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2 way is an application that can help you make those difficult situations in life and love. Using it is very simple. All you have to do is drop the petals one at a time. While there may be applications similar to 2way, they are limited to questions regarding love. What makes 2way unique is that there is a large variety of situations that it can help you with. If you ever find the need for any kind of advice, don't hesitate to turn on 2way.

Instructions for use:

1. Select the list you want (what's bothering you? need advice?)

2. Each section has 4 different petal colour
(e.g. 1-5 = white, 6-10 = purple, 11-15=red, 16-20 blue)

3. Drop the petals by touching it

4. you can restart while running app

5. you can select different list while running app

6.When all the petals have been dropped, then the advice will be given

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Customer Reviews

  • Okay

    by CatV2283

    The app is nice, it has a pretty design, but every time I use it I get the same answer! It's cute, though, and I enjoy using it to see the answers.

  • very good app so funny

    by very good app so funny

    ha ha nice

  • It's app good idea!!

    by terryworld

    good idea!!


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