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This app helps you pray for your child. It has 31 prayer topics and detailed sample prayers, covering a variety of biblical topics to pray about for your children - one for each day (with 100s of memory verses you can access). Written by Dr. Steven Ingino, Lead Teaching Pastor of Christ Community Church, Tucson and author of "Parenting: 7 Essentials for Children" available on lulu.com

This app provides one of the best ways to pray the Word of God for your son or daughter, to discover God's principles for your family, and to learn or teach a Christian worldview.

The app covers key elements of parenting/discipleship, inspires you to pray (with an alarm to remind you as well), and can be used to learn the Bible and to teach the Bible to your child. It includes many Bible verses for each topic which you can use as the basis for more prayers, or you can use them to help your child memorize Scripture.

The app encourages parents to pray about key biblical topics for their children such as salvation, holiness, love, humility, wisdom, a heart for the lost, discernment, generosity, sexual purity, contentment, godly friendships, diligence, the fruit of the Spirit, and growing in a Christ-centered relationship with God.

A quick list shows all 31 topics on the screen so that you can pray for a variety of topics at one time.

The app also contains a wealth of recommended resources (parenting books, children's books, apps, sermons, websites, etc.).

You can swipe the page to see previous or later prayers or you can select the check-off box to move to the next prayer. Pray these biblically-based prayers for your child each month and see God do great things in their lives.

Since each prayer only takes about 30 seconds to 2 minutes to pray, it is recommended that you sincerely pray one prayer a day as a starting point. Jesus warned us about vain repetitions (Matt. 6:5-13), so use the prayers as a guide. You can easily insert your own thoughts, concerns, or other Scriptures into the prayer pattern.

However, I pray these exact words more than once because I pray them sincerely and because Jesus did not prohibit repetition (see His example in Mark 14:39), but vain or insincere and meaningless repetition. He encouraged us to repeatedly pray the actual words of the “Lord’s Prayer” in Luke 11:2-4 and to persist in prayer in Luke 18.

+ The screenshots only contain part of the sample prayers. +

++ Be sure to read the instructions under "Settings" to get the most out of the app. Thank you. ++

If you would like a PowerPoint presentation which explains the purpose and functions of the app, feel free to email me: 31prayersapp@gmail.com

Customer Reviews

  • So great.

    by SteveAllen

    Prayers that are biblical and practical. Thanks.

  • Wonderful scripture soaked prayers!

    by Instagram mama

    Best prayer app I have seen!

  • This app is a blessing!

    by TheHVC

    This app is wonderful and so necessary! We have been praying for our daughter before she was born and now, we have a guide to help us continue to pray for her. I love that there are 31 different topics I can focus on daily or a few at a time. The prayers touch every aspect of a child's life that need prayer and attention. One can tell that there was a lot of thought, time and love that went into the content development. I love the resources and the scripture references. This is by far the best and most important app I have.

  • My favorite app

    by Homeschool Mom 247

    I have about 300 apps. About 150 of them are Christian ones - Bible study tools, devotionals, ministry apps, etc. This is my FAVORITE one. Once you start praying along with this you see that a ton of thought and research has gone into the app. There is a lot of sound theology, Scripture and depth to it and it really does inspire me to pray God's Word for my children. Once you get through a month, you can't wait to start all over again. I also like that if I want key Scriptures on a certain subject, they're right there. It's helped me wtith my friends, my kids, witnessing, etc. My only complaint is that I wish the color schemes were a bit more colorful, but it's still one of the best purchases I've made. Thanks for putting this together!

  • One of a kind...

    by ScottKemperMusic.com

    This is such a great app. It's simple and yet so detailed in nature. There is so much scripture in the prayers that you can really dig deep into Gods word if you would like to do so. It's also a wonderful opportunity to intercede through prayer, on behalf of your child. For $0.99 it's a no brainier that this is something you need to have in your arsenal.

  • I won't leave home without it

    by JJ456Gospel

    Love this app. Each topic has key verses and a guideline prayer that helps me pray for my kids and spurs me on to pray more with the additional verses. The theology is great, Christ-centered, biblically-based and pastoral. Reminds me of a prayer calendar we had on our table but it's 10x better with the functions and research that went into each topic. Now that I have 31 essential things to pray about for my kids each month I really feel like I know how to disciple them and how to pray for them. Each prayer is so deep that you will want to use them as guides each month. My wife and I have really been blessed by this. Thanks so much!

  • Awesome!!!

    by It's Me222

    I thank God for this app. It's fantastic and has done so much work for me - saving me a lot of time. It has every topic I want to pray about for my children, the Scriptures to see that go along with the topics, teachings for parents, an alarm to remind me to pray, and helpful resources. I highly recommend it. I look forward to praying through these topics each month for my children.

  • Breaths of God at my finger tip

    by Kane Beach

    Effective scriptures with just a few touches of the finger. This APP helps me to see scriptures that are important for, not only my own exercise, growth for all children in need of my attention through prayer. Easy to get to with links to great resources. Many thanks to all involved. Raleigh, NC

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