a cleaner screen to my personal webpages. Please fix the bugs!!!


    by dididBOBBY JOE

    U can only get three icons but if u delete the app and buy it again u get three more and your icons stay!

  • It only works for websites!

    by ShauneyScream

    This app only works for a link to a website, so honestly, it's kinda useless. I wish they could make something for every app-icon. That'd be so cool! Still, pretty cool idea, if you use icons to go to your Internet this is a good app!

  • Why all the hate?

    by My texting wish

    It's awesome. If you don't understand it then u probably didn't use it that much. I am keeping its great. Stop with the hate.

  • Pretty Cool

    by Joeyal516

    This Actually Works. The only thing is if you don't buy the full version you can only make 3 icons.

  • Cool but not cool

    by Vhchhdjx

    It says you can customize the apps you currently have but you can't but still very fun

  • Bad

    by  Biggest Winner O


  • Horrible

    by  Ryilegg

    It only works for the web not even the contacts. Waste of time. 0 stars

  • Not even a star

    by Criket_Dawn

    Really bogus don't work DoNot get this app

  • BAD!

    by Lacey_is_crazy

    It won't open!

  • Horrible

    by Amiah563

    This is app is so stupid DONT get it

  • Don't waste your time

    by Max eeqh

    Only works with web sits will not work with contacts

  • Doesn't work

    by HateTheChanges 

    The only options available without purchasing anything were blue

  • Don't pay for it. It doesn't work.

    by Gerard Burick

    Paid for app. Now I can't make any icons... I even deleted the app. Reinstalled. I even restored purchase. Nothing.

  • Why

    by Itsallpinktome

    Why do they make an app and it doesn't even work? It just leads you to the website

  • This freaking stinks

    by Dndbvajcnfvdhxhd znicjzbbxhd

    This is a terrible app I hate it!!!

  • You have to keep deleting and downloading again to get more icon ~

    by Dead 0.o


    by CreepinOnNoodles

    My cousin has a way better app that you can customize apps with photos! I need your help to this app!

  • Not what I hopped for

    by CassandaM

    You can only do three and I wish it was easier to put in a link to something :/ not as good as it looked

  • Hate IT

    by giselle.isali

    I Want to costumize my existing AppS and does no allow me.

  • This is so bad

    by Crazydragonfireball

    It only lets you decorate 3 apps! I hate this app!

  • What??

    by Laneybug123

    OMG. The icons are so cool but every time I customize and icon for my messages and I click on it the screen goes black. It's. Not. cool.

  • Hate it

    by Lela_10

    Waste of $

  • Waste of time

    by OSOK-Jinx

    This is a horrible app

  • Bad bad bad

    by kvetch9

    No instructions. No support. Only seems to be able to make icons for shortcuts to urls. If that's what you want, it only gives you three. Almost impossible to choose "borders" because of ads at bottom of screen. Don't waste your time.

  • Junk

    by P.Varney

    The first thing it ask you is do you want to upgrade, if you don't then your limited to 3 icons and they are very limited to the icon designs to choose from.

  • Why????!!!!!!!!

    by Cece0109

    It's not right that u can only get three

  • Horrible

    by Gary Blonder

    Stupid app, no point in it

  • Bad

    by Megabycks12


  • What a waste!

    by KelticWolf

    This is the dumbest app ever, waste of time!

  • HATE

    by Fitals

    It's Tarble you can't even get on the APP don't get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

  • Boring!!?

    by Kymmiehasdimples

    Don't bother.. You only get 3 app icons?!!

  • What the heck ?

    by Ashleyy

    How can I only decorate 3 apps ?p

  • Don't download

    by Granny's girl 3

    Confusing doesn't work

  • this piece of ish

    by bubbles boo boo

    limit of 3!!!!!

  • Baddd

    by Leopard xoxo

    Don't get, it's confusing and doesn't work

  • No

    by ShannonWard

    Just bought.. Needs different social media site icons.. Only has Facebook and twitter. Even after paying for it. And takes you to safari for the website rather than the app itself. -__-

  • Horrible

    by Lilbit206

    Dont Get This Appp.

  • THE WORST APP EVER !!!!!!!!!!

    by Virgin 70

    Don't bother


    by Ponygrl99

    I tried it, and it stinks!!!!! Total waste of time. DONT DOWNLOAD!!!!!

  • Confused!

    by Amberchar

    I don't know how to set it up its soooo confusing

  • Don't download

    by _tifffany_renea

    It's very hard to use and only has three styles and it takes forever to set up and sometimes it doesn't even work

  • O.e

    by Happy Fairy Tail

    Tbh this app is okay I guess...

  • Horrible

    by The world may never know that

    This app is dumb dont download it

  • How!!!!!!!?

    by Eliuth123

    How do I use this app to change my contacts and all the basic stuff like apps can someone please explain in so confused :(

  • Don't get it

    by Tiffanynikkitrev:)

    It kept shutting down and crashing it wouldn't let me do anything

  • Waste of money

    by Lois_Lane513

    I can't figure this thing out... I want to use it but without a tutorial it's useless....

  • Horrible app

    by My babies teddy bear

    This app is absolutely terrible

  • Stupid!

    by CherylROorda

    Ug I got this thinking that I could change Icons that I have! I didn't have a single one! It was awful!

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