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Amazing Secret Diary!
Do you ever feel like recording all of your days thoughts and happenings at the reach of your hand?! Do you want them to have the coolest features while at the same time keep them super private? Then look no further since this is the best diary journal app ever!

Main features that will lead to endless cool possibilities:

✓ Amazing Themes available
✓ Password protection
✓ Auto-save of inserted images
✓ Swipe to the "right of the screen" all images that you want to remove
✓ Adjust fonts
✓ Quality Emoticon library
✓ Add Music
✓ Add Pictures or images.

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Customer Reviews

  • How do I

    by Brooke Kara Vincent

    How do I log in to the diary because I just downloaded it?

  • Pass word

    by K chave

    Other then the pass word it's Great the pass word not to great

  • Domoswag12

    by swaggirl2

    How do u unlock it :o

  • Awesome.

    by Love1333


  • Awesome

    by Cutie puttudy

    It worked for me I went and typed my passcode and it showed me everything I put so you guys must put something in wrong

  • It's good but I don't get done

    by minnieface

    When I'm done writing I want to do a new page but it doesn't work. I give it 3

  • ok

    by Iluvvampires13

    everytime i write an entry, it sometimes saves it, but when i close the app and go back, it either doesnt accept the password or the entry is set to the next day. please add a way to have more than one page per day

  • Really?

    by Hey Snapguide

    My password was 1234 and It wont let me in! It deletes my entrees every day! So I downloaded another app I recommend Secret Diary! Not this crap!

  • Hated it

    by Feh dhuvdbg

    First you put in 1111 so I did and then I went to settings and I changed the password and then i went back to the app and put the new password in and it would just go out of the app so I don't know what the deal with that is. When I was In the app I posted a picture and then I went back out of the app and the picture was sideways so that made me mad. So over all I hated the app.

  • Stupid game

    by Hahahahda

    This diary game is cheap . It doesn't even remember the pass code

  • I wouldn't recommend it

    by Jfiebdm

    Once u put a picture on your page all the words go a way

  • Why was this app ever created?!

    by LOZcatlover8524

    This app is stupid! First off, when I change the pass code, it won't let me on, second, the typing is gone, but the pictures still there and (if there is any writing left) the font changes! That makes no sense! And if it's a totally different entry from a different day, the whole entry is gone the next day, pictures and stickers included! In conclusion, I do not recommend this app to anyone who wants to keep their secrets secret and their memories documented.


    by Zebra101_girl

    This is terrible! I saved my most biggest secrets and when I can back on it, it all was gone! And it keeps forgetting my password. If I were u I would save yourself time and find a new app

  • Un amazing

    by Lillie&bugseyheart

    When u go to the calendar all u wrote was completely gone and your password won't save and won't let u even use the one you got when u downloaded it .Amazing secret dairy that's should be the name if its a price of junk. More like UNAMAZING secret dairy!!!


    by KeKe75066

    This app is horrible!First it won't remember your password and second it won't save what you write!If I were you I wouldn't waste my time on this junky app!

  • Stuped diry!!!!!!

    by Hermione Rodriguez 9

    I just got it and won't let me in!

  • Stupid

    by Gahbchbx

    This app is telling me I don't have the right password when it's right

  • like Dirt

    by Slender Girl 42203

    I wouldn't have even rated it one star,but it didn't let me.


    by YJ2468

    SERIOUSLY!!!? I wrote down my poems in that thing, and when i came back they were gone!!!! FIX THIS!


    by Disneylifebby

    I was writing down lots of important feelings and it saved but when u went to go and show my friend, THEY WERE GONE!!!!

  • Worst game ever

    by 5802noon

    I changed my password and it didn't remember it I even tried 1111 and I still didn't work

  • How can i change the code

    by Fjolla hiseni

    1111 so stupid so sad for this app

  • Password

    by Laylamacie

    So the first thing I did was go to the password and change it to 2003 then I wrote so stuff and got out of it then I got back on and it didn't even remember my password don't get it it doesn't even work I hate this REALLY DON'T GET IT!!!! FIX IT:(I hate this game and it's stupid so don't get it

  • Seriously

    by Ugly reviews

    Ok so maybe it remembers your password and all that but when I write a nice long entry it all disappears when I come to write more in it

  • It's ok I guess

    by Jffdxarzgchvv

    Different password and everything works for me


    by Perfectly~Unperfect

    This app is a piece of junk the password won't save I've downloaded it twice to see if I did something wrong but it wasn't me

  • Bad

    by Fsudcbd

    Bad bad bad bad

  • by pnbfff


  • DONT GET THIS!!!!!!!!

    by Katiedhn

    It's the stupidest app ever!!!

  • Glitches

    by Inatgrammmer

    It won't remember your password and deletes your entries


    by I am a werewolf

    I first got in there and when I put my password in it wouldn't let me on!!!!

  • No!

    by Monomonkey

    Fix app now u won't get much out uv this app!

  • Stupid

    by JJJazzy

    Today I got the app I wrote in it for like 30 min then I got out went back in to see what It did the thing DID NOT SAVE

  • Don't try

    by Funsize

    It won't remember my password.

  • Don't get it

    by Gigi MAYORGA

    I wrote something and when I opened it it was gone!

  • Password

    by Lance0815

    Don't waste your time downloading this app u can't even put in the password

  • Crapy app

    by Cuddley lumps

    This app doesn't remember the password for anything! It is not all that great... >:(

  • Aggggh

    by Kennedy<3 <3

    It keeps on deleting my stories

  • Get in

    by Bubbly cherry

    How to u even get it cause I went on the app and I don't know how to make a password please give instructions

  • Bad app

    by Maddie Beiber

    I was so excited to get this app but then a found out that it is a big JOKE

  • by Gumdrop47

    It took me an hour to wright that *click* deleted ill get it again if u fix it

  • Idiots

    by Sushi lover4

    This app stinks i who'd give it 0stars I was dumb to not read the reviews but who am I to blame seriously ???????

  • Amazing Secret Diary app ,

    by Chenel __ Beauty

    Sorry but this app is waste of your time . It does not remember your password and also when trying to write about your day or anything mines didn't even save . So I advise you to get any other app then this one .

  • Booooo

    by Friendship1230908

    I saved a story and I exit and when I came back it was gone fix

  • Why Does This Do this?

    by EmoPrincess980

    I wrote an AWESOME diary entry, and now when I saved it, and I closed the app. When I tried to enter the app today, my password hasn't been excepted. 1111 doesn't work, my custom password doesn't work, I hate it and nobody should get it.

  • Why???

    by Seusoftball

    I set my password an it won't let me in! I don't know why?

  • This is so stupid don't get this!

    by DarkEnergyX

    I hate this! I won't remember the password and it won't even save! Don't even think about getting this dumb app!!! I wrote a wonderful story, maybe even the best story I wrote! And I closed the app and opened it again and BAM! It was gone the next day I wouldn't even open!

  • Won't take password

    by Ghost875

    The thing won't take the password

  • Password

    by Thisistjewrostappevermade

    i was really excited to get this app so i culd hav a spot to put my thoughts where ever i go, but then when i went to open it a second time it didnt reconize my password! i knew for sure that the password was correct. this app stinks!

  • Doesn't save.....

    by man

    I was really excited purchasing this app. I was really loving the automatic music player and I was in love with the font I used. I write an entry and exited out and went back in the app and my entry was gone. Very disappointing I would not recommend this.

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