Bucket List PRO Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $49.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc

iOS 4.2 support/fixes

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---NOTE: Please locate the OTHER Bucket List PRO app (FREE) Just Released, 12/20/13 by Equilibrium. ----

We have added a library of experiences and an IN-APP upgrade within that app. This one will be phased out most likely. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

  • Pro doesn't import Lite tasks?

    by hippiegirl

    I liked the Lite version, and upgraded to Pro. Imagine my surprise when my Pro bucket list was empty! It seems a no-brainer that the tasks would automatically import into the Pro version. App Support took me to some tiny-fonted blog -- not impressive. Still giving 3 stars, as what I saw on the lite version was still pretty good.

  • I wish...

    by gwyneth c

    that I could set the completion date in the past when I ACTUALLY completed the item on my list. being unable to do that is pretty much a deal breaker for me with this app.

  • Goals achieved in past

    by FLSTF2004

    Please! Add ability to add items completed already in past. That would make this app a five!

  • Seems pretty good

    by mdhillison

    Wish you could add past completed items. Still cant find completed button.

  • Like it, but a few additions should be made :)

    by Emmyiscoolx88

    I don't like how I HAVE to have an estimated time when it will be completed, I don't like that. Please make it so I dont new to estimate it if I don't want to. Also, I wish there was a way that you could make sub-items under an item. For example, I am planning to take a big road-trip across the USA in the next 10 years and there are a BUNCH of things I was to do under that item, so ai wish I could have that Road Trip as an item and when I open it there was a list of bucket list items to do specifically under the Road Trip. That addition would make this app PERFECT! :) Pleeeeeaaaassseee update and make those changes, that would be absolutely wonderful! But thankyou for even making a good bucket list app, I really like it :)

  • Love the app. Best on market

    by Dj Trust

    A few issues I would like fixed that I pointed out on my website. But this is the best bucket list app on the market.

  • Stopped Working / UPDATE! Working again!

    by aGreycat

    When I bought this app it worked beautifully. Now, just like the others report, you can open it, but tap anything and the app crashes. If the developer does not fix it, it will just be taking up space on my phone. As it is it is worthless. Come on people! You got my money, now give me some service! Fix it! I found nothing on the developers site. I guess they have given this one up. It was a great app, untill it stopped working. Too bad they don't read their reviews. UPDATE! This app has been fixed and now works beautifully, just like it did when I bought it! I definitely recommend this App!

  • Easy to use

    by CADreamer@thebeach

    Finally...a new release. Thanks for the update so we can go back to using this nice app.

  • Good Start, Needs Bug Fixes & Improvements

    by Kndall

    BUGS I haven't had it freeze up yet but it is true that it won't let you delete items, the app shuts down when I try to delete something. Activated items don't show up under 'Tracking' unless you close & restart the app. IMPROVEMENTS I like that you can add a photo once something is completed but it would be even better if you could add photos and notes about the process, like a journal feature.

  • Need photo to visualize

    by Jay13cm

    Make it possible to use pictures to visualize please then I will replace it with the proof one thanks . great app!!!

  • Awesome App!

    by BHI Corp

    Well thought out. Maybe add a journal area to make some notes when an adventure is accomplished.

  • A Perfect App for the iPhone!

    by student_of_life

    A fantastic way to line up and track those important MUST DO events/experiences in your life. Perfect for the iPhone and takes advantage of the PHoto capability and social networking via twitter. Noticed the Twitter hyperlink back to the itunes store does NOT seem to work but the updates to my Twitter acct are cool! Would like to have Facebook integration next! Can't wait to grow my bucket list. thanks!

  • Fantastic! Entertaining & Enlightening

    by surfmore21

    I've been waiting a while for this - so many bucket list - LIST-type apps! this one is fully interactive and really gets you thinking setting estimated dates and adding steps to complete. Being able to post /share on twitter and add photos make this a one of a kind app!

  • Apps break

    by Chase chase chase

    This firms apps break

  • Not worth the price

    by J B

    There is nothing very "pro" about this app. It is overprice and lack basic elements, like categorization or a way to organize your list.

  • closes

    by pvt_haley

    closes any time i try to do ANYTHING in it. not worth the money til its fixed. was a good idea if it'll work

  • Doesn't work!!!

    by ksguy77

    Good in theory but bad for the wallet. Keeps shutting down when adding items. Waste of money!

  • Stopped working...

    by Bcl2010

    This used to be a fantastic goal planning tool. It is not working anymore. Please fix the app!

  • Program stopped working

    by GW1

    I spent time using this program to load things I wanted do do before I pass on. The program stopped working. It closes no matter what I try to do. It's shame it looks like I must go back to pencil and paper.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by Clifford Cole

    App stopped working. When you try to do anything in the program it closes. Was pretty cool at one point, but now it's useless.

  • Too buggy

    by Westin Pigott

    This app was awesome at one point. Now it won't let me do anything. A soon as I tap on an event, edit, add, delete, etc it freezes and closes. This app is completely unusable now and I am quite disappointed.

  • Program Is Unusable

    by Otispup

    Thus program is so buggy, it is completely unusable. Save your money or buy a different app. This one's a dog.

  • Piece of Junk

    by Jimdaddy

    You might want to keep a backup bucket list on Word or something because this app is junk. It locks up continuously and won't let you delete anything once you've put it in, so everything remains on your bucket list even after you've completed it. the fact that the app freezes everytime is frustrating enough. You also can not put the dates in of past events...it's hard to go back and change any dates of what you've accomplished in the past.

  • Crashes iPod No customer support

    by Qiqwiz

    This is junk. It crashes my ipod. Buyer beware! Developer won't remedy. Won't refund money. Check out their website first. Software is riddled with known problems.

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