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A relaxing, unique and fun way to enjoy sushi virtually!

Bento Box: Virtual Sushi lets you arrange sushi to create colorful and tasty virtual meals. Snap pictures of your arrangements and add them to you Bento Box gallery. Send your sushi arrangements to friends or apply them as wallpaper for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Features Include:

- Wide assortment of sushi you can add to your Bento Box.

- Several Bento Box patterns you can arrange sushi on.

- Bento Box sushi Gallery.

Coming Soon:

- The sushi store! Purchase new assortments of sushi to add to your collection.

Please leave us your recommendations on how we can improve this application.

Customer Reviews

  • Really cute, however

    by Genre:disturbed

    There should be a little more of everything. Maybe dango or manju for desserts, more versions of the rolls, Maybe Onigiri? And maybe a few more designs for the box and chopsticks. It's good for a begining, but could be much better.

  • Bento box

    by havocPigeons

    When I've seem Bento boxes, I always noticed the very "stuffed" look. No gaps - all food. I wish we could change the size, or at least be able to add much more items. Otherwise I really enjoy this app.

  • Very cute! Some recommendations

    by Shining Polaris

    Okay like "more cupcakes, pizza, and toast" they have tons of food toppings and plates! I know you guys will improve but to make this a winning app let's get as many sushi we can make! More boxes or settings. Side dishes like rice will be nice! Decorations like flowers or pretty foods. How about different chopsticks or utencils! Oh and adding teas or soups will be cool! I am part if an Asian sorority so we eat at sushi places a lot and love to have dishes look like the ones I seen!

  • Awesome

    by Zubotronix

    I love it!! And I also love sushi!!!! Great cartoonish style graphics but I want more sushiii!!!!!!!  Go Bento Box! Why can't the sushi be real???

  • Just what I've been looking for!

    by otaku1013

    So cute!! Please add more sushi!! 

  • Fun and cute

    by Chelsea_Rox Hard

    This is so cute! I don't actually like eating sushi but this is fun. Tic tac toe... 

  • Bento =^w^=

    by Headfones992

    It's a great little app, but as others have said, there needs to be way more items. Also, a way to rotate the sushi would be appreciated, and a couple more box designs wouldn't hurt either.

  • Good could be better

    by rubberband.wmd

    This is definitely a start, but there needs to be rice, sesame seeds, more sushi, some little dessert like green tea ice cream or red bean bun, and maybe the option to roll your own sushi. I'm giving it four stars because it's a fun little app, but for .99, there needs to be more.

  • So cool, so so cool 

    by Selkey

    I have ihotdog, more toast, barbecue and bento box. Bento box is by far the coolest. Just needs more way more sashimi, a few more exotic rolls, and little more nagiri. A little Japanese style background music would be a nice touch as well. Support this ap, it's potential is boundless! 

  • Boring

    by beagleman2009

    Not fun boring and I mean boring.

  • Great App.

    by ALR76

    I really love this app. The half cartoonish half realistic style is absolutely perfect. But PLEASE add lots more items. Those little hotdogs made to look like an octopus, soups and rice to fill up space would be great. I'd really like to see some decorative items like flowers or even food that's been made to look like a decoration. Overall, this is a great app. that I've really enjoyed and highly reccomend.

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