3D Sex Positions FREE - Stereogram Kamasutra Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Giorgi Otiashvili

- Optimized for iPhone 5
- Minor bug fixed

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124 Ratings
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Do you like sex ? Do you think you can see everything in 3D? Do you like illusions ? Than this app is for you!!!!

This is an unique application which hides 3D sex positions behind the textures. All that is necessary is to diverge ones eyes as if looking through your iPhone screen. Simply stare at the picture until 3D object starts to take shape.

You can see it!!!
It's amazing!!!

Customer Reviews

  • Imanidiot

    by Bizniz34

    Remove from purchase history, thanks!

  • Hello

    by Him,n

    Remove from my purchase

  • MLB105$

    by Hhh105$

    Best app ever for every position in the world

  • 3d sex

    by sucker5

    it was not that good

  • 3d

    by Spokenntruthh

    This complicated but better view

  • Great App

    by Davezcah

    5 Big Stars for you

  • Z

    by ---!---

    It's a 3 star app.

  • Moon

    by Biopsia


  • Wow

    by Airdude252525

    Please remove from my purchases

  • So so

    by Slpipad

    So so

  • good

    by dickywang1234

    it's a nice app. it's so helpful for me. thxxx....

  • Great app.

    by roboman508

    Loved it

  • You are all idiots

    by Zfen29

    Learn what a stereogram is before getting the app. The app works perfectly and it is great!

  • Cuna

    by Tepachero


  • Okay...

    by Billy435

    They limit the unlocks, which is really gay,

  • Great

    by Knkxy

    I love it u that dnt didnt understand wat u was gettin the kama sutra

  • Remove

    by Mdeezu

    Remove from purchase list

  • Lol

    by Donovan Patterson

    How do you accidentally download this app. For one you have to type out your password to download it. And two, you have to actually search for this app.

  • Suggestion

    by R-e-d-d

    Suggestion: allow to view the pictures as full screen when the phone or iPod is tilted horizontally. Cool pics though.

  • Lame

    by Chris 1119

    Lame lame lame

  • Regret

    by katie231

    Please take off my purchase list I accidentally downloaded this

  • Hsushdjsi

    by Hdjdnfjdod

    Please delete from purchased list

  • Dumb

    by abbadd

    Don't see crap.

  • Remove of purchase list

    by Mom8909

    Please remove off purchase list downloaded by mistake please remove

  • Take me off of the purchased list

    by Gator girl yay

    Take me off of the purchased list please...my friend thought it would be funny and downloaded it!

  • Such

    by Mereclaireswampy

    Remove from my purchased list

  • Stupid app

    by Txmor82

    They trick you into loading and then limit to three views before requiring you to purchase. Don't waste your time with these folks.

  • Admin

    by Doc45$$

    Remove from my purchased list

  • Lame

    by Ah! Jeez!

    Remove from purchase list

  • The deeper reacher

    by Same thang

    If I were 10 this may have helped but I need something more advanced.

  • 3D sex positions

    by Doug905

    This is pathetic and if these apps were vetted this would never be allowed to be on here. It is a complete con.

  • Seriously.

    by BrownEyedGirl8)

    Okay, I wrote a comment and it didn't show up. I hate this app. I decided to give it another try and it still was effed up. Don't waste your time.

  • Basura

    by Ufos978

    Es una basura no sirve de nada no se los recomiendo

  • Remove please!

    by Cindy, Jimmy, & Brittany

    Remove from my purchase list, please. Downloaded by a friend and I didn't see until now!

  • Remove

    by Coybg

    Please Remove this piece of junk from my purchase list

  • SCAM

    by MrDav90


  • bad

    by ingvasquez

    Nothing at all, don't waste your time

  • Don't Download

    by WolfLover159

    Worst ever you can only unlock 3 positions

  • Don't get this app

    by MK949

    Stupid app

  • Oops!!!!!

    by Urban Lover

    Please remove from my list, didn't mean to download!!! Remove please!!

  • Dumb

    by News to me


  • Don't waist your time

    by KoopsinVA


  • Yuk

    by Loncapone

    Hate it!!! A complete waste of time

  • Remove!!!!!

    by ^^^^^%

    Please remove accidentally downloaded

  • ...wow

    by RIP james

    Wont even open for me screw this app

  • No

    by Removeplease

    Friend is an idiot ..remove from purchase

  • Remove from my purchase list

    by Anonymous3687321285869391

    Please take off my purchased list

  • Horrible

    by Ladylois1

    Waste of download

  • Baaaad

    by Old boy xxx

    Too bad

  • Q

    by Nashty2

    Remove from my purchase list

  • There is no app

    by NadzArmour

    No app available

  • Remove

    by Halskdjags152635

    Remove from purchase list

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