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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: gao peng
  • Updated: Sep, 18 2012
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 93.8 MB

Languages: English, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: gao peng

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^^^^^FIRST and BEST wallpaper app designed only for iPhone 5 users has gone FREE. $2.99 -> $0.00 Only for limited time!!!^^^^^

Greatest deal ever. Got iPhone 5 without a nice Home Screen/Lock Screen Wallpaper? Say goodbye to those suckers.
Free, we know that's how you want it!

Carefully chosen iphone 5 app with 1000+ stunning HD (High-Density 640 x 1136) wallpapers. Decorate your iPhone 5 with one of these HD images and make it more gorgeous.

HD Wallpapers for iPhone 5 contains various HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds in many categories such as landscape, cityscape, nature, girl, fantasy, 3D, animals, flower, abstract etc. The wonderful backgrounds vary in style, colorful and gloomy, classic and modern, funny and cute, all selected here for you. With so many choices, there must be one perfect for you!

How can you do not decorate the most modern cell phone with amazing wallpapers! Stunning iPhone 5 wallpapers are just at your fingertips. Install the APP right now and make your iPhone 5 more amazing.

★ 1000+ HD iPhone 5 wallpapers!
★ User friendly interface!
★ All wallpaper displayed in a beautiful movement order!
★ Retina display high resolution 640x1136!
★ BGsound can be turn On/Off!
★ Super Fast-loading!
★ Free download & Save Online Wallpapers!
★ Share via Email, Twitter or Facebook!
★ Save iPhone 5 wallpaper you liked in FAVORITES!
★ Swipe left or right to switch between images!
★ Preview as Home screen and Lock screen Wallpaper instantly!
★ Various wallpaper categories!

As the superior cell phone, the iPhone 5 do deserve your attention and the HD Wallpapers for iPhone 5. Install the App right now and surprise at what is waiting for you.

Customer Reviews

  • Koso

    by 00491634684308


  • Horrible

    by BRLawson

    As soon as i started using it, I decided to delete. Horrible Music, i dont want it to zoom, and hard to search. All around, very bad. Dont download it.

  • Joke

    by Mikhos1

    Iphone 5 wallpaper app that's not even optimized for the iPhone 5. Joke

  • No

    by Hellolyss

    Played weird music and couldn't search. Too slow.

  • Crap

    by @bishopthemormon

    Ummm... This is not even fitted for iPhone 5... And super gay music..... And horrible pics. Don't waste your time...

  • Lol?

    by Stoner Lyte

    iPhone 5 wallpaper app that doesn't even support the iPhone 5 display? This must be a joke.

  • Bad

    by Facebook user qqww

    Very annoying

  • Horrible!

    by Ash1337

    This app is so annoying! It plays like a slide show and zooms in and when you try to skip ads pop up and brings you to the AppStore! Don't waste your time!!!


    by kush420i

    there is nothing good at all. the app shows you each picture like a slideshow, sliding in and out of frame. dont waste your time. seriously.

  • Worst wallpaper app ever.

    by Theboynextdoor


  • Annoying!!!

    by JBG121

    Not optimized for iPhone 5. Annoying zoom/pan effect on images. Can't turn crappy music off. Yes there is a button to turn it off, but it only works until you try to do anything else! Do not download, even if it's free, it's not worth it.

  • The worst app ever made

    by kansascityguy

    Do not download. I might as well flushed my $2.99 down the toilet.

  • Garbage

    by MagicRHR21

    I should've listened to the people who wrote the 1 star reviews. This app is horrible. And it pushes ads hard. Want my $3 back.

  • by back2thebeatof84


  • Not hd. Many are low res

    by ScottyJr

    Not worth it. Get the app with the 5 on fire for the icon

  • Garbage

    by Daveymundo

    pushes ads, isnt optimized for iphone 5 and appears to be designed for a 3gs. trash

  • Do not download

    by Cellphoneking

    I don't normally write reviews but this app is so bad that I just had to. Do waste your time.

  • Terrible

    by Zerostars00000

    This app is so annoying! Don't even waste your time with it. I would give it zero stars if I could.

  • Horrible

    by Moticross

    They obviously don't care about wallpapers and only care about ads. Mose annoying app I even had. Do not waste ur time.

  • What just happened?

    by AtomBh

    Why is there music playing? Why is the layout so odd? Why can't I search for wallpapers? All around terrible app.

  • Not the first. Not the best.

    by Twon2

    Not iphone 5 supported, not full screen, clunky unresponsive interface.

  • Bad, just plain bad.

    by Schneider707

    You know an app is bad when you take your time to write a poor review about it. NOT HD, and NOT IPHONE 5 COMPATIBLE.


    by AdmiralAmer

    Don't even waste ur time

  • The "app" is a link to buy the app

    by My Jenny

    What a joke! I want the 30 seconds of my life back!!

  • Garbage

    by Atishay S

    Don't download

  • Horrible!

    by zork303

    Nothing good to say about this app and that's bad even when it is free. Should pay me to use it.

  • Don't Buy!

    by Marc Kuh

    I can't believe I paid for this!!!

  • Do put on your phone!!!

    by JRG818

    These people are thieves !!!!! worst app ever

  • Should have read the reviews first

    by Loraine55


  • What a rip off!

    by Mr.1234abcd

    Don't buy this thing won't stop playing annoying music and won't even let u choose a wallpaper! the screen is like pushing play on a photo playlist with the crazy screen movement and zoom-in/out effect with no total control. Boy was I suckered in..

  • Paid app with ads...

    by ctejada1990

    Don't buy is a waste of money, is wry glitchy and has ads even though its 3 bucks

  • Garbage

    by Bears1078113

    Huge waste of money!

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