AdConnect Classifieds for Craigslist Lifestyle App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: EPage, Inc.

* iPhone 5 compatibility
* Fixed a bug on My Ads

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Craigslist and a whole lot more! If you use Craigslist, this is the classifieds application for you. Whether you are trying to sell your car, find tickets to an event, or you just want to grab a bargain before anyone else, AdConnect makes it easy.

Top reasons to use AdConnect Classifieds:

* Built-in message system for ad replies
* Craigslist replies go to your messages area
* Simple to create an ad with pictures
* Option to reach 1000's of classifieds sites
* Push notification enabled message area

Check out these other great features:

* Craigslist browsing with thumbnails
* Easily post ads with pictures to Craigslist
* Manage your Craigslist ads
* Reply to ads from within the app and use our secure messaging system
* Exclusive access to AdConnect Network of classified ad apps and sites
* View your ad performance - number and location of readers
* Choose any Craigslist city or category
* Bookmark your favorite ads
* Share ads with others (or email to yourself)
* Recently viewed ads
* And many more...

Developed by AdConnect, a service of EPage, Inc., providing online classifieds since 1994.

Customer Reviews

  • Thank

    by PathMax


  • Great update

    by Running Time

    Fixes the posting issue and I love the notifications when I get a reply! Search goes back at least a week for me. Posts start at AdConnect so you can get private messages and push notifications.

  • Push notifications rule!

    by ePete99

    Got a push notice immediately when a reader replied to my Craigslist ad! The buyer was impressed that I replied back 1 minute after he answered the ad, and the tickets were sold.

  • Posting could be easier

    by Cheddafreeze

    Good app, easy to use, but when I post an ad it gets complicated. To add pictures it seems like I have to crop the picture to fit instead up a straight upload like most apps. There is nowhere to add my location and nowhere to add my email or the Craigslist anonymous email. When the posting is complete it's posted only on craigs+ and nowhere to be found on Craigslist. I then have to go into the "my ads" and select only "Craigslist" I wish it would be much simpler to post ads. I just want to do a normal post.

  • Easy posting to Craigslist

    by KooklaFran&Ollie

    Made it really easy to post to Craigslist. I also like the easy switching of cities.

  • Be aware!

    by King8383

    Some sort of a phishing scam!

  • Don't waste your time

    by Sisita13

    Tried to post new ad and after wasting 15 min it didn't upload. Whoever built this didn't bother to test. Stop wasting people's time!!

  • Too many Ads

    by Swoopteam

    An advertisement popped up after every search and I had to clear it before next search. Booo. Really annoying

  • Crash

    by Deathman2000

    Does not load to Craigslist

  • Doesn't work

    by Exprtgmr

    Don't wast your time trying iy

  • Having issues posting ads??

    by leinrdo

    Checked updates for my ap, NOTHING,.. : (

  • Don't download

    by Laser13468$

    It's crap and even not putting Craigslist email in ad so not worthy stay away

  • False App

    by Craigsposter

    This app posts to something called Adconnect and not primarily to Craigslist, if you check the box and then approve your post it will finally post to Craigslist but then references the Adconnect post. Bogus!!!

  • CL app

    by G twn

    Not what I like in an app.

  • Doesn't give a full search.

    by Tranchor

    Doesn't give a full search. Only searches ads less than 24hrs and not 7 days.


    by waterman88

    Crap app!! Don't waste ur time. Doesn't work when posting ads and also none of my previous CL posts dont even show up.

  • Piece of crap

    by Trouser0snake

    When you're trying to post a add the post button disappears once you enter all the information for the add the only button that's left at the top is the done button when you push the done button to text you back to your previously posted ads. It's extremely frustrating when you've entered the same information five times and you still can't get a post. Do not download this app. Whoever designed it did a shoddy job.

  • Piece of crap!

    by Angrybirdswizerd

    Does NOT post at all. Just another NOT POSTING W/ PICTURE Craigslist app!

  • Not a Craigslist app!!!!!!

    by Shiteboxe

    Says you can post to Craigslist but you actually cannot!!!!!!! What a wast if time. Swear words don't even explain my frustration!!!! What the hell is Craigs+ never heard of it and pretty sure no one else has either. Why can't anyone make a decent working Craigslist app???????

  • Stopped showing ads a few days ago

    by Sickofwritingreviewagainafternameistaken

    Worked great until a few days ago. Now nothing is displayed. No categories or ads.

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