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Training your puppy as quickly as possible requires you to reward and praise your puppy every time he goes in the right place. Be diligent - give your puppy regular and frequent access to his toilet area.

“Stay with me”
“Sit down”
“Shake paw”
“Lie down”
Trust you and repel others
“Don’t bark”
“Don’t jump on me!”
“Don’t bite randomly”
“Follow me”
“Bring me the newspaper”
By car
Don’t strew over meal
Don’t eat everything (especially animal waste)
Bring it back!
Watch the house
Refuse feeds

Customer Reviews

  • I <3 this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by My pony is pretty

    It is great, i LOVE it! My dog listens 2 me so great. He acts like im a god!

  • Horrible!!!!!!!!

    by A.nia88

    Basically tells you to use animal abuse when training your dog. Would never use any of these methods nor recommend them. Sad that this app even still exists!

  • Terrible

    by Alex Nicely

    Bad advice written by a 1st grader

  • Wow

    by Germfreak24

    I know a lot more than this app and it is all wrong just get a book at the store


    by Courtney7283

    This is the most HORRIBLE wast oh MY time app!!!!!! It was ok in the beginning then I started to notice a down fall you do NOT know ANYTHING about a dog or dog training I'm only 14 and I know more then you EVER will!!!


    by Sadie!23

    HOLY CRAP IS THIS APP BAD!!!!!!!! It almost like a baby wrote this (don't get this app!!!!!!) and I would give this no stars but it wouldn't let me

  • Beware!

    by Yapurrs

    Horrible advice. I work in an animal hospital and run a dog boarding and daycare center. Almost all the advice is wrong and I cant even believe this is available to people.

  • Wow.. 

    by 

    Whoever wrote this knows NOTHING about dog psychology and training. Don't get this app if you are getting a puppy or a dog. Go to dog-obedience-training-review . Com... Der god this app is aweful

  • Wow!

    by Amanda Suda

    All I have to say is horrible!!!!! Wow! No stars..


    by Juliya4999

    Who made this app, a five year old?! Useless training tips and terrible grammar! I wouldn't give this any stars if I could!! Do not download! This is a waste of your time! 


    by Baez456789

    This app has so many grammar mistakes! But that's not the only problem. This app tells you to use harsh methods with your dog. And any professional dog trainer will tell you that positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog! Your dog probably won't respond well to the methods on this app.


    by Shauntez Fair

    This app is an example of how not to train a puppy. It is not recommended.

  • Good attempt, poor quality

    by Rkc lab owner

    Not a very good example of how to train a puppy. I do not recommend this.

  • Bad app

    by N1999

    If you are getting a puppy and need training tips, DO NOT GET THIS APP!!! It does not explain how to do it very well.

  • Horrible Grammer

    by Gldnrtrvr

    This app is like a three year old wrote it. Fix it!!!!!

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